One two three four knocking my door lyrics

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1, 2, 3, 4 some crazy-ass kids come and knock up on your door so. Let em in, let em in, let em in (hey) [Verse 1:] I feel like a million bucks. But my money don't ...
One for the money, two for the drugs. Three for my pistol, four for the slug. One, two, coming for you. Three, four, knocking on your door. Five, six, coming through  ...
One, two, three, four. Tell me that you love me more. Sleepless long nights. That is what my youth was for. Old teenage hopes are alive at your door. Left you with  ...
... THICKE: One, two, look at you Three, four, she locked the door I keep knocking and knocking ... (I kept trying to warn you you were slowly breaking my heart)
I know better ways. One, two, three and four. The devil's knocking at your door. Caught in the eye of a dead man's lie. Start your life with your head held high
[Verse 1:] I met this girl late last year. She said, "Don't you worry if I disappear." I told her I'm not ... But I gave her my time for two or three nights. Then I put it ... Four cities, two planes the same day ... [Knock knock knock] on my hotel door. I don't ...
MILES KANE LYRICS - Start Of Something Big
You better watch out. One, two, three and four. I've got you knocking up and down my door. You know I'm heading for the golden mile. You can see it in my smile
Dizzee Rascal - Sirens Lyrics
One to da two to da three to da four. Line my street, knocking at my door. Twelve black boots on my bedroom floor. What they want with rascal I'm not sure
Natalie Merchant - Children Go Where I Send Thee Lyrics ...
Well, I'm gonna send thee four by four. Four for the four knocking at my door. Three for the Hebrew children. Two for Paul and Silas One for the iddy biddy baby
MEEK MILL LYRICS - The End (Outro)
Brought my city with me and we coming in the fleet. And now I'm ... One million, two million, three million, four. I can have a million dollars knocking at my door
One two buckle my shoe. Three four knock on the door. Five six pick up sticks. Seven eight then it's to late. This is our world they burn it so they burn in Hell
The Lower 48 - Long Time Coming lyrics
One, two, three, four She walks into the room She had a new pair of shoes She ... I never knew 'bout love before Now it's knocking at my door No I never knew ...
Various Artists - One, Two Buckle My Shoe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One, two buckle my shoe' by Various Artists. One, two, buckle my shoe ( touch toes) / Three four knock at the door (pretend to knock) / Five, six,
BomFunk MC's - 1,2,3,4 Lyrics
Lyrics to '1,2,3,4' by BomFunk MC's. Mr. Bu Bu back, ... One and two and three and four. Come on, come ... Oh shit, I got you knocking on my door. Beam me up  ...
Screaming Jets - Better Lyrics
When you knocked upon my door. The things ... Wake up man, you're in my dreams! Things ain't ... A one, two, three, four, they said you'd never get anywhere ,
Cole Rolland feat. Zackary David - Higher Floor Lyrics
Apr 29, 2016 I'm the... x4 I'm the one that got away You're the one that stayed the same ... stay But now it's my turn To turn you away You've been knocking at my door ... side Two, Three, Four I will not be knocking at your door Six, Seven, ...
Amberian Dawn - Knock Knock Who's There' Lyrics
Dec 2, 2015 If I take my time I should get it right I could hear a sound of knocking There's no ... There's no one near, nothing to fear I just wait a while I sit and I wait ... I can hear The opening door Step or two lead to the wall Three and four I ...
Paul Gilbert - Knocking on a Locked Door lyrics
I'm tired of knocking on a locked door Ain't no handle, ain't no key Nothing ... And it's so so cold outside You can count the tears I cried One, two, three, four, FOUL! ... on the second floor I've been knocking on the wrong door Please accept my ...
THE PRETTY RECKLESS - Heaven Knows lyrics
I've got better ways. One, two, three and four. The devil's knocking at your door. Caught in the eye of a dead man's lie. Destroy your life with your head held high
Lyrics to "Apartment Four" song by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS: I live up in ... Come knock on my door. The one with the four. I live up ... Moved into flat number two
Nicholas Jonas - Time For Me To Fly Lyrics
One, two, three, four. Time for me to fly. Time for me to soar. Time for me to open up my heart. And knock on Heavens door. Time for me to live. It?s time for me to ...
Pink - Funhouse Lyrics
I'm gonna burn it down. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, fun. Echoes knocking on locked doors ... Drag my mattress to the yard. Crumble tumble ...
Paul Play - Forever Lyrics
... girl so its all good one, two dreams come true can i come baby looking out for you three, four knocking your door baby you're the woman i'm crazy for five, ... i know we can reach out for the stars come into my love boat so we can sail at sea.
Korn - Shoots And Ladders Lyrics
One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, shut the door. Five, six, pick up sticks. Seven, eight, lay them straight. London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling ...
Jonas Brothers - Time for Me to Fly lyrics
Sep 14, 2010 I? ve been wasting my time I? ve been losing my mind I? ve been ... for me to soar Time for me to open up my heart And knock on Heavens door ... As I take to the open skies One, two, three, four Time for me to fly Time for me ...
Nuthin' But a "G" Thang Lyrics - Snoop Dogg feat. Dr. Dre
my lyricsbox. One two three and to the four snoop doggy dogg and Dr.Dre is at the door ready to make an entrance so back on up (dre)cause you know we bout  ...
I say if you got you two dollars, then come through to my party. But get bent before you ... Hold up, here come one ayy what's yo name hun? Jackie brown, yea ... One to the two. Three to the four. Chuckey and mike is at yo door. We don't knock
The Ditty Bops - Fish To Fry Lyrics
Hey there little man / Get out of my fryin' pan / I got bigger fish to fry than you / It's high ... Let me show you the door ... One two three four ... Before I knock you off
Gazzo feat. Matt McAndrew - Love Drunk (feat. Matt MC Andrew ...
... drunk it's hitting me harder Intoxicated with all you are One, two, three, four, one ... the door hurt And I don't need no silly umbrella 'Cause nothing is sweet as my ... out Heart on my sleeve About to knock me off my feet Love drunk for just one ...
Who wants to be alone? I'll give you one, two, three, four. You're out on the streets, knock-knocking every door. Six, seven, eight, nine. Nobody home, ran out of ...
LITTLE MIX - Black Magic lyrics
All the girls on the block knocking at my door. Wanna know what it is ... At a knocked down price ... Take a sip of my secret potion ... One taste and you'll be mine
Raheem DeVaughn - My Wife Lyrics
Don't need no married (don't need no husband knocking on my door) Not five, ( not four), not three, (not two), just one. Won't you be my wife (equally I need you ...
KRS-ONE LYRICS - Can't Stop Won't Stop
Lyrics to "Can't Stop Won't Stop" song by KRS-ONE: Open a de herb gate sellin pure ganja ... Out of three Babylon, me hit one in the brain. Pop-pop! Two shots hit da window pane. I exchanged four shots, I drop and feel pain ... The door opens up, I got a glock to my forehead ... But still the cops you knocked off yea was dirty
Lyrics to "Waiting In Vain" song by BOB MARLEY: 1, 2, 3: I don't wanna wait in vain for your love; I don't wanna ... It's been three years since I'm knockin' on your door, ... I wanna know now, for I to knock some more. ... But your love is my relief:
The Screaming Jets - Better lyrics
Still didn't know what happened When you knocked upon my door The ... and I know better A one, two, three, four, they said you'd never get anywhere, Well they  ...
I'm tryna pop the McLaren with the vertical doors nigga [Verse 1 - Tyler, The ... Put that fuckin' cow on my level, cause I'm raisin' the stakes. Mom I made ... [Verse 2 - Kanye West:] ... Two, Three, Four Hold your ... I knock 'em down, domino effect, no pepperoni. I swear ... When the one four and the one five, yo what up Wayne
Harley Poe - Gorehound Lyrics
Dec 21, 2014 One, two, three, four - nail her to the bedroom floor. Five, six, seven ... Someone's knocking at the door they're here to visit you. Now baby don't ...
Miles Kane - Starting of Something Big lyrics
Feb 22, 2015 ... something big In a world that's so unsure You better watch out One, two, three and four I've got you knocking up and down my door You know ...
Bryan Adams - Cloud Number Nine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cloud Number Nine' by Bryan Adams. Clue number one was when you knocked on my door / Clue number two was the look that you wore / And that's ...
... two for the drugs Three for my pistol, four for the slug One, two, coming for you. ... Three, four, knocking on your door ... Two Zero One Seven (Mixtape) Tracklist ...

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