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MAC MILLER LYRICS - On Some Real Shit (100,000 Bars)
Lyrics to "On Some Real Shit (100000 Bars)" song by MAC MILLER: I know you gotta feel this I'm on some real shit, I'm on some real shit, I'm on some real shit I ...
Daz Dillinger - On Some Real Shit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'On Some Real Shit' by Daz Dillinger. Daz] / I got trees in a Jar 23's on a car / You can bleed if I star we on the bulevaurd / Got straps simple as.
Daz Dillinger feat. Rick Ross - On Some Real Shit lyrics
Lyrics for On Some Real Shit by Daz Dillinger feat. Rick Ross. [Daz] I got trees in a Jar 23's on a car You can bleed if I star we on the bulevaurd Got straps simple ...
Daz Dillinger - On Some Real Lyrics
On some real shit. I gotta be the best. I gotta stay fresh. I represent the West On some real shit. I'm all about the cash. A bitch wit some ass and some drink in my ...
Mac Miller - On Some Real Shit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'On Some Real Shit' by Mac Miller. i know you gotta feel this / im on some real shit (x 3) / i know you gotta feel this / im on some real shit (x 3) /
we gon' show the world, the definition of real shit my nigga you gotta feel it lil ... Father forgive me I was raised on some real shit, so I can't sugar coat shit not a lil  ...
Lyrics to "Real Shit" song by YO GOTTI: Ya (cmg) This mixtape here It's strictly for the fans (yogottimusic.com) Trust me! ... Some of these niggas like my brothers
On Some Real Shit (feat. King Papi)
Lyrics for On Some Real Shit (feat. King Papi) by Young Skrill feat. King Papi.
Drake - 0 To 100 Lyrics
Fuck bein' on some chill shit. We go 0 to 100 nigga, real quick. They be on that rap to pay the bill shit. And I don't feel that shit, not even a little bit. Oh Lord, know  ...
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Quiet Storm Freestyle
She like to spit on it disrespectful little ho. On some real shit, you just need a real bitch. Chillin' when in public, not some groupie'd out in the club bitch. Type you ...
That's that shit that I don't like. We both slide on a late night. Do things in our off time. We both, yeah. Made some mistakes, pon road. Yeah, how's that for real?
I Got Trust Issues Thats Some real Shit (I'm Sorry) Give Me Head And Kiss yo Nigga You A Ill Bitch (Uggghh) Go Home Like Nothing Happend Thats Some Cold ...
P. DIDDY LYRICS - I Need A Girl (Part One)
Without a girl on my side, shit I ruin me. Forget the word, it's just you and ... I want some real shit, I need somebody I can chill with. I need somebody I can build ...
ACE HOOD LYRICS - R.N.S (Real Nigga Shit)
Ain't this that shit that we get high to? Ain't this that shit that make you vibe nigga? Pull out yo stick and wanna slide nigga. I like to call this some real nigga shit
LIL BOOSIE LYRICS - Going Thru Some Thangs
Lyrics to "Going Thru Some Thangs" song by LIL BOOSIE: Uh huh Lil Boosie this me nigga gangsta ima do some shit some real shit I been goin' thru some...
J. COLE LYRICS - Land Of The Snakes
It's funny how these niggas on some real "Be cool with me" shit. I bagged two bitches like it's two of me bitch. This the shit I used to roll down Lewis Street with
50 CENT LYRICS - In My Hood
Lyrics to "In My Hood" song by 50 CENT: Niggas screw they face up at me On some real shit son, they don't want beef I cock that, aim that...
FUTURE LYRICS - Long Time Coming
I wanna see you happy girl no matter who you're with, On some real shit... Ey, it's been a long time coming, babe. Oh, I just called to see how you been doin' late
CLARIYAH LYRICS - Monster Remake Real Shit
Lyrics to "Monster Remake Real Shit" song by CLARIYAH: I'm friends with friends with who? The sins I commit or the evil truth? Some people got friends who...
Lyrics to "Real Friends" song by KANYE WEST: Real friends, how many of us? How many of ... You wanna ask some questions 'bout some real shit? Like I ain't ...
Lyrics to "Real Shit" song by STYLES P: (From the heart) This shit is crazy Storch (From the soul) Thank you my ... and just spit a sentence of some absurd shit
Just vibe with a nigga, one time with this joint. Get high with a nigga one time, I won't have you on yo' ass. We can talk about some real shit, tell me how you feel
MOBB DEEP LYRICS - Quiet Storm (Remix)
Niggaz is dead and shit [music fades in] What the fuck else ... Yo it's the real shit, shit to make you feel shit ... I'm a leader, y'all on some followin shit. Comin in ...
You fuckin' with a real nigga, heard you used to cowards. Yo, hold on. Hold up, wait a minute, though. All them bitches been a joke. I'm a put some real shit off in  ...
Ace Hood - Real Shit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real Shit' by Ace Hood. Mister Hood / ... Mister Hood. [Chorus] Real nigga shit, fuck niggas. Truth be ... Now that's some gutter shit. I'm on some other  ...
But now it's back to some killa shit, got some wild hoes that'll drill a bitch. Yea it's no limit, ... And it's hella real in the battlefield, gangbang gotta pay the price
I seen real niggas die, cuz a real nigga snitch. In God ... Once a local dude, shit the fire now ... Everybody talk that shit, until they get caught up in some real shit
DOM KENNEDY LYRICS - The 5 Year Theory (Real Shit Last)
Lyrics to "The 5 Year Theory (Real Shit Last)" song by DOM KENNEDY: We exclusively in the studio My nigga ... Make a QuikStop at the store, get some ZigZags
You ain't got shit to do. I put you on some real shit. If ain't scared to take a hit or two. Stay away from that Reggie Can't deal with them middle men. Who gives a ...
MASTER P LYRICS - No Limit To This Real Shit
Lyrics to "No Limit To This Real Shit" song by MASTER P: A lil skinny nigga caught me underdone Hanging with my partners pulling out these fancy cars. It's f ...
DRAKE LYRICS - Club Paradise
No wonder why I feel awkward at this fashion week shit ... I'm never scared, they never real, I never run ... But I'm just trying to be surrounded by some real shit
T.I. LYRICS - Dead And Gone
Lyrics to "Dead And Gone" song by T.I.: Ay Let me kick it to you right quick, man Not on some gangsta shit man, on some real shit Anybody do...
TREY SONGZ LYRICS - Good Girls Vs. Bad Girls
[Verse 1:] She said that these niggas just don't impress her no more. She done seen it all before. She don't wanna deal with it. Says she wants some real shit
IAMSU! LYRICS - Only That Real
Only that real shit, that's what I'm talking about. Only that ... Money talk so I say song, play some. Why every time I do a feature, it feel like I ate some. Real shit ...
G-UNIT LYRICS - Real Quick
Real quick, real fuckin quick nigga! [50 Cent:] I'll run my blade 'cross a nigga ass { "real quick"} I'm so for real I'm on some real real nigga shit. You playin boy I'll ...
Lil Wayne - Real Shit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real Shit' by Lil Wayne. Young, Young, / Young, Young, Yoounnnggg / Young, Young, / Young Moolah Ba-BAY, / Ay, Ay, Hey / Will the Girl in the ...
EMINEM LYRICS - 8 Mile Freestyle Pt.II vs "Lotto"
Or some real shit, though, I like you. That's why I didn't wanna have to be the one you commit suicide to. Fuck 'Lotto,' call me your leader. I feel bad I gotta murder ...
Lil Boosie - Show The World Lyrics
The definition of real shit, my nigga. You gotta feel this lil' nigga (boosie badass). Father forgive me I was raised on some real shit. So I can't sugar coat shit, not a ...
TY DOLLA SIGN LYRICS - Stretch / She Better
She better [x2] Bitches ain't shit to a real nigga. Niggas ain't shit to a real bitch. We ain't got time for no games. Got her mind on her money on some real shit
Real Shit Lyrics - D-Block
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Real Shit" from "D-Block": T Waters, Yo this ain't a motherfuckin game nigga ... And now, we done started some new shit, exclusive

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