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OMD - If You Leave Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If You Leave' by OMD: If you leave, don't leave now Please don't take my heart away Promise me just one more night Then we'll go our separate ways.
OMD - Tesla Girls Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tesla Girls' by OMD. No no no / Tesla girls tesla girls / Testing out theories / Electric chairs and dynamos / Dressed to kill they're killing me /
OMD - Enola Gay Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Enola Gay' by OMD: Enola gay, you should have stayed at home yesterday.
OMD - Forever Live And Die Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Forever Live And Die' by OMD: Never know, I never know, I never know, I never know why Forever live and.
OMD - Secret Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Secret' by OMD: You make me sad and you make me glad And now you see all my secret is this love Is love, is love.
OMD - Maid Of Orleans Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Maid Of Orleans' by OMD. If Joan of Arc had a heart, / Would she give it as a gift / To such as me who longs to see, / How a legend oughta be / Had.
OMD - History Of Modern Part 1 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'History Of Modern Part 1' by OMD. Everything you say, everything you do / All the things you own, all the things you knew / Everyone you love,
OMD - Pandoras Box Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pandoras Box' by OMD: And all the stars you.
OMD - So In Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So in Love' by OMD: Heaven is cold Without any soul It's hard to believe I was so in love with you.
OMD - We Love You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Love You' by OMD. We've got to get a message to the stars above / Like radios in heaven hearing just enough / And every single teardrop along ...
OMD - Messages Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Messages' by OMD: So don't ask me if I think it's true That communication can bring hope to those Who have gone their separate ways.
OMD - Dreaming Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dreaming' by OMD. If you were born in heaven girl / I'd understand so well / But ever since I've met you child / You've made my life such hell / With.
OMD - Everyday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everyday' by OMD. Everyday / I'm on my knees to pray / Since I kissed you once / And I held you once / Things have never been the same / And I've.
OMD - Electricity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Electricity' by OMD: Electricity Nuclear and HEB Come fuels from the sea Wasted electricity.
OMD - Pulse Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pulse' by OMD. I know what you are thinking, you think the clock is ticking / That it's okay if that is what you came for / You say that I'm a user,
OMD - Was It Something I Said Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Was It Something I Said' by OMD. Was it something I said / Or something you read / Is changing your mind / Is turning you around / Is somebody wrong.
OMD - She's Leaving Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She's Leaving' by OMD. Everyday / A new start / A cheap affair / A sordid truth / We'll never learn / To guide our hearts / We'll never find / What.
OMD - Dresden Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dresden' by OMD. Set the dials to overload / My head is ready to explode / I can't breathe the air you leave / Abandoned to your fantasy / Torn the.
OMD - Dream Of Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dream of Me' by OMD. Say it isn't right / To be alone tonight / So in love with you / Tell you what I'm gonna / Do about it / I had an idea / Based.
OMD - Metroland Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Metroland' by OMD. We live and we die / We love and we lie / In hope and in plan / Consumed in metroland / So when will a life / End again in decline.
DUSK (GR) - Omd lyrics
Lyrics for Omd by DUSK (GR) ... Omd - Lyrics. DUSK (GR). Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics · Musixmatch logo.
OMD - Metroland (album Version) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Metroland (album Version)' by OMD. We live and we die / We love and we lie / In hope and in plan / Installed in metroland / So when will a life / End.
OMD - Statues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Statues' by OMD. The way you moved I can't explain / The mood subsides and grows again / I've lived alone, I've held a hand / I've tried to care and.
OMD - Annex Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Annex' by OMD. Give me what I want / I need everything I can take / Division of everything all you have / Principles never worked before / I want.
OMD - Locomotion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Locomotion' by OMD. Crossing every ocean for the sake of locomotion / Crossing every ocean for the sake of locomotion / Across every ocean / For the.
OMD - If You Want It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If You Want It' by OMD. One by one the walls come down / Spread the word all over town / Kicking screaming like I'll drown / Can't you see I'm fallin.
OMD - New Babies; New Toys Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New Babies; New Toys' by OMD. There's no victims only volunteers / Been the same throughout the years / Step right up and cry your tears / Face to.
OMD - New Holy Ground Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New Holy Ground' by OMD. There's no time for theory / And there's no time for tears / And there's no point in trying / We wasted all these years /
OMD - Sister Marie Says Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sister Marie Says' by OMD. Sister Marie Gabrielle says she's the chosen one / And if we hear her message then the kingdom will be come / And Sister.
OMD - Too Late Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Too Late' by OMD. Have you heard about the hollow man? / Too frightened so he turned and ran / From the vision that he cherished so / Couldn't see.
OMD - Souvenir Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Souvenir' by OMD. Souvenir / It's my direction / It's my proposal / It's so hard / It's leading me astray / My obsession / It's my creation / You'll.
OMD - International Lyrics
Lyrics to 'International' by OMD. The youth and the imperialist tribune was also addressed by a young girl / From nicaragua whose hands had been cut off at the.
OMD - Forever Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Forever' by OMD: I look at all of the people Doing it over and over You never get any older I wish that you could be here I look at you and I make.
OMD - Georgia Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Georgia' by OMD. Well / Here we are again / Too / Too good to be friends / Forever, forever, forever / Well / Look at what we've done / Three / Three.
OMD - Sailing On The Seven Seas Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sailing on The Seven Seas' by OMD. You say that love will capture me / But not unless you give it free / We're sailing on the seven seas / Sister ray.
OMD - All That Glitters Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All That Glitters' by OMD. All that glitters / Is not gold / So don't believe / What you've been told / And take a chance of being strong / Because.
OMD - Hard Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hard Day' by OMD. What I say is what I know / And all I can say is all Ive seen / Nobody knows as well as me / Safety in numbers is just what it.
OMD - Romance Of The Telescope Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Romance of The Telescope' by OMD. See these arms that were broken / How they held you so / Never once did they fail you / They wont let you go ...
OMD - 2nd Thought Lyrics
Lyrics to '2nd Thought' by OMD. And all the order in our lives left some time ago / Along the way / We are the ones who never cry / Like we don't care, today /
OMD - La Femme Accident Lyrics
Lyrics to 'La Femme Accident' by OMD. La Femme Accident's / Got everything you want / You never have to know / You never have to show / She's hanging on ...

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