Oh you still on my mind i dont want you anymore i will leave you behind i wanna close the doors on you lyrics

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Ben Cocks - You Lyrics
Jan 8, 2016 Oh.You still on my mind I do not want you anymore I wanna leave you behind. I wanna close the door on you, on you, on you, on you you visit ...
Lyrics to "Initiation" song by THE WEEKND: Oh yeah Got you drinking out them white ... No more crying, heart rate slow, put that rum down you don't wanna die tonight. I promise, when you're finished we'll head to where I'm living ... You said you want my heart ... Close that door before you take your fucking clothes off, baby
Lyrics to "Green Eyes" song by ERYKAH BADU: My eyes are green Cause I eat a lot of vegetables It ... My heart lags behind ... You've done something to my mind ... I don't want no more. Oh, oh. It's too late, oh, oh ooh, ooh. I'm sorry I love you ... Don't you know, I can't leave, it's too late ... Out the door, you wanna run again
NF LYRICS - Mansion
Feels like I missed my alarm and slept in (slept in) ... Yo my mind is a house with walls covered in lyrics. They're ... And let out the version of NF you don't want to see ... But I'mma keep the door shut and lock the lyrics inside ... And at the rate I'm going they'll probably still be there when I die ... So I just leave my doors locked
Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing Lyrics
... by Whitney Houston: Don't walk away from me No, don't walk away from me Don't you ... I'll never ask for too much ... Don't make me close one more door. I don't want to hurt anymore. Stay in my arms if you dare ... If I don't have you, oh, oh.
Lyrics to "You Never Know" song by IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE: She was on her way to becoming ... Fuck the horse and carriage shit, her love was never for hire
DNCE LYRICS - Toothbrush
Lyrics to "Toothbrush" song by DNCE: Maybe you don't have to rush You could leave a toothbrush At my place ... And your feet still bare. Would you mind closing the bedroom door? ... I just, I just can't let you go ... Cause I don't want this to end
When baby, you don't love me anymore. Say it isn't so. Tell me you're not leaving. Say you changed your mind now. That I am only dreaming ... I don't wanna let go. So say it isn't so. Ten to five atleast we tried. We're still alive but hope just died. As they close the door behind you ... Before I can lay my love for you to sleep
Toni Braxton - Album: Secrets Lyrics
I want to feel your heart and soul inside of me ... Why am I losing my mind ... Don't leave me in all this pain ... When you walked out the door ... So you know everything about your lover. Wanna bet. My oh my. How can this ... I need to be loved and held real close .... I really don't feel like smiling anymore ... And put it behind
Little Sea - Revolve Lyrics
Aug 15, 2016 And I will see you in my dreams I don't wanna wait, anymore In the paths of ... us I miss the way you so nervously Held my shirt when it came time to leave ... And I don't like this state of mind The only the compromise is if you were ... A-ooh (I still want you like I did before) I miss the words you say half asleep ...
Erykah Badu - Green Eyes Lyrics
But I can't help it. My mind says "move on" My heart lags behind. But I don't love you anymore. I'm so insecure. Never knew that love did this. Ooh ooh ooh.
Jacob Collier - Saviour Lyrics
Jun 26, 2016 Saviour Ha ha ha oh ya Saviour You say that I'm lost and you can help me find That I don'... ... to change my mind But you don't want to be my saviour She wants to ... else's door I know 'Cause I don't want to listen anymore I'm going to ... saviour) I just wanna be a friend (You don't wanna close that door) If I ...
Lyrics to "Work Out" song by J. COLE: I wanna see you work out for me, work out for me Hey, we got a good thing Don't know if I'm a see y... ... I'm here for one night, how far will you go? I wanna see you work ... Cause just like them two door Fords Damn ... Know what's on my mind, tryna see what's on yours tonight. Tonight ...
Lyrics to "Do I Have To Cry For You" song by NICK CARTER: Don't wanna close the door, Don't wanna give up on it ... 'Cause I can't live my life ... Oh no. You know I can't go on. Living like we do. Do I have to cry for you? ... Blow Your Mind
Can you swear to me that you'll always be this way. Show me how you feel ... I don't want to know the lover at my door. Is just another ... Now its hard for me with my heart still on the mend. Open up to me, ... I don't wanna be lonely anymore [x3 ].
Hard enough I don't need to hear your voice on my messages. Let's just call it ... ' Cause I'm not comin' back I'm closing the door. I used to be trippin' over missin' you but I'm not anymore. I got the ... Don't wanna hear your messages messages. I'm tryna erase you from my mind ... I still eat my cereal right at the kitchen table
Lyrics to "It Will Rain" song by BRUNO MARS: If you ever leave me, baby, Leave some morphine at my door 'Cause it would take a whole ... We don't have it anymore. There's no religion that could save me. No matter how long my knees are on the floor (Ooh) So keep in mind all the sacrifices I'm makin' ... Just like the clouds
HOPSIN LYRICS - Good Guys Get Left Behind
"Good Guys Get Left Behind". [Intro:] I know I don't usually make love songs, but there's a few. Special girls who kind of ... You stole my heart like you had done some magic trick ... So sexing you just wasn't on my mind cause you were worth the wait ... Bitch, I'm busier than you and I still make time for your bitch ass. Fuck you!
And I don't even want you to sing, I just want you to jump with me. I'm so complicated. My body's failing, I think I've hit the floor, I cannot feel anything anymore.
Had a one track mind and eyes for me ... You just won't leave it behind. So baby please kill ... But don't bring that ghost round to my door. I don't wanna see him anymore ... To a cheap hotel when I can meet the past ... It's sweet like nothing no
Jason DeRulo - Want To Want Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Want To Want Me' by Jason DeRulo: Girl you're the one I want to want me And if you ... And I can't take it no more, it's a hundred degrees. I got one foot out the door, where are my keys? 'Cause I gotta leave yeah ... I got your body on my mind, I want it bad. Oh just the thought of you gets me so high ... Close Video  ...
MAROON 5 LYRICS - Get Back In My Life
Lyrics to "Get Back In My Life" song by MAROON 5: You are relentless I am defenceless ... Come knock on my door ... Please don't resist anymore. I'll never leave you alone. Oh yeah. You reprimand me. You're so demanding. But I've got time. I don't mind at all ... Crazy Little Thing Called Love[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]
Lyrics to "Painted Blue" song by SUNDY BEST: When your name rolls off my tongue I ... I'm like a preacher when he prays ... But it's painted blue right on my front door ... So I don't have to miss you anymore ... I've been hanging by a close pin. Time stands still on my clock's face ... I'll be damned if I don't leave all this mess
BREAKDOWN OF SANITY LYRICS - "Coexistence" (2016) album
won't let you go because I know you can still feel my passion strengthened by the scars I've ... song over and over again I want to run away from myself because at any moment ... with closed eyes don't follow those voices a little closer to the ground ... hundred years as a controlled sheep leave this shit behind, no time to
I give you my all.. but it seems like that's not enough. Now you can get all of me. A lot of things ... I want me and my old homeboys to still kick it ... I wish I could see a day wit no he say, she say, just wanna see Trey Wanna ... I'm a artist, I paint pictures, I don't rhyme words ... So why would I stand behind the mic and exploit it ?
FOUNDATION LYRICS - "When The Smoke Clears" (2011) album
Show me someone who will march forward when the smoke clears. ... Ask me to leave and I'll fucking go, just say the words. ... Don't want to argue anymore (so sick of slamming doors.) And tired of the words you wield like knives hoping to stab somewhere close to my heart- I'm at your mercy and I don't wanna be anymore.
RA LYRICS - "From One" (2002) album
Their little minds try to create a world to keep you still. The bolt is ... My eyes are blurry and I can't see you anymore ... They know my thoughts, they read my mind ... I close my eyes but can't go blind ... I want to hear you scream into your cell phone ... The next time you see a guy put his hands on a girl and she don't want
NF LYRICS - I Just Wanna Know
Lyrics to "I Just Wanna Know" song by NF: Only time you ever call me is when you feelin' like don't nobody else wanna listen When's the last t... ... Now it's in my closet with the other ones sittin' in a box. I don't wanna open up ... Leave me here alone ... But now that door is closed oh, oh ... I Can Feel It · Got You On My Mind
Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's Okay Lyrics
And don't you dare come running back to me. It's not right ... Close the door behind you leave your key ... I pack your bags so you can leave town for a week ( yes I am) ... 'Cause I won't be your fool anymore ... So don't turn around to see my face ... Was it really worth you going out like that ... I Wanna Dance With Somebody.
One Direction - Moments lyrics
[Liam] Shut the door. Turn the light off. I wanna be with you. I wanna feel your love. I wanna lay beside you. I cannot hide this. Even though I try. Heart beats ...
I don't even be remembering these bitches names the next day. ... You my baby girl. the way i feel, if you ever disappear I swear my heart will just stop. ... So if you wanna holla, holla back cause baby I want you. baby, I need you. so, if you ... the smoke clear from the doja you still gone have you shoulder for ya to lean on.
Selfless-ish (Prod. J Dilla) Lyrics - Teo
J Dilla)" from "Teo": Can we really go, Wanna know about life, Know about nothing ... I've been in and outs of everything to do and I don't even want to show. My ... My presence always there but my mind can't take your stare ... I just needed you to leave and close the door and don't let anybody in so I can feel it on my own
Lyrics to "Cause I Love You" song by LENNY WILLIAMS: Girl, you know I love ... And I don't have much of riches ... I, I, I love you, baby. With all my heart and soul, oh, oh, oh. I love you. I need you ... I knocked on the door, but still my knocks went unanswered ... And then I played my records until I just didn't want to hear them
DREAM THEATER LYRICS - "Awake" (1994) album
and nobody knows what they want ... Can't hear what he's saying when he's talking in his sleep. He finally ... And answer a call while you still hear at all ... the mirror falls behind you ... Now they read my mind on the radio ... "I don't wanna be here, 'cause of my ... Why won't you leave me alone? ... When you close the door
LOBO LYRICS - Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend
Lyrics to "Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend" song by LOBO: I stopped sending flowers to your apartment You said you aren't home much anymore I stopped dropping... ... through your door. Sometimes late at night you'll still call me ... I love you too much to ever start liking you ... I'm trying to erase you from my memory
Lyrics to "Hear Me" song by IMAGINE DRAGONS: Try to hear my voice You can leave, now it's your choice Maybe if I fall asleep, I won't breathe ... Maybe if I leave tonight, I won't come back ... I got a lot that's on my mind ... You've got to love and adore and the rest is awry ... Leave your shoes at the door, baby ... I Don 't Mind
AARADHNA LYRICS - You Don't Love Me Anymore
Lyrics to "You Don't Love Me Anymore" song by AARADHNA: If you don't love me I will find another That will love me, that will love me better They say love i... ... After all this time, made up my mind ... That keep me from leaving ... I can't keep on fronting, I don't wanna lie, anymore. I'm outta door, I'm looking for a better lover
Sarah Jarosz - House of Mercy Lyrics
May 17, 2016 In the middle of the night again Still water and the birds don't sing Cold ... leave it open for you anymore I can hear you knocking on the door Knocking on the door of the house of mercy Don't try to change my mind That knock gets ... want to be alone I can hear you knocking on the door I won't leave it open ...
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC LYRICS - Trapped In The Drive-Thru
When my wife comes in the room and sees me. She says "Is this 'Behind the Music' ... She said "So what do you have in mind?" I said "I ... "I don't know, do you want to get something delivered?" ... And then she said "Baby, can't we just go out to dinner, please?" ... Then I open the car doors ... Getting close to the drive- thru!
UNDEROATH LYRICS - "They're Only Chasing Safety" (2004) album
I've Got Ten Friends And A Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack 12. The 80's ... I'm still writing the letters. I'll never ... I've played this in my mind.... feeling free, feeling free. ... Do exactly what you want to ... Prop open the door I can actually see my breath tonight .... I'll fantasize of being manic and leaving us behind.

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