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NEVERMORE LYRICS - "This Godless Endeavor" (2005) album
NEVERMORE lyrics - "This Godless Endeavor" (2005) album, including "This Godless Endeavor", "A Future Uncertain", "The Psalm Of Lydia"...
QUEEN LYRICS - Nevermore
Lyrics to "Nevermore" song by QUEEN: There's no living in my life anymore The seas have gone dry and the rain stopped falling Please don'...
NEVERMORE LYRICS - "Dead Heart In A Dead World" (2000) album
Narcosynthesis. Hypnotize me, mesmerize me. Drain the color from my eyes. Patronize me, energize me. Change the world, internalize. How did it come to this ,
NEVERMORE LYRICS - "Politics In Ecstasy" (1996) album
The Seven Tongues Of God. Every man will ask the questions, and every man will suffer blame and loss. Every day you die a little, understand the change
NEVERMORE LYRICS - "The Obsidian Conspiracy" (2010) album
The Termination Proclamation. Eyes that shall never see. A life chosen not to be fulfilled. Fate does not choose a life. Before the hand of Man As the ants march ...
NEVERMORE LYRICS - "Dreaming Neon Black" (1999) album
Beyond Within. "Welcome to the fall" Welcome millennium, the fall of planet hate. Welcome the end my friend, all the world's the stage. Welcome to the future, the ...
NEVERMORE LYRICS - "Nevermore" (1995) album
NEVERMORE lyrics - "Nevermore" (1995) album, including "Godmoney", " Timothy Leary", "The Hurting Words"...
Lyrics to "Nevermore" song by ART OF DYING: Burning all the memories And watch 'em fade away Fade away, fade away Now that you're the enemy Ther...
Elf - Never More Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Never More' by Elf. Can't remember how I got / From here to there / Isn't any reason / Plain and simple / How I can't recall anymore / Would be.
Lyrics to "Nevermore" song by ALESANA: Memories saved destined to capture decades passing by A way to remember (We need to remember) Momen...
NEVERMORE LYRICS - "In Memory" (1996) EP
NEVERMORE lyrics - "In Memory" (1996) EP, including "The Sorrowed Man", " Silent Hedges / Double Dare", "In Memory"...
K.D. LANG LYRICS - Sorrow Nevermore
Lyrics to "Sorrow Nevermore" song by K.D. LANG: Sorrow nevermore A favor to myself I'll put you on a shelf Forevermore Sorrow say good-bye Love...
NEVERMORE LYRICS - "Enemies Of Reality" (2003) album
Enemies Of Reality. We are the nothing grating against the norm. We are the something that will not conform. No one understands what we've been given
Symphony X - Nevermore lyrics
Jun 19, 2015 Lyrics for Nevermore by Symphony X. From the skies, across the sea of lies To the dungeons of the damned Scorching winds blazing ...
Nevermore - I, Voyager Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I, Voyager' by Nevermore: Patterns spin in random order / Aspects of humanity that I.
Nevermore - The Learning Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Learning' by Nevermore. I think therefore I am, I live and so I wonder, / programmed this empath me / And I see no religion / The circle never.
Nevermore - Believe In Nothing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Believe in Nothing' by Nevermore. Into a strange new world, into the after - / All your tears might find you've fallen too far / Take another look,
BENEATH THE MASSACRE LYRICS - "Evidence Of Inequity" (2005 ...
BENEATH THE MASSACRE lyrics - "Evidence Of Inequity" (2005) EP, including " Nevermore", "Regurgitated Lullaby For The Born Dead", "Totalitarian Hypnosis" ...
Dark Moor - Nevermore Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nevermore' by Dark Moor. Demons in my mind / bind to write the world / World forevermore / horror / Master of the pen / when the raven lies / Sighs,
Lyrics to "Nevermore" song by JOHNNY HATES JAZZ: I used to be strong, strong as a tree I stood in the sun and I swayed in the breeze The pride of the...
Nevermore - Heart Collector Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Heart Collector' by Nevermore: Just believe when you can't believe anymore.
Nevermore - Matricide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Matricide' by Nevermore. Hear our Mother crying in silent tears / For she can't speak, she only cries She cries to me / Draw the final curtain, for.
Nevermore - Emptiness Unobstructed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Emptiness Unobstructed' by Nevermore. Take me to the southern shore / Within emptiness unobstructed / My search for something more / Take me to ...
Nevermore - Next In Line Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Next In Line' by Nevermore. I taste the tear to numb the fear / Trapped by the source of my infection / I play the martyr / Submerged in this pool /
Nevermore - Insignificant Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Insignificant' by Nevermore. Ours is not to question the reasons why / Crippled indecision repeats the path I once denied / Insignificant, am I ? /
Deine Lakaien - Nevermore lyrics
Aug 15, 2014 Lyrics for Nevermore by Deine Lakaien. They say that everyone goes out into the streets, they say that spring is back in town. And people ...
Nevermore - C.B.F. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'C.B.F.' by Nevermore. Blank, their state of mind / The apathy they find leads them into nothing / Rotting away, another lost sight today / Swallowed.
Nevermore - The Lotus Eaters Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Lotus Eaters' by Nevermore. 'Why is this happening to me? Why have / I been forsaken? Nothing numbs the pain / any longer......please....I'm.
Nevermore - Sound Of Silence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sound of Silence' by Nevermore. Hello darkness, my old friend, / I've come to talk with you again, / Because a vision softly creeping, / Left its.
Nevermore - Evolution 169 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Evolution 169' by Nevermore. Welcome to the pleasure dome ,now take a seat the crowd is watching you / Just rats in this experiment / Now learn the.
SYMPHONY X LYRICS - "Underworld" (2015) album
Overture. [Instrumental]. 2. Nevermore. From the skies, across the sea of lies. To the dungeons of the damned. Scorching winds blazing thunderclouds raging
Nevermore - Seven Tongues Of God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Seven Tongues of God' by Nevermore. Every man will ask the questions , / and every man will suffer blame and loss / Every day you die a little,
Nevermore - Garden Of Gray Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Garden of Gray' by Nevermore. When the moon is high across the garden / that's when I'll come to you / when the nightshade blooms in your eyes / let.
JONNY DIAZ LYRICS - More Beautiful You
There could never be a more beautiful you. Don't buy the lies, disguises and hoops, they make you jump through. You were made to fill a purpose that only you ...
Nevermore - 42147 Lyrics
Lyrics to '42147' by Nevermore. I am throes of my denial,logic in me crumbles,i take this fateful ride / Through my mind / Daydream fluid thoughts washing.
Nevermore - Engines Of Hate Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Engines of Hate' by Nevermore. Can I be your personal demon / Sit back absorb the words / And feast on my minds semen / Can I be the devil on your.
Rage - Nevermore Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nevermore' by Rage. Her mother told her everyday, 'Never lose control / Whatever then may come your way, a good girl takes it all' / And all the.
Nevermore - The Termination Proclamation Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Termination Proclamation' by Nevermore: Never see The beauty of disorder.
Lyrics to "Never More Than I" song by CHARLEY PRIDE: He'll buy you lots of pretty things fancy clothes and fancy rings But he will never love you never m...
Nevermore - What Tomorrow Knows Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What Tomorrow Knows' by Nevermore. Dreams lie smashed again / They've pinned your back to the wall / Like faded pictures of what might have been ...

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