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Lyrics to "Fact" song by NBA YOUNGBOY: I remember I ain't had nun I had to go get me some racks I was hustling ... They wanna kill me cause I'm next to blow
NBA Youngboy - I Ain't Hiding Lyrics
[Verse 1: NBA Youngboy] Private number call my phone say that ima kill ya. I told that nigga I ain't hiding I'm probably in yo city. I keep it with me pull on me and ...
NBA Young Boy 38 - They Ain't with Me Lyrics
Jan 27, 2017 Lyrics for They Ain't with Me by NBA Young Boy 38. Hook1: Say they behind me but I ... Everybody want to kill for me. Everybody want to step.
Lyrics to "Change" song by NBA YOUNGBOY: Bitch ass boy (Young hydro on the ... Speak yo mind nigga, tell me what you thinkin' ... Kill fore' I eva' be the victim
Lyrics to "How I Live" song by NBA YOUNGBOY: Yea This for all my fans who been fucking with my music for a ... Ain't no waiting Ima shoot till' a nigga tempt me
NBA Young Boy 38 - Dream Lyrics
Lyrics for Dream by NBA Young Boy 38. ... see (ah) Man this shit get wicked, you can get it, I stay with that hammer I can't let you kill me, open fire, I'm forever [?
SCOTTY CAIN LYRICS - NBA Smoke (Young Boy Diss)
Lyrics to "NBA Smoke (Young Boy Diss)" song by SCOTTY CAIN: Fuck a nigga two times and fuck what they be reppen' ... I keep me a pocket knife, that cutta' [?] as my otha' squad ... Kill you an' cop out fo' the time and leave yo ass thought
Lud Foe - 187 Lyrics
I just knocked a nigga out, what he was mugging me for? Nun but killers in my ... I shoot yo ass, 187 fuck this rap shit. Tec-9's, AR-15's, .... NBA Youngboy lyrics.
Lud Foe - Cuttin Up Lyrics
I know you see me VIP with all this bling on ( bling blang) I punch yo ass in ... Have a shoot out with the fed i might kill a cop. Put this red ... NBA Youngboy lyrics.
KID INK LYRICS - Hell & Back
Sacrificed it all and everything that I owned. Say "What doesn't kill me can only make me stronger" [Chorus:] You can tell them that. I've been from hell and back
Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock. Had so much kush .... I-I-I could destroy an entire village when I kill and bury 'Cause I manipulate ...
SKATE LYRICS - Perky's Calling Remix
I guess that's why they telling me the cash rules (turn up) I guess that's why they ... Tell me what's your purpose whatchu'd kill fo' (kill fo) And tell me who you ...
Young Thug - She Notice Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Notice Me' by Young Thug. / I pulled up ... Mama askin' how he kill like that. Big old body Benz She wanna fuck me in my big old body Benz
LIL SNUPE LYRICS - In Tha Air Freestyle
Kinda got me thinking, should I go pick up the dough? And plus I ... Now all of you pussy ass niggas playin hooky but I still a kill one of you niggas if you push me
Lil Wayne - Mr. Carter Lyrics
(Tell me where have you been?) Shit, you ... Cause I'm a murder, why I kill ol' and even you? Man, I got Summer hating on me cause I'm hotter than the sun
Making my conscious ask me "Would I survive ... Remember vividly how them victory points had hurt me ... He focused on the NBA we focused on some Patron
TRICK DADDY LYRICS - Ho But You Can't Help It
In the streets late-night me, you, and all my boys. What I'm thinking 'bout honey bun (honey bun) You got the nigga running up in you. Shake it like "Naww, I'm ...
DJ KHALED LYRICS - I Did It For My Dawgz
Hundred kilo's in the beemer, boy don't make me get excited ... Hot boy, Young boy, still on fire ... Just to let my niggas hold on when they rollin, it could kill 'em
LIL DURK LYRICS - Can't Go Like That
Uh, brr-ah, no, I can't go like that. Gotta couple thou then I get a couple shooters, fo that couple thou man my niggas a shoot ya, nigga like me I can't go like that, ...
Z-Ro - June 27th Lyrics
man let me get my shit right cause Im not gone be the one to fall off, ..... Im comin down watchin TV, playin NBA Jam ... we gonna get kill, leys get fried tonight

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