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Nasio Fontaine - Africa We Love Lyrics
Lyrics for Africa We Love by Nasio Fontaine. Jah I-tinually Bless Africa, Africa Ohhy! Ohhy! Ohhy yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Africa we love, Af...
Nasio Fontaine - Babylon You Doom Lyrics
Lyrics for Babylon You Doom by Nasio Fontaine. Babylon you speak about peace yet you make more wars You suppress the innocent to deceive ...
Nasio Fontaine - Black Tuesday Lyrics
Lyrics for Black Tuesday by Nasio Fontaine. Whittikubuti There is blood on your land Thieves and murderes, yeah Prrrap-a-dup, da-pa-du...
Nasio - Where We Belong Lyrics
Lyrics for Where We Belong by Nasio ... Instant lyrics for all your music. Get the mobile app now
Nasio Fontaine - Living In the Positive Lyrics
Lyrics for Living In the Positive by Nasio Fontaine. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! We living in the positive And I know Good will conquer evil Jah is...
Lostprophets Lyrics - Where We Belong
Lyrics to "Where We Belong" song by Lostprophets: Oh, take these storms away Start a brand new story I'll make it through each day Singing death or gl...
Nasio Fontaine - Black and Comely Lyrics
Lyrics for Black and Comely by Nasio Fontaine. Who ... Hath looked upon me You hate and discriminate Just because we black and comely Because we're proud we black We ...
Nasio Fontaine - Rise Up Lyrics
Lyrics for Rise Up by Nasio Fontaine. Yeah! Rise up ye Mighty people We gonna Rise up uhh We gonna Wise up, yeah! We gonna Wake ...
Nasio Fontaine - Riding On Lyrics
Lyrics for Riding On by Nasio Fontaine. Promise is a comfort to a fool But I ain't dumb (I see their deception) ... We riding, on and on, ...
Nasio Fontaine - Justice Lyrics
Lyrics for Justice by Nasio Fontaine. This is reggae power Prop-pop-pidle-llp-pap-praop-pol We got to have, we got to have A tha...
Nasio Fontaine - Jah Calling Lyrics
Lyrics for Jah Calling by Nasio Fontaine. ... in perfect harmony he tried we must abandon we all know that no solution taking sharper the calling now, ...
Nasio Fontaine - Armed & Dangerous Lyrics
Lyrics for Armed & Dangerous by Nasio Fontaine. Take another bite It'll be alright What's wrong will soon feel right Dangerous tonight Tak...
Nasio Fontaine - African Spirit Lyrics
Lyrics for African Spirit by Nasio Fontaine. Spirits! Spirits! Spirits! Oh my African spirits Looking over I You guide and protect I Oh...
Nasio Fontaine - Dangerous Lyrics
Lyrics for Dangerous by Nasio Fontaine. speak the truth and speak it ever love god and live my only destination, yeah! i heard yo...
Nasio Fontaine - Apple Lyrics
Lyrics for Apple by Nasio Fontaine. Look good Brrrrrrr I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I ... Africa We Love. 06. Truth Will Reveal. See more. News you might be interested in.
Nasio Fontaine - Jah Glory Lyrics
Lyrics for Jah Glory by Nasio Fontaine. Ohhy how good it is To see jah glory rising Early in the morning So early in the morning H...
Nasio Fontaine - Ras Tafari Lyrics
Lyrics for Ras Tafari by Nasio Fontaine. ... the necessity Me say simplicity is what we use in these days And ras tafari prophesied there would be wars Many ...
Nasio Fontaine - Wanna Go Home Lyrics
Lyrics for Wanna Go Home by Nasio Fontaine. Jah Ras Tafari! Home oh home Oh children home I wanna go home Home Oh home Yes ... so bleak So we wanna go home, ...
Nasio Fontaine - Jah Won't Forsake I Lyrics
Lyrics for Jah Won't Forsake I by Nasio Fontaine. ... And forgive us, our trespasses As we forgive those who trespass against we That our days might be long To ...
Nasio Fontaine - Truth Will Reveal Lyrics
Lyrics for Truth Will Reveal by Nasio Fontaine. Truth and truth alone Say the truth will reveal, yeah now, uhhh hmmm You see their faces b... ... Africa We Love ...
Nasio Fontaine - Jah Won`t Forsake I Lyrics. I knew that jah would never forsake I And I know he won't, I knew that jah would never forsake me No, no, no, no, I knew ...
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Lyrics Search We Were Both Young When I First Saw You
by Richmond Fontaine on album We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River. Maybe we were both born blue 'cause R. Lee should be just a ... You Belong to Me ...
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