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"In Napalm". Keep me in mind. For all of your trials. Keep me forever. Just give me a day in denial. Grant me a wish. Just a mistake. Grant me a fire to love
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Utopia Banished" (1992) album
NAPALM DEATH lyrics - "Utopia Banished" (1992) album, including " Contemptuous", "Awake (To A Life Of Misery)", "Exile"...
EMAROSA LYRICS - Set It Off Like Napalm
Lyrics to "Set It Off Like Napalm" song by EMAROSA: out of place, put him down, hes all strung out don't hold your breath for too long, this moments fa...
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Scum" (1987) album
Multinational Corporations. Multinational corporations. Genocide of the starving nations. 2. Instinct Of Survival. Advertise the product you make. Never give but ...
Lyrics to "Napalm" song by XZIBIT: Yeah, you thought that this was over Thought you got away with murder Watch me murder my deserters T...
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Apex Predator - Easy Meat" (2015) album
Apex Predator - Easy Meat. A stampede to rush forward, yet I'm in retreat. Far horizon greedily sucks in the keen. Descend down the scale on drooping stumps
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Smear Campaign" (2006) album
NAPALM DEATH lyrics - "Smear Campaign" (2006) album, including "Smear Campaign", "Persona Non Grata", "Deaf And Dumbstruck (Intelligent Design)"...
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Harmony Corruption" (1990) album
NAPALM DEATH lyrics - "Harmony Corruption" (1990) album, including "Hiding Behind", "Suffer The Children", "Extremity Retained"...
AIR LYRICS - Napalm Love
Lyrics to "Napalm Love" song by AIR: I'm falling in love I'm falling down, falling down Down on the ground I'm falling in love I'm fa...
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Enemy Of The Music Business" (2000 ...
NAPALM DEATH lyrics - "Enemy Of The Music Business" (2000) album, including "Fracture In The Equation", "(Public Gets) What The Public Doesn't Want", ...
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Utilitarian" (2012) album
NAPALM DEATH lyrics - "Utilitarian" (2012) album, including "Opposites Repellent", "Everything In Mono", "Aim Without An Aim"...
Lyrics to "Napalm" song by CONOR OBERST: It's a quixotic quest on a hot summer's night I got a fistful of fireworks I'm gonna try and set thi...
Nazi Punks Fuck Off Lyrics - Napalm Death
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" from "Napalm Death": Punk ain't no religious cult, punk means thinking for yourself, You ain't hardcore ...
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "From Enslavement To Obliteration ...
NAPALM DEATH lyrics - "From Enslavement To Obliteration" (1988) album, including "Make Way!", "Sometimes", "Mentally Murdered"...
Napalm Death - Control Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Control' by Napalm Death. There is a fascist / Inside of you / Controlling your life / And what you do / Fascist control / There is a fascist /
Napalm Death - Evolved As One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Evolved As One' by Napalm Death. Your pride, why should your pride be so restricted? / Restricted to a mere fraction of this earth / This earth from.
Napalm Death - On The Brink Of Extinction Lyrics
Lyrics to 'On the Brink of Extinction' by Napalm Death. Born between chaos and hatred / A lottery of fate / We sit on the brink of extinction / The world lies.
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Time Waits For No Slave" (2009) album
NAPALM DEATH lyrics - "Time Waits For No Slave" (2009) album, including " Onmipresent Knife In Your Back", "We Hunt In Packs", "Suppressed Hunger"...
Napalm Death - Incinerator Lyrics
[Slaughter cover]. Make way for the Incinerator... In suits they were dressed, when the button was pressed they fed upon semen, the governments a demon
Napalm Death - How The Years Condemn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'How the Years Condemn' by Napalm Death: How the years condemned my heart to a plague of madness How the years condemn.
Napalm Death - Breed To Breathe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Breed To Breathe' by Napalm Death: Born against the innocent Amongst us issues preset Determined goals which are set Love: a crime of serverance.
Napalm Death - Instinct Of Survival Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Instinct Of Survival' by Napalm Death. Advertise the product you make, / never give, but always take. / Kill and lie for security. / On supermarket.
Napalm Death - The Infiltraitor Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Infiltraitor' by Napalm Death. Shaped thus, shipped'em out / A new deal to flog and flout. / Buried up to the neck in socio-aggregate; / Twist an.
Napalm Death - A Necessary Evil Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Necessary Evil' by Napalm Death. I dissolve to a dream of the past / Terminate, to remove / Falling fast / at the end of a chain thoughts collect /
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code ...
NAPALM DEATH lyrics - "The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code" (2005) album, including "Our Pain Is Their Power", "Morale", "Striding Purposefully ...
Napalm Death - Hung Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hung' by Napalm Death. Downwards, downwards / Life's spiraling descent / Downwards, downwards / Life's spiraling descent / All love is lost /
Napalm Death - If The Truth Be Known Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If The Truth Be Known' by Napalm Death. Your self-determined place of value / Think before you act! / Can you justifiably criticize / A situations.
Lyrics to "Love And Napalm" song by GARY NUMAN: Call me Deadliner Nothing in here but dust. Are you afraid dear listener? Nothing in here but us. I...
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Hatred Surge" (1985) demo
What Man Can Do. [Music: Napalm Death] [Lyrics: Nick Bullen, Justin Broadrick] Take it out on others - that's what they do. See what makes it work - that's what ...
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Peel Sessions" (1989) album
The Kill. There's nothing left to gain. You have just been led. The kill, after death, the kill. The shit you were promised. Means nothing now you're dead. The kill ...
Napalm Death - Unfit Earth Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Unfit Earth' by Napalm Death. Looking from outside inwards / A view to dumbfound the most outspoken minds / Silent screams from an unfit earth /
Napalm Death - I Abstain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Abstain' by Napalm Death. I abstain, summon my pride? / What pride lies behind blinkered eyes? / Your vigilance is shit, 'The lads together' /
Napalm Death - Siege Of Power Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Siege of Power' by Napalm Death. Siege of power / In your land / Too many problems / For you to understand / Siege of power / Inside your mind /
Napalm Death - Lowlife Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lowlife' by Napalm Death. Time goes by and makes me / Wonder what I' m here for / I'm waiting for a sign or / Someone to open the door / At times my.
Napalm Death - Circle Of Hypocrisy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Circle Of Hypocrisy' by Napalm Death. (Lyrics Greenway : Music Harris, Mick) / Talk of unity - a far cry from the slander and rivalry / Why should we.
Napalm Death - The Kill Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Kill' by Napalm Death. There's nothing to gain / You have just been led / The kill, after death, the kill / The shit you were promised / Means.
DJ SHADOW LYRICS - Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain
Lyrics to "Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain" song by DJ SHADOW: Ah, ah, ah-ha ha, well hello there little buddy, come on in! Whatcha got there with you? That your d  ...
Napalm Death - Greed Killing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Greed Killing' by Napalm Death. The wrong time, the wrong place, / Our smiling face of distrust. / Buried, the seed / Deep in all our heads. /
Napalm Death - Section Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Section' by Napalm Death. Spit out the poison / That plastic motive / The soothing pain that feeds the hole / A carnage path of one time friends / A.
Napalm Death - Polluted Minds Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Polluted Minds' by Napalm Death. They not only pollute the air / They pollute our minds / They're destroying the earth / And destroying mankind /

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