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Crimson Moonlight - My Grief, My Remembrance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Grief, My Remembrance' by Crimson Moonlight. Who put an end to all the beauty...? / The splendour of the days gone by... / It's mild and steady.
CRIMSON MOONLIGHT LYRICS - "Veil Of Remembrance" (2004 ...
To the brim full of sorrow,wounded and forgotten... But always carrying my remembrance. Of a Hope that ...
OMINOUS GRIEF LYRICS - "Nothing In Remembrance" (2007) album
Awakened By Twilight's Funeral. I wonder when they will let me go. But anyway they will always be there, so will death. Under my eyelids my eyes begin to dart ...
SABAOTH LYRICS - "Sabaoth" (1996) album
2. Labyrinth Of Remembrance. Hear, hear their cry. Their grief is like a chain in my neck. The time, is nothing for them. It's only a path in this endless maze
BURDEN OF GRIEF LYRICS - "Death End Road" (2007) album
BURDEN OF GRIEF lyrics - "Death End Road" (2007) album, including "Road Of ... Awaken in the cold my hands are cold as stone .... Remembrance of my life
REMEMBRANCE LYRICS - "Silencing The Moments" (2008) album
4. These Hallways Are Eternal. These hallways are eternal. I know my grief won't change a thing. With all my weakness I look at you. Waiting blindly for the white ...
DAWN OF DREAMS LYRICS - "Amber" (1997) album
Remembrance 7. Northwind 8. Wavesome ... Were every creature grows. Passing centuries - in my mind ... He sees my fall, my grief. The waves wash away the ...
Darken My Grief - Fragmented lyrics
Jul 7, 2010 Lyrics for Fragmented by Darken My Grief. Distorted to your resemblance I'm here to build one thing of me for all remembrance, But then I, ...
Remembrance - These Hallways Are Eternal lyrics
These Hallways Are Eternal lyrics by Remembrance: These hallways are eternal / I know my grief won't change a thing / With all my weakness.
GALADRIEL LYRICS - "From Ashes And Dust" (2002) album
6. I'm The Everything 7. The Remembrance ... What does my grief mean to them? What (that) united ... Awake from sins and burn down my life. Awake as a lover ...
MENTAL HOME LYRICS - "Black Arts" (1997) album
Silent Remembrance 5. In The Shades ... In the dark touch my hand, read my eyes - See the sun I left ... In the heart of blizzards and winter grief, Moon embrace ...
IN MY EMBRACE LYRICS - "Dead To Dust Descend" (2014) EP
IN MY EMBRACE lyrics - "Dead To Dust Descend" (2014) EP, including ... Remembrance 7. ... A charade at most, grief and greed beyond the words. As it all ...
Remembrance - These Hallways Are Eternal Lyrics. These hallways are eternal I know my grief won't change a thing With all my weakness I look at you Waiting ...
THE SORROW LYRICS - "The Sorrow" (2010) album
Grief Machine 11. Engraved In Our Hearts ... I'm bleeding, misleading my aims are gone. Save me! From my ... you in my heart (In) remembrance of what we had
Ominous Grief - Nothing In Remembrance lyrics
Sep 14, 2010 As I walk among the black ancient tombs The setting sun casts a spell to raise my doom I breathe in the somberly mist And smell the stench of ...
Virgin Black - Lamenting Kiss Lyrics
This is my final lamenting kiss. I have spun my last thread ... Sour remembrance. Of a day never born. My retreating ... Sooth my grief. Through my artless prayers
WOUNDED LYRICS - "The Art Of Grief" (2000) album
WOUNDED lyrics - "The Art Of Grief" (2000) album, including "To Certify Your Eminent (Billet-doux)", "Against All Gods", "Frailty Thy ... Souls being stabbed with my knifes of a kind not yet banished. ... Through forgotten fields of remembrance
IMMORTAL SOULS LYRICS - "Wintereich" (2007) album
As I stare beauty of winter light, whispers are silenced in my mind. Cry of frost ... Light - remembrance of its glow. .... This waterside is where I leave my grief.
INNER MISSING LYRICS - "The Age Of Silence" (2010) album
Intro 2. Coldness 3. My Sickened Hope 4. Euphoria 5. For Your Light 6. The Essence Of Pain 7. Raze From Remembrance ... Astray in the night. Of endless grief
INFERNAL GATES LYRICS - "From The Mist Of Dark Waters" (1997 ...
8. Remembrance Of Things To Come ... "My hands caress the pearls of time. I gaze at my shallow ... Who will ease this burden, when all grief is gone? Who will  ...
Crimson Moonlight - Painful Mind Contradiction lyrics
Nov 7, 2010 I feel how it draws me to the ground, how it passage my whole situation, the thought feel unreal but yet close, what ... Veil of Remembrance.
DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY LYRICS - "The Pregnant Of Despair ...
Tried to conceal grief ... As i look at the your ashes slowly disappearing from my hands ... I restrained you with faded remembrance decayed chain of yearnings
VIRGIN BLACK LYRICS - "Requiem - Mezzo Forte" (2007) album
I drown in remembrance. Sorrow ever awaits ... Midnight's Hymn. To my head I raise a wreath of white flowers ... I grieve as the dirge is sung. To my head I raise  ...
Desire - When Sorrow Embraces My Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When Sorrow Embraces My Heart' by Desire. Love have torn us apart. ... vastness, my heart cries. Cries the hopelessness, cries the pain, cries the grief ... Heavenly and divine is the remembrance, the memory of your kiss (Oh sorrow ...
STORMLORD LYRICS - "Hesperia" (2013) album
... lyrics - "Hesperia" (2013) album, including "Those Upon The Pyre", "My Lost Empire", "Onward To Roma". ... And distress made for my fleet! ... If heavenly was the seed of such a grief, ... Whose remembrance will blind my eyes with salty tears
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Am Universum" (2001) album
AMORPHIS lyrics - "Am Universum" (2001) album, including "Grieve Stricken Heart", ... Which side I deside it's my time to reap ... I know what my goddess needs
BENEDICTION LYRICS - "Grind Bastard" (1998) album
Deadfall. I lie screaming. Remembrance of the past ... Putrefy, it fills my nose. Tears in anguish I grieve ... In the final death-throes of my heart. Look her in the eye
EMERNA LYRICS - "The Beauties Of Nought" (2007) album
How I endure my dreadful thought? My moon! How I cry in these days of droll? Uncage your slave ... With grief and tear and fear I sleep, In a dreamlike bosom of  ...
Crimson Moonlight - The Echoes of Thought lyrics
Aug 3, 2010 More lyrics from the album. Veil of Remembrance Crimson Moonlight - cover art. Veil of Remembrance ... My Grief, My Remembrance.
ANLIPNES LYRICS - "Inanis Caelum" (2010) demo
Reflection of the pain in my eyes like little child. The empty ... poured over the grief, souls of the ... And they have taken all my remembrance, pale face.. And they ...
CELTIC FROST LYRICS - "Vanity / Nemesis" (1990) album
The mist reveals the shades of grief. The heart ... Remembrance ever lies. At the Bosom of the ... Wandering beneath my fate my body slowly pales. Unleashed ...
Insomnium - In the Halls of Awaiting (In the Halls of Awaiting) lyrics ...
... grief Raiment of sorrow, remembrance of me Through the years of bleakness, winters of bitter cold Will you not forget me, forsake my soul ...Low-spirited is my ...
TASTERS LYRICS - "Reckless 'Till The End" (2011) album
Falling Away With A Last Remembrance 7. How Easy ... Your blood is my drug and I can't refuse it!!! Read my ... on your order i'll burn the grief you keep inside
EMERNA LYRICS - "Lord Of The Abyss" (2011) album
And then rising of the darkness in my kingdom from the night. .... Listen to the rain globs as remembrance of our tearful age. ... Still can you feel my grief? Still can ...
SIGH LYRICS - "Imaginary Sonicscape" (2001) album
Until the moment my kingdom did fall in the ... And remembrance of the past catches my soul. The truth is raped, ... As I know no one shares my grief. Despise me ...
Too deep for words The grief my mind is calling back now The fall of Ilium will blind my eyes with salty ... Whose remembrance will blind my eyes with salty tears
MIASMAL LYRICS - "Cursed Redeemer" (2014) album
A Veiled Remembrance 6. Until The Last 7. ... Cursed Redeemer. Cursed redeemer, erase my mind ... The laments of grief, bound to resound. Into the eternities
VIRGIN BLACK LYRICS - "Sombre Romantic" (2001) album
My insane eyes stare at him as his welted body bleeds. Frequently I rape him as ... Sour remembrance. Of a day never born ... Sooth my grief. Through my artless  ...
IN LOVING MEMORY LYRICS - "Negation Of Life" (2011) album
Just awaiting to my oath, I stand in front of them. Upset flames of .... the train of my life. Due observation of others grief ... All my remembrance. Reflected as in a ...
CANGRENA LYRICS - "Demoniak Transition" (1999) album
I believe in my dreams of death I need again this........kill. Lust and desire entangled my soul my kingdom. A kingdom of black sin my .... Obscured soul in my grief. What is your fucking ... The war in Remembrance of war.... here Rotting, all the ...

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