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Snoop Dogg - My Favorite Color - Big Hutch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Favorite Color - Big Hutch' by Snoop Dogg. / Black, like that y'all, / Uh too black ya'll, black / It's like that ya'll / Yea I'm too black ya'll.
Snoop Dogg - C-walkin Lyrics
'Cuz we all one love and yeah this tha dub. On my eleven gettin' slicker. Buyin' liquor from a non-liquor store. Quick to dick a hoe and get tha big homie for a 64.
Snoop Dogg - Me And My Doggs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Me and My Doggs' by Snoop Dogg. ... And when it's time all my Doggz'll bite your momma ... I think it's 'cause he lost his big homey Don Killer see
Snoop Dogg - May I - Lil Malik Lyrics
And all of my homies on lock down, or either underground. Man, I done ... But that's the little homie,and I'm the big homie, Snoop Don Corleone Spittin three ...
Snoop Dogg - Hit Rocks Lyrics
Always stay down and keep my muthafuckin' game tight ... With some dogg pound gangstas in front of my home. Big 6, big 5 3's with ya bitch. My girls in the ...
Snoop Dogg - Tommy Boy - Dat Nigga Daz Lyrics
This for all my boys in Tennessee (tell 'em) ... It ain't my fault your homie Tommy Boy got caught ... But there was no way, that the bigger ones could do him
Snoop Dogg - I Will Survive Lyrics
I'm insane, my membrane's on cold-grown ... Writing for my rep, calling 'fore I step . Now I put ... Dogg Pound, Doggystyle, we're one big family, it's all DPG (DPG)
Snoop Dogg - County Blues Lyrics
So I made my best to protect my chest. On point all night cause if I ... and some big homie's from the L-be -see and South Central Niggaz why'all know, why'all is  ...
Snoop Dogg - Gangsta Walk Lyrics
I gots to watch myself - especially my health, before anything else. My life, my wealth, I'ma G, and I do what gangsta's do ... The homie Big Style, gangsta talk
Snoop Dogg - Change Gone Come Lyrics
Dogg Pound out the moon, Johnny longing for soup. [Chorus: x2]. Everybody in my family is nervous and waitin' How can I be patience? Look at what I'm facin'
Snoop Dogg - Too Black Lyrics
It's the same game, from my town to your town from L.A. to Chi-Town, Baghdad ( that's right) To the rebel we deliver the true game. And niggas gettin' upset cause  ...
I got burn holes in my hoodies, all my homies think it's dank. I miss my cocoa butter ... Pull up inside a huggy, Starsky & Hutch a dougie. I just opened up the pack ...
Nicki Minaj - Right By My Side Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Right By My Side' by Nicki Minaj: I'm not living life I'm not living right I'm not living if you're not by my side. ... Let's meet at, our favorite spot. You know the one, right around ... That got me walking 'round ready to wear your big chain
Raekwon - Ice Cream Lyrics
... chocolate-deluxe Even caramel sundaes is gettin' touched And scooped in my ice cream truck, Wu. ... Yo I'm loungin', big dick style, y'all niggaz is the flyest
Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft Lyrics
Curtis Mayfield lyrics. Curtis Mayfield · Willie Hutch lyrics. Willie Hutch · Sly & the Family Stone lyrics. Sly & the Family Stone · James Brown lyrics. James Brown.
The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize Lyrics. ... Close like Starsky and Hutch, stick the clutch ... Cubans with the Jesus piece (thank you God), with my peeps ... A RIFF is a bonsai-trimmed song review in 300 characters or less, plugging your favorite  ...
Ghostface Killah - Ghost Deini Lyrics
Hold me down, hand me my cake, dusty, bake, activate. Fuck your corny ... Hold a note like Willie Hutch You might've bumped into ... Your favorite rappers dropping they drinks. On the low ... Ghostface Killah - Big Girl Lyrics. Ghostface Killah ...
99, I Can't Live Without My Radio. 100, We Rollin' ... 165, Ill Bomb - Funkmaster Flex & Big Kap Featuring LL Cool J. 166, Mama Said ... 210, Starsky And Hutch ( Featuring Busta Rhymes). 211, Mama Said ... 264, Favorite Flavor. 265, Mama ...
... Train: The Dance Years 1976 · Starsky & Hutch Presents: 70's Funksouljazzdisco Lyrics Candi Staton .... Nostalgie the Big 5 Dance Classics Lyrics Candi Staton ... Hits of the '70s · Be My Baby - The Girls of the 60's & 70's Lyrics Candi Staton .... Golden Oldies Les fleurs - All of Your Favorite Songs Through the 50's, 60's, ...

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