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WSTRN LYRICS - Best Friend (Remix)
That's my bestie, my bestie, my best friend, yeah ... Thought that she was prestige , yeah ... You call that girl your wifey ... Me and my baby like 2Pac and Janet
Gucci Mane - Candy Lady Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Candy Lady' by Gucci Mane: See she da candy lady on da candy mane, ... Babygirl my sister better off my best friend cus if I hop up on a nigga bet she ... watch her like HD, yea dats my baby no Beyonce and Jay-Z cus she walk up on ...
Hey Baby Do What You Please ... She Looked Me Deep In The Eyes ... For Those Who Have Prestige ... I Said My Baby's At Home ... Sayin' Baby I'm Alright
[Intro:] Demarco... Fi di gyal deeeem. For my ladies. You're my babies. Di girl dem drive me crazy. For di ladies. You're my babies. Yeeeaaahh, yeah (ha ha)
Sneakbo - Her Name Lyrics
She Live For Money,The Cars And The Clothes, The Diamond The Crystals Baby Toh Fine ... [Verse] She A Sexy Girl From Ghana, She Like ... I Wanna Take Her Go See My Mama, But My ... Yeah She Bounce But Damn Her Shake Is Prestige
Lyrics to "Persian Rugs" song by Jacquees: Colombian drugs, but she's straight from Decatur Thought you were Colombian Are we turning ... Girl, please don't waste my time ... Can you feel me baby? ... Yeah, imma give you just what you want
I'm barely getting time to see my son and then she heard of me. Baby momma trippin out, I tell her to work with me ... Young nigga go and get it yeah. And ain't a  ...
Yeah, She made me wanna share everything I own, How does it feel? I was praying ... And no girl compares to my virtuous love, Cause what ... I see you baby
IceJJFish - On The Floor Lyrics
Lyrics to 'On The Floor' by IceJJFish: It's something about cha girl, that just makes my head wanna twirl, / It's ... She said she want's to take it slow, i'm not ... so baby girl lets do this on the floor. [Verse 2: IceJJFish] yeah lets get up on the floor,
YFN LUCCI LYRICS - Been A Minute (Interlude)
Baby girl, I tried to give you the universe. Don't you ... If I said that you got my heart, then I meant it. Oh, how I love how ... Damn, she say she fell into love with me
TREY SONGZ LYRICS - Mr. Steal Your Girl
Lyrics to "Mr. Steal Your Girl" song by TREY SONGZ: Baby I'mma be straight up Don't waste no time I know you ain't my, you ain't my baby Do you think ab...
Lyrics to "Shoop" song by SALT 'N' PEPA: Hey, yeah - I wanna shoop, baby ( Oooo, how ... You, the bow-legged one, (ha-ha) yeah ... Girls, what's my weakness?
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah. But what's puzzling you. Is the nature of my game, oh yeah, get down, baby. Pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my  ...
Where them bad Asian bitches holdin down my city at? Where them girls from the A with that pretty face? Round thing, yeah ... Yeah, I'm a stunna, nah, I ain't Baby tho. Young dude with ... One look in her eyes, she'll eat you alive. She's a man ...
JAY-Z LYRICS - Money Ain't A Thang
Lyrics to "Money Ain't A Thang" song by JAY-Z: ÏðèâUh uh So So Def Yeah, ... Drop a little paper, baby toss it up ... Said she loved my necklace, started relaxin
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Straight Jeans & Fitted
[Rusian:] Every gyal hol on pon yuh baby [Vybz Kartel:] Every man grab ... [ Russian:] Dah girl deh say fi tell yuh seh she love weh yuh inna [Vybz Kartel:] Straight ...
Beast - Because Of You lyrics
Baby girl oh my baby girl yeah [Doojoon]Ahjikeun ahnin chukhaedo uhnjankan utsobolge. Baby girl oh (I know) nuhdo nal wonhae [Hyunseung]Doogeun ...
Gave my young boi three of them in the mall ... "You don't like the the prestige that I have in life. You don't like the ... So, long as you broke she ain't gotta take dick. Capiche? ... And every other girl named Rihanna wanna meet ya. They in it for ...
Ms Krazie - A Gangsters Wife Lyrics
I feel in love with a gangster, yeah thats right but i dont think you realize how i hurt inside. Always ... Althought i leave so prestige with my head on my heat. I got a ...
B2ST / BEAST - Because Of You Lyrics
Jokeumsik dakasuhbolgae neol wihae utsuhbolgae. Baby girl oh my baby girl yeah. Ahjikeun ahnin chukhaedo uhnjankan utsuhbolgae. Baby girl oh I know ...
Ghostface Killah - The Champ Lyrics
19 Big Girl · 20 Underwater ... You wanted to be a fighter (Yeah!) You wanted to ... My gun get hard wit a 45 still erects and eagle on. Kangol hat ... Ask his woman she get more pipe from the plumber than in bed. I'm the ... Prestige is cut to it tis ? spark when weed went up. The Cocoa ... Ghostface Killah - 2getha Baby Lyrics.
STUCK MOJO LYRICS - "Snappin' Necks" (1995) album
and my mother's overworked and my pop's gone berserk. She puts on teeny weeny skirts for the money, that ain't funny. I got to stay alive ... a pussy motherfucker punks out at the first chance fake prestige and clout. The P.O.P. ... sick of the cry baby serenade. What you ... Yeah dis us boy, to hype our popularity, show clarity.
[Verse 1: Wiley] I go back to my old estate Show love to the whole estate I roll out on my roller ... I was in a Prestige black B ... This is my bloodtype, yeah, this is my bloodtype ... I'm wavy, she knows the way .... 5, Baby Girl (Revox Radio Edit).
3, Kiss The Girl Goodbye. 4, You Wanted The ... 15, SPEEDIN' BACK TO MY BABY ... 28, Say Yeah! .... 338, She's So European ...... 1908, The Girl Can't Dance (demo '85) ...... Stars 80 (La bande originale du film) [Édition prestige] Lyrics Kiss ...

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