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Novembers Doom - My Agony, My Ecstasy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Agony, My Ecstasy' by Novembers Doom. Gorge in my darkness, for all to laugh at me. My undying love, / that you hold in chains. Bound by reality,
Sinister - My Agony my Ecstasy lyrics
Lyrics for My Agony my Ecstasy by Sinister. ... My Agony my Ecstasy - Lyrics. Sinister. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics.
MANOWAR LYRICS - Achilles, Agony, And Ecstasy (In Eight Parts)
Lyrics to "Achilles, Agony, And Ecstasy (In Eight Parts)" song by MANOWAR: I see my chariot run to your ships I'll drive you back to the sea You came here for ...
SAVATAGE LYRICS - Agony And Ecstasy
I'll make your brain a rubber band. Time to stretch it out and see. Agony and Ecstasy Ecstasy Ecstasy Ecstasy Ecstasy Feel my whisper through your haze of pain
SMOKEY ROBINSON LYRICS - The Agony And The Ecstasy
Lyrics to "The Agony And The Ecstasy" song by SMOKEY ROBINSON: What's it all about this crazy love How did our two worlds entwine? How do I fit into your ...
Manowar - Achilles, Agony & Ecstasy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Achilles, Agony & Ecstasy' by Manowar. See my chariot run to your ships / I'll drive you back in the sea / You came here for gold / The wall will.
ROMANS - The Agony and the Ecstasy lyrics
I have felt it before Thought I was turning a new page, new phase These days I don't know I'm still stuck in a maze Encased in my own mind You're pulling some  ...
High Contrast - The Agony & the Ecstasy lyrics
Lyrics for The Agony & the Ecstasy by High Contrast. ... what I wanted, Till the day I met you, You gave me something I never knew I needed, I owe my thanks to .
focus of my journey Will shine the light of harmony. Lick the drops of wine that trickle from my lips. Taste its sweetness ... 8, My Agony, My Ecstasy. 9, Bestow My  ...
Lyrics to "Runaway" song by NB RIDAZ: I would give my life for you You mean the world to me ... Nah this is my destiny it was worth the agony to get the ecstasy.
ENNUI BREATHES MALICE LYRICS - "Of Agony & Ecstasy" (2008) EP
ENNUI BREATHES MALICE lyrics - "Of Agony & Ecstasy" (2008) EP, including " On ... The premature pressence of the stars shall not abide by my selfishness!
Supreme Lover, No. 26: The Agony and Ecstasy of Divine Discontent
Feb 9, 2016 Oh! Supreme Lover! Let me leave aside my worries The flowers are blooming with the exultation of your Spirt. By Allah! I long to escape the ...
[c. Jackhammerape] Agony and ecstacy. Your cries of pain my pleasure. To know my machine internally. Your torment I treasure. Lifeblood combines with semen
Lyrics to "Pain" song by TYPE O NEGATIVE: Agony and ecstasy Your cries of pain my pleasure to know my machine internally Your torment I treasu...
Bob Sinclar feat. Daddy's Groove - Kiss My Agony lyrics
Aug 25, 2015 Lyrics for Kiss My Agony by Bob Sinclar feat. Daddy's Groove. In the dark the dance begins The night it starts to sway Feel the beat of ecstasy ...
ZANDELLE LYRICS - "Shadows Of The Past" (2011) compilation
Ecstasy 2. Medieval Ways 3. Evil Entity 4. Angel 5. Darkness Of The Night 6. Bringer Of ... You know you're my ecstasy .... Visions of agony haunt my very soul
Jillee Parker - Follow Me Lyrics
You gotta take me home. Before my lips fall off in ecstasy. And I want you to follow me. Home Is it is all know? My head, my heart, my agony. And I need you to
I give into the ecstasy but the cold dark remains. I control my own destiny and I won't suffer in vain. My enemy will not be the end of me, no no. Death march, no ...
Type O Negative - Prelude To Agony Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Prelude to Agony' by Type O Negative. There is no pain like that of desire ... Agony and ecstacy. Your cries of pain my pleasure. To know my machine ...
NO DOUBT LYRICS - You're So Foxy
Lyrics to "You're So Foxy" song by NO DOUBT: You caught my fall making out on alcohol An innocent mistake Falling ... We try to fight it, the agony and ecstasy
CANNIBAL CORPSE LYRICS - "Bloodthirst" (1999) album
Ecstacy In Decay 6. Raped By The Beast 7. ... Metamorphosis 11. Condemned To Agony ... my mouth is wired shut. I cannot see, my eyes are filled with blood
SAVATAGE LYRICS - "From The Gutter To The Stage - The Best Of ...
Ecstasy Ecstasy Feel my whisper through your haze of pain. Hear the calling of the neon vein. See my name upon your soul's marquee. I am agony and ecstasy
THE AGONY SCENE LYRICS - "The Darkest Red" (2005) album
THE AGONY SCENE lyrics - "The Darkest Red" (2005) album, including "Forever Abandoned", "Scapegoat", "My ... In ecstasy exposing my flesh to darkest red.
MOONLIGHT AGONY LYRICS - "Echoes Of A Nightmare" (2004 ...
My eyes, I can't see clear. A shadow fell, inflamed my eyes with rage. Discover the way, to ecstasy. Imprisoned for eons, in exile from the world. Unleash the fear
Laceration - Mammaliferous Earth lyrics
Mar 3, 2016 Lyrics for Mammaliferous Earth by Laceration. Mammalogical poly-alloy Creating a dynasty of pearl Establish laws of destruction A spiritous ...
Ian Hunter - Bastard Lyrics
Laughs like a drain and it messes up my brain 'cause you know I like the ... The agony and the ecstasy meeting at the middle of my mouth. The agony and the ...
The Agony Scene - The Darkest Red Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Darkest Red' by The Agony Scene. I bleed this blasphemy / The sin that courses through my veins / It burns beneath / Beneath the scars of my. ... In ecstasy, exposing my flesh to darkest red. I can't resist this touch that takes away  ...
WHITE ZOMBIE LYRICS - Electric Head Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)
Lyrics to "Electric Head Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)" song by WHITE ZOMBIE: Strip down core violate and paralyze Flood my soul a coffee dreg - supersize Slung low like  ...
PHORA LYRICS - Make You Feel
Even let you undress my mind. Save it, play it, ... I'll be with you through the agony and ecstasy ... Breathe, breathe me in, taste my words, let me blow your mind
Decadent scenes from my memory. Sorrow - eternity. My demons are coming to drown me. Help - I`m falling, I`m crawling ... Her ecstasy - means so much to me
Lyrics to "Ecstasy" song by CALVIN HARRIS: Fall back and touch the night And reach for the blinding light Cause ... Ever time I close my eyes, we disappear
KISTVAEN LYRICS - "Desolate Ways" (2014) album
Ecstasy 4. ..of Flesh 5. Dyssomnia 6. A Journey In Cold Blood 7. Emotional Holocaust 8. Ytterligare Ett ... Ecstasy. Deformed, Your body is mine to command! Listen to my voice fill your veins with cold. Obey! Hush ... Free myself from this agony
Angel Dust - Unite lyrics
Feb 4, 2016 ... future I won't say - but I believe there is something in my mind It's ha... ... Don't think like we will be living in ecstasy Don't feel my agony now.
Grave - Grief Lyrics
Oh my saviour set me free release me from my agony. Grant me your eternal reich take me to where corpses lie. Look into my dying eyes still gazing with ecstasy
Daddy's Groove - Kiss My Agony Lyrics. In the dark the dance begins The night it starts to sway Feel the beat of ecstasy inside your soul Pumping hard and Make ...
Fountains Of Blood To Reach Heavens
You've taken my blood, taken my soul, invoked my ecstasy, Cut is my flesh, I see the eyes of death, world full of hell, Devoted to agony. My eyes go black!
RHAPSODY LYRICS - "The Power Of The Dragonflame" (2002) album
Agony Is My Name 7. Lamento Eroico 8. ... Ruins of ancient wisdom closing now my darkest lonely eye ... my legs. They all suck the blood, have ecstasy in pain
IM5 LYRICS - Me And This Girl
I'll take you girl. Just anywhere you wanna be. Your every desire. I'll change your world. From agony to ecstasy. Go higher and higher with me. Me and this girl ...
TYPE O NEGATIVE LYRICS - "The Origin Of The Feces" (1992) album
Agony and ecstasy. Your cries of pain my pleasure. To know my machine internally. Your torment I treasure. Lifeblood combined with semen. Your screaming my ...
Life Of Agony - Tangerine Lyrics
You're my tangerine. Let the spirits speak through me. Ecstasy and energy. Let it come your wildest dreams. A full bloom's glow melts the winter's freeze

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