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Juelz Santana - Murda Murda Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Murda Murda' by Juelz Santana. / (Murder, murder) / Haha, haha / I told you / I told you you niggaz was in trouble man / DipSet (murda) / The new.
KANYE WEST LYRICS - Murder To Excellence
Lyrics to "Murder To Excellence" song by KANYE WEST: Bloody murder, murder murder The paper read murder, black ... Only spot a few blacks the higher I go
And murder in mind. Out of the gloom I rise up from my tomb into ... Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Wondering if we will meet again. On the other side
Dr. Dre - Still D. R. E. Lyrics
Swap meets, sticky green, and bad traffic. I dip through then I get skin, ... Still ain't tripping, love to see young blacks get money. Spend time out the hood, take ...
RED FANG LYRICS - "Murder The Mountains" (2011) album
RED FANG lyrics - "Murder The Mountains" (2011) album, including "Human Herd", "The ... Never got to meet the son of mine ... Blacks out the cruelest dawn
And casualties all around me, don't make me do demonstrations. Whoa Murder my allegations and burning my finger traces. Adjourning my power patience and  ...
INCUBUS LYRICS - Beware! Criminal
The blacks of my eyes are turning into opals. Today, I'll walk. There's nothing here left for me but empty promises. And the thought of all the things I'm never ...
Murder your partner he'll meet you in heaven. Lucky number 667 I mean 666. I got six clips to the fuckin duct tape. Ay, butt rape on a female cop. She can chew ...
XZIBIT LYRICS - Judgement Day
Had to grab life right by the throat, murder I wrote. My callin for ballin ... Can't wait for the time when I meet my maker ... Cause first there was a war on blacks
That's why the Mexicans never deal direct with blacks ... Niggas need to think big, do a big meet. But you never ... Responded back my nigga, I'ma murder rap
Baby girl, throw the drink on my clothes, then meet ya ?bos? Lewis Fritz, Hot Nikks, ... Dance floor packed with whites, blacks and latins. All N Together, together ... Trifle and work, let's murder eveything that Wu wanted sent. I'd better pay Big ...
YG LYRICS - Twist My Fingaz
Lyrics to "Twist My Fingaz" song by YG: You shoulda seen how a nigga pulled up in the ride In the ride, in the ride Got two mothafuckas wann...
DEVLIN LYRICS - Fire In The Booth
What's the odds that we just might meet then? When I run up on ... Murmur and I'll murder you so bring the German rifles ... Whites and blacks who thrive to attack
NAS LYRICS - If I Ruled The World
Feel the wind breeze in West Indies I make Coretta Scott-King mayor the cities and reverse themes to Willies It sounds foul but every girl I meet to go downtown
YG LYRICS - She Wish She Was
Lyrics to "She Wish She Was" song by YG: She wish she was a nigga She wish she was a nigga She wish she was a nigga She wish she was a nigga...
Big Herk, Seven the General, Big Gov, Chedda Boy Malik, Awesome ...
Dec 16, 2015 ... back streets Where blacks and the trap meet Killers and dealers that .... I'm from the murder mitten Never thought my friend would've been a ...
Sunz Of Man - Lulla Bye Lyrics
Life is a game that the blacks never win. You can't look back, when ... In the atmosphere, then I prepare to meet my enemy. I leave ya lost inside a ... I'm alergic to murder futures, in the price time the evidence is mine. Think beyond, right now, ...
Obie Trice - Violent Lyrics
... But Some Niggas Need To Be Served, Cause This Purpose Is Unheard Of, Blacks Done Seen To Much Murder To Flirt With Death, ... Bad Meets Evil lyrics.
Lil Wayne - Barak Obama A Milli (remix) lyrics
Please do not ignore the fact that the South is where blacks were suppressed by slavery for ... When the sperm meets the egg, a human is formed. ... So, not only are you committing a crime (murder), but you are now committing a hate crime.
ICE-T LYRICS - Where The Shit Goes Down?
Got a murder in Miami for a shoot-out at a party. Got blood in my ... I got 9'000 blacks that still serve crack ... Tonight I gotta meet this nigga from around the way
NAILBOMB LYRICS - "Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide" (1995 ...
It's roundup time where the good whores meet. Gonna drag one ... Murder is what we see. Ignorance is what we ... Asians, Latinos and blacks. Racially different
I Ain't Turning Back lyrics and translation - Flame feat. Thi'sl ...
Mar 19, 2013 ... and He's coming back, And one day I'm a rise with Him, meet up in the skies ... dirty things, down the street, murder scene, So our whole regime hit the ... That's just like us blacks begging for segregation back, that insanity, ...
NORMA JEAN LYRICS - "O' God The Aftermath" (2005) album
Run ever screaming bloody murder. The daughters of ... Sun blacks out, sky blacks out. Don't plan on ... It was like I had fled from a lion, only to meet a bear.
Dj Clue - Cream 2001 (feat. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah) lyrics ...
That's right.. My nigga Clueminatti fuckin wit the intro, to murder somebody ... End the swine, meet the inventor, plus the winter ... Relaxin like.. blacks get jobs
Swap meets, sticky green, and bad traffic. I dip through then I get ... Still ain't tripping, love to see young blacks get money ... 16, Murder Ink Ft. Hittman & Ms. Roq.
ANTHRAX LYRICS - "The Greater Of Two Evils" (2004) album
Murder, Murder Commit Cold Blooded Murder ... When To You Blacks Are Niggers And Jews Are Kikes And You .... And Every Perp He Meets Will Taste Defeat
dj clue - cream 2001 - featuring raekwon & ghostface killah lyrics
To murder somebody we check-cash niggas wit four fingers on 'em ... End the swine, meet the inventor, plus the winter it's mine ... Relaxin' like blacks get jobs
FTF - Live By, Die By Lyrics
Murder the whole world, for the love of the spinach. But only God can judge ya, ... They got the blacks, worldwide up in the penatentaries. The county's full from ... But if you're sinnin and not repentin, He'll never meet ya. All men will perish for ...
BODY COUNT LYRICS - "Body Count" (1992) album
murder, in the first degree. Now I'm sweatin', .... You might meet an old lady she might have a .... Those blacks want everything in the fuckin' world. That nigga ...
7, Meet the Flockers. 8, Momma Speech Intro. 9, Bpt. 10, Sorry .... 3, Police Get Away Wit Murder. 4, Blacks & Browns feat. Sad Boy. 5, FDT feat. Nipsey Hussle.
Crimson rose, redrum, murder, pose, dead. Silver crimson black ... So never turn your back to black when it blacks out ... 3, Nice To Meet Me. 4, So Silent.
God thinks all blacks are obsolete farm eqipment God thinks the Jews killed his son and must be punished God thinks the white man is ... God thinks abortion is murder and .... Lyric App Nerds: Meet 'Giorgio Cam', Turning Pictures into Song ...
Blacks and whites, I guess the shit was cool. But in highschool I changed ... Murder robbery rape escape, the whole damn nine. You robbed a nigga blind. I had too much ..... Lyric App Nerds: Meet 'Giorgio Cam', Turning Pictures into Song ...
Lay it on the bed, that's what blacks do. Take a picture, me and ... I let my partner meet demand. They in it deep like ... M'gotta murder ya nigga. Bought what u ...
2Pac - I Wonder If Heaven's Got A Ghetto lyrics
fuck the gaurd cause it's hard tryin to make ends meet ... The penitentiary's packed, and it's filled with blacks. I wake up in the mornin, ... They Tryna Murder Me.
Had to grab life right by the throat, murder I wrote. My callin' for ballin' ... Can't wait for the time when I meet my maker ... 'Cause first there was a war on blacks
58, Meet the Flockers. 59, Intro. 60, YG Be Safe feat. ... 69, Police Get Away Wit Murder. 70, Sorry Momma ... 84, Blacks & Browns feat. Sad Boy. 85, Dippin N ...

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