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Mortimer Nova - Monument Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Monument' by Mortimer Nova. in the mid night we look out towards the broken water / and we learn through convulsion of our imperfections / sitting in.
Mortimer Nova - Parachute Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Parachute' by Mortimer Nova. i can smell you on my bed, on my pillow, in the bedroom, we once shared / i turn my face to hide my head, from the.
Mortimer Nova - Hide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hide' by Mortimer Nova. sometimes i dont know what i want / i just know i cant handle this / but i cant stand that i'm not enough for you / and other.
Mortimer Nova - Ice Sculpture Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ice Sculpture' by Mortimer Nova. you are such an angel / whisper and tell me its ok / theres a beautiful sound of silence / far from the noise and.
Mortimer Nova - To Connect Lyrics
Lyrics to 'To Connect' by Mortimer Nova. so peculiar the way she dances / and she makes me follow to, follow to / follow her feet, follow her feet / she.
Mortimer Nova - The Acrobat Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Acrobat' by Mortimer Nova. i can't hold out so long and you don't seem to care / i drove to your dorm but your room was rented out / and i know.
Mortimer Nova - Going Home Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Going Home' by Mortimer Nova. I did my best to make you smile but my best just comes up shy / The biggest truth I've ever known turned out to be a.
Mortimer Nova - The Piper Of Rats Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Piper of Rats' by Mortimer Nova. shadows on the / wall of reason / staring back at me / with maternal infancy / terra firma / hard to swallow /
Mortimer Nova - The Atrium Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Atrium' by Mortimer Nova. tread softly my battered child / i'll be home tomorrow / keep the bedroom light on for my eyes / penciled cursive lines.
Mortimer Nova - Arthur Digby Sellers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Arthur Digby Sellers' by Mortimer Nova. we swell and fall and drop so far / attached at the tongue of one forked cycle / the traitor looks on in.
Mortimer Nova - The Lad Is A Reptile Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Lad Is A Reptile' by Mortimer Nova. and then for no reason at all, there's the cocked head of confusion / vommiting a stream of consciousness, a.
Mortimer Nova - Root And Stem Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Root and Stem' by Mortimer Nova. only a fledgling follows it's mother, follows it's mother / growing up, feels the same, feels the same / roots can.
Mortimer Nova - Save It lyrics
Lyrics for Save It by Mortimer Nova. ... Save It Mortimer Nova - lyrics. Save It. Mortimer Nova. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points.
Mortimer Nova Song Lyrics
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Mortimer Nova - The Impact Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Impact' by Mortimer Nova. light the bed on fire / if you want it clean / you've made more love on it / with everyone but me / i don't have much.
Mortimer Nova - This Pen Bleeds Lily lyrics
Lyrics for This Pen Bleeds Lily by Mortimer Nova. ... This Pen Bleeds Lily - Lyrics. Mortimer Nova. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn ...
Mortimer Nova - Ensemble Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ensemble' by Mortimer Nova. my heart breaks out / in nervous sweats / i' m coming home.
Mortimer Nova - To Inject Lyrics
Lyrics to 'To Inject' by Mortimer Nova. god is sleeping / on my bed / calling sheep, for his / caravan / pictured in light bulbs / soaked in alcohol / soiled.
Mortimer Nova - Afterthought Of Grievance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Afterthought of Grievance' by Mortimer Nova. our hands so tight / you crying and reaching for air / your legs spread wide / the same way that had put.
Mortimer Nova - Contingent Upon Failure Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Contingent Upon Failure' by Mortimer Nova. i believe in anomoly / community for the empty / a roll of the dice / could be the night / could be.
Mortimer Nova - Pair Of Threes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pair of Threes' by Mortimer Nova. the lines we draw around ourselves / to watch the faceless go / a heart in carbonite can't breathe / or see the.
Mortimer Nova - Trust This Handshake Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trust This Handshake' by Mortimer Nova. In the summer of 2009 i watched the sun collapse and die / So i left a letter carved in my arm that said.
Mortimer Nova - Luna And The Silver Sunset Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Luna and the Silver Sunset' by Mortimer Nova. unsubstantial misinterpretation / a glimpse of infinite reflection / consequential failed alleviation /
Mortimer Nova - Suffering The White Hand Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Suffering The White Hand' by Mortimer Nova. wake up the day and / feel on the ground of / teeth from the fire lily / this antequated / quintessential.
Mortimer Nova - The Children's Crusade lyrics
The Children's Crusade lyrics by Mortimer Nova: The internment of lovers is strong / Two bodies, bewildered for so long / Your breathing,
Mortimer Nova - Last Of The Mermaids lyrics
Last Of The Mermaids lyrics by Mortimer Nova: Dance for me one last time / In the morning I have to go / You can't wait up all night.
Mortimer Nova - To Reflect lyrics
To Reflect lyrics by Mortimer Nova: Little files of problems come screaming from the mouths. / Backwards fill the empty bag / And take out.
Mortimer Nova - A Faucet In The Windpipe lyrics
A Faucet In The Windpipe lyrics by Mortimer Nova: Your eyes shut tight, a fire in your soul / Fluorescent light, the phantom bends and.
Mortimer Nova - To Distrust lyrics
To Distrust lyrics by Mortimer Nova: I guess I'm sorry, I'm just so sad to see you go / Cuz I'm so lonely, and I didn't even know / But.
Mortimer Nova - Caught With A Smoking Gun lyrics
Caught With A Smoking Gun lyrics by Mortimer Nova: Leaves may fall but branches always / Stay intact / When routine becomes excitement.
Mortimer Nova - I Heard They Took You Away lyrics
I Heard They Took You Away lyrics by Mortimer Nova: For reasons, I can't get into / Your separated, what you always do / Aggravation, but.
Mortimer Nova - The Last Time You'll Say Goodbye lyrics ...
The Last Time You'll Say Goodbye lyrics by Mortimer Nova: I survived all you wanted / I provide early sunsets / Until you try, until you,
Mortimer Nova - Ice Sculpture lyrics
Ice Sculpture lyrics by Mortimer Nova: You are such an angel / Whisper and tell me it's ok / There's a beautiful sound of silence / Far.
Mortimer Nova - To Struggle lyrics
To Struggle lyrics by Mortimer Nova: Anyone can fly incognito if you want them to / It's a stellar continuation, at this interview / Who.
Mortimer Nova - To Bypass lyrics
To Bypass lyrics by Mortimer Nova: The traffic of the day starts to melt into the night / And I'm the only one on this stretch of road.
Mortimer Nova - The Many Faces Of Ariel lyrics
The Many Faces Of Ariel lyrics by Mortimer Nova: Enter sara stage right / Tattered shirt and a black eye / Threads are falling from her.
Mortimer Nova - 3 Steps Back lyrics
3 Steps Back lyrics by Mortimer Nova: Take three steps and you wont have to look back / It's so dark and eerily serene / I'm all alone up.
Mortimer Shuman - Ma Chanson Italienne Lyrics
Ma Chanson Italienne lyrics performed by Mortimer Shuman: Quand ça commence ... Le pain, le vin, et le fils maudit Le train du sud vers la vita nova Mon coeur ...
Bossa nova, down town beat. Iponema is calling me. And a girl I used to love is .... 3, Mortimer's Ghost. 4, Empire State. 5, Arms to Hold Me. 6, The World on a ...
344, What She Came for (Lee Mortimer Vocal Remix). 345, Eleanor Put Your Boots On ..... Rock Radio, October 2008 · The Nova 19 Lyrics Franz Ferdinand ...

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