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Lyrics to "Stay" song by THE TEMPTATIONS: Ooh..ooh..mmm..mmm..yeah..hey.. On, no Na, na, na, na, na, na, yeah..ah..ah..yeah..yeah.. Just to f...
Zac Efron - You Are The Music In Me Lyrics
Yeah it's living in all of us. And it's brought us here because. Because you are the music in me. Na na na na (Ohh) Na na na na na. Yeah yeah yeah (Na na na ...
Lyrics to "Na Na" song by TREY SONGZ: Put your hands in the air, the air (Trigga ) ... Oh, yeah. I'm a give it to you right, yeah. Best time of your life, yeah, oh yeah
Temptations - Stay Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stay' by Temptations. Ooh:ooh:mmm:mmm:yeah:hey: / On, no / Na, na, na, na, na, na, yeah:ah:ah:yeah:yeah: / Just to feel your body, your sensual.
Lyrics to "I'm Into You" song by JENNIFER LOPEZ: Na-na-na-na-na-na na-na-na- eh Na-na-na-na-na-na ... You got me hooked with your love controller (yeah)
THE SUPREMES LYRICS - Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
Lyrics to "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" song by THE SUPREMES: Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye He'll never love you, the way that I ...
Precious, Precious Lyrics - Toots Hibbert
Precious baby, you're mine. Oooh-oooh, na, na, na, na, yeah, baby. Oooh-oooh, na, na, na, na, yeah, baby. Mmm... what people say about ya. Sure ain't no fun
Mmm... We gon' live it up. Yeah, that what's up. Don't matter how you wanna do it, Don't mind if you're looking stupid, All you gotta do is get into it. Na na na na ...
THUNDER LYRICS - Pilot Of My Dreams
Lyrics to "Pilot Of My Dreams" song by THUNDER: Exotic melody, that I heard drifting ... yeah. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na ... mmm baby
PITBULL LYRICS - Messin' Around
Lyrics to "Messin' Around" song by PITBULL: She's got me like na, na na, na na Na na na na, na ... Yeah, I've been messin' around ... Mmm, I like that, I like that
Inner Circle - Games People Play Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Games People Play' by Inner Circle. Na-na-na, na-na-na, na-na-na / Na -na-na, na-na-na, na-na-na / Talkin' about you and me, yeah / And the games.
Baccara - Heart, Body & Soul Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Heart, Body & Soul' by Baccara. ... You'll be a lucky man (oooh yeah) You'll be a lucky ... Heart (mmm), body and soul ... Na na na nanana nana ooh
Trey Songz - NaNa Lyrics
Lyrics to 'NaNa' by Trey Songz: Baby I'm the one you lying I'mma get you as a liar Oh yeah I'mma give it to you right.
Musikk - Summer Lovin' (feat. John Rock) Lyrics
Mmm Girl we can go. ... Na na na. Baby let me show you how to do... Na na na Hot nights, coloured lights Soft hips and your painted ... you should be mine and yeah, you know summer love is on (Chorus) I feel so free, cause summer love is on ...
Hmm, hey, na-na-na-na-na-nah. The story of The Chosen, Rose Golden Mmm yeah, mmm yeah. Looking where we're at. How did we, make it through this level  ...
Joe - If I Was Your Man Lyrics
Mmm, yeah, yeah, oh, oh. Nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, oh. Nana, nana, nana. If I was your man, girl. Girl, I'm so tired of games. I just wanna settle down
Cake By the Ocean Lyrics - DNCE
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Cake By the Ocean" from "DNCE": Talk to me baby , I'm going blind from this sweet sweet craving ... Mmm ba na ... Na na na yeah
Lyrics to "Sweetheart" song by JERMAINE DUPRI (JD): What's up, Jermaine? ... Mmm. Do me a favor. ... I'm a little hypnotized (yeah) ... Na, na, na, na, na. Na, na  ...
Kid Cudi - Ghost Lyrics
One thing that still gets me. When did I become a ghost? Yeah. Na-na-na na-na- na-na whoa whoa whoa haha yeah. Yeah yeah whoa-whoa Yo. Mmm-oohh
THUNDER LYRICS - It Could Be Tonight
It could be tonight, oh yeah. I've been waiting so long, and if I don't get it wrong. Then it could be tonight, mmm. Baby in the morning. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na
Grease - We Go Together Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Go Together' by Grease: Like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong / Rama lamma lamma ka ... h, yeah. We're one of a kind. Like dip da dip da dip doowop da doobee doo ... Sha na na na na na na na yippity dip de doom.
Lyrics to "Tear It Down" song by SPOON: You were out walking the park I was at the owl cafe When the sirens rang And no we're ... Yeah, I feel you today ... Mmm Na, na, na, na, na, na, na. Na, na, na, na, na. Na, na, na, na, na, I'll tear it down
Jacquees - Idgaf Lyrics
I don't give a fuck, ooh yeah. I don't give a fuck, no more. If he finds out. If your nigga finds out. Oh na na na na. Oh na na na na na yeah. Na da da da, la na na ...
Lyrics to "Risk It (Acoustic)" song by JESSICA MAUBOY: Mmm Na na na, na na, na ... Yeah Na na na, na na, na na na na. Mmm Na na na na. You gotta risk it all,  ...
Lyrics to "The One I Love" song by TIMBALAND: Girl gimme dat mmm ah cmon girl get down girl gimme dat ... na shawty i 'ont think you know bout me yeah
Lyrics to "Old Times Sake" song by COLLIE BUDDZ: 'Igh vibes Yeah... Na, na, no, yeah I ... Relax and cool while mi dim de lights an make ya feel alright yeah na, na, no [Verse 1:] Mi love ya ... Mmm, an ya nah fah' (fake) girl. Say whateva ...
Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cuts Like A Knife' by Bryan Adams: Drivin' home this evening I coulda sworn we had it all worked out You had ... Yeah but it feels so right, mmm. Now it cuts like a knife. Yeah, but it feels so right. Yeah ... Na na yeah, it feels so right
Lyrics to "Parking Lot" song by NELLY FURTADO: You caught me off guard, and oh Hey, I'm pleased to meet ya Don't know if you can ... Yeah! Bring your car to the parking lot. And ride all night till you get a spot ... Na na na, ley ley, ah ah ha
Lyrics to "I Won't Miss You" song by ALISHA'S ATTIC: (na na, na na na now, na na, na na na now) (na na, na na na now) ... Mmm, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Passenger - Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (Cover) lyrics and ...
Jan 29, 2017 Lyrics and translation for Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (Cover) by Passenger. ... And I could say Oo oo oo Mmm no no And everyone know What I'm ... on the soles of her Sing shoe na na na Shoe na na na yeah.
MISS NANA - So Sick - Feat. Neyo Lyrics
Apr 26, 2015 Lyrics for So Sick - Feat. Neyo by MISS NANA. Mmmm mmm yeah Do do do do do do do-do Ohh Yeah Gotta change my answering machine ...
Icewear Vezzo feat. Peezy - How to Act lyrics
Mar 15, 2015 It's your boy Juve the great Stupid money in this bitch Yeah Na na na na na na na Open up the vault, it's an areal assault When you make it out ...
Studio Allstars - You Are The Music In Me lyrics
Jan 27, 2016 Lyrics for You Are The Music In Me by Studio Allstars. ... Above the noise And like a common thread Mmm, you're pulling me When I ... in me Na na na na oh Na na na na Yeah yeah yeah (na na na na) You are the music in me.
MASTER P LYRICS - Make 'Em Say Uhh!
Lyrics to "Make 'Em Say Uhh!" song by MASTER P: No Limit Studios, whassup? Who dis is? ... P?! (Yeah) Well if this P lemme hear ya say ungggggggggggh
If You Had My Love Lyrics - Jennifer Lopez
Full and accurate LYRICS for "If You Had My Love" from "Jennifer Lopez": If you had my love (If I give it to ... Would you lie to me (Na na na na) ... Mmm... yeah
Yeah. (Na na na...) It's Christmas. It's Christmastime. (Na na na...) Mmm, Santa is coming. Ding dong, it's a Christmas song. Mmm, Santa is coming. (Na na na.
The Fooo Conspiracy - Mmm lyrics and translation
Dec 11, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Mmm by The Fooo Conspiracy. ... it up, Yeah, that whats up (Mmm 8x) We don't live it up, yeah, that whats up Don't ... if you looking stupid All you gotta do is get into it (Na na na na na na na) So what if ...
MASTER P LYRICS - Make 'Em Say Uhh #2
Da Last Don, nigga (remix) Ha ha (ha ha) [Master P:] Make em say uhhhh! Uhhhh ! Na na na na. Na na na na. Make em say uhh. Uhh Uhh Uhh Uhh Uhh Uhh
Lyrics to "The Artist" song by JAY SEAN: (Yeah) (Mmm…huh) (You're my) You're my ... (It's something more than physical) (Na, na, na) (Na, na) (Na, na) (Na, na)
I'll Give All My Love To You Lyrics - Keith Sweat
Full and accurate LYRICS for "I'll Give All My Love To You" from "Keith Sweat": I will ... Yes, I do (Na-na), yeah...yeah...yeah. ... Mmm, mmm, now, now, now, now

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