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Popcaan Lyrics - Family
Lyrics to "Family" song by Popcaan: Yo Shaqqie, yo Cuzz Family, a mi seh family ... Mi nuh know if heaven is real But mi know fi a fact, I know every man real
Chronixx Lyrics - Ghetto Paradise
Lyrics to "Ghetto Paradise" song by Chronixx: You living the life in the ghetto paradise You living that life in the ghetto paradise Mi nuh know...
Alkaline Lyrics - Nuh Understand
Lyrics to "Nuh Understand" song by Alkaline: Gyal mi nuh know weh you get such a good pussy from But hi tie mi, hi time mi Gyal it likkle and cu...
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Who Trouble Dem
Lyrics to "Who Trouble Dem" song by Vybz Kartel: A who trouble dem Mi nuh know how dem vex Buy you one shoes dem get upset Buy a box-food and eat, an...
Lady Leshurr Lyrics - Black Panther
Lyrics to "Black Panther" song by Lady Leshurr: Si mi nuh, yo It's the L.L., brr, ... All your team is phony, I think you know it, I know you know it
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Gon Get Better
Lyrics to "Gon Get Better" song by Vybz Kartel: No nuh left mi now God know wi must get better No nuh left mi now God know wi must get better You...
Popcaan - Still Feel Good Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Still Feel Good' by Popcaan. (Intro) / Mi nuh know if a the weed / Mi nuh know if a the rum / But jah know mi feel too good / Mi nuh know if a the
Beenie Man Lyrics - Young Bud
anyways, mi nuh know if its a curse or a blessing ... Young bud nuh know storm and duppy know like them nuh know dawn, cigarette butt choke matterhorn
Chronixx Lyrics - Likes
Lyrics to "Likes" song by Chronixx: Anuh everybody a go like we Still we irie 'Cah mi nuh love likes Inna dancehall style Anuh everybody...
Jahmiel Lyrics - Things Take Time
Lyrics to "Things Take Time" song by Jahmiel: Envy her When mi buy mi madda house Mi nuh waan' nobody envy her Far mi a come from My sufferation...
Masicka Lyrics - Ears A Ring
Mi nuh know bout you, I'm so blessed From mi beg yuh gyal a fuck she a seh "Oh yes" Wi seh scotia, nuh Portia Nuh Holness Mi nuh hungry, mi madda cyah homeless
Alkaline Lyrics - Hype (Nah Change)
Lyrics to "Hype (Nah Change)" song by Alkaline: Dem know seh wi hype nuh bomboclaat Dem know seh wi facey The world know mi a dark young quenger Any...
Tommy Lee Sparta Lyrics - Hero
Lyrics to "Hero" song by Tommy Lee Sparta: ... Mi nuh know weh dem fah, but mi know weh mi bout See the news slaughter ration Get my rifle from the Asians
T.O.K. Lyrics - Wah Gwaan
Lyrics to "Wah Gwaan" song by T.O.K.: a wah really a gwaan Yo a bare tings a gwaan yuh know Yo a mi a tell yuh so mi nuh like how ting...
Vybz Kartel - Give Thanks Lyrics
[Intro] Life So Uncertain Just a Gwan Work For Mi Pickney Future Mi Nuh Know When A My Time But Until Then You Nuh Have No Time Fi Waste [Chorus] Oh Jah (Yea) For My Life Mi Give Thanks (Mi Give Thanks) Amen
Aidonia - U Alone Lyrics
Baby Me waah Know seh a you me waah A you me waah girl Yuh know mi love fuck fuck, fuck yuh, Yuh body mek mi nuh want another gyal Yeah mi love fuck fuck yuh Yuh tight when you ride pon my john gyal Mi love fuck yuh, fuck yuh, U alone me waah, Yeah mi love fuck fuck yuh, A me alone fi a fuck fuck yuh Mi a guh fuck yuh mek yuh talk 'bout it gyal ...
Busy Signal Lyrics - The Reasoning Continued
Lyrics to "The Reasoning Continued" song by Busy Signal: ... A fuckry you a keep up suh wa you nuh waan mi be real wid it You done know dawg, ...
Tommy Lee Sparta Lyrics - Psycho
Lyrics to "Psycho" song by Tommy Lee Sparta: Dem nuh bad, act dem a act Talk dem a talk, ... Mi nuh known bout dem But mi know bout we A gaza we run bout ya
Busy Signal Lyrics - Nah Help You
Lyrics to "Nah Help You" song by Busy Signal: Big Ship (uh huh) Sailing smoothly (smoothly) Boy dem a gwaan wid a bag a ting. Mi nuh know weh...
Tommy Lee Sparta Lyrics - Grinding
Lyrics to "Grinding" song by Tommy Lee Sparta: Mi got the 20 20 vision Mi a see so clear I can see these haters from a mile away ... And let dem know nuh tek mi fi no ...
Maleek Berry Lyrics - Nuh Let Go
Hold you down, I'll hold you down, girl you know I never let go Mi nuh let go (nah nah), mi nuh let go (yah yah) Girl mi nuh let go (nah nah), mi nuh let go (yah yah)
Dexta Daps Lyrics - Still Bad
Lyrics to "Still Bad" song by Dexta Daps: That's why mi walk wid the scatter shot Suh when dem start run you know how it go Anytime ... Mi nuh haffi know you fi run ...
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Give Thanks
Lyrics to "Give Thanks" song by Vybz Kartel: Life So Uncertain Just a Gwan Work For Mi Pickney Future Mi Nuh Know When A My Time But Until Then Y...
Buju Banton - Girl U Know Lyrics
Lyrics for Girl U Know by Buju Banton. Laad a mercy Girl child, hear mi nuh Ay, girl I know you saw the lipstick stains on my shi...
Vybz Kartel - Mirror Lyrics
Lyrics for Mirror by Vybz Kartel. Mi ... Mi never mean it When mi tell yo seh fi leave mi Mi would a never do yo that Suh mi nuh know how yuh believe mi Yuh nuh ...
Vybz Kartel - Real Youth Lyrics. Mi ah real youth Nuff ah dem nuh see it true Come round fi di free food Cyaa fool me fool Unnuh think mi nuh know mankind is a werewolf and
Spice feat. D. Angel - No Worries Lyrics. ... Mi nuh know dem from Eve much less from Adam Cause right now, me naav no worries, God a deal wid everything
Beenie Man - Ganja Farm Lyrics
Lyrics for Ganja Farm by Beenie Man. Intro: Bowy mi nuh know what a gwan Tru me is a legal voter inna di country Mi can talk Mr...
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Highest Level
Lyrics to "Highest Level" song by Vybz Kartel: Dem waan know wah mi have a knock keng keke keng crocodile caiman a buss Knock it mek it light up yu...
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Real Youth
Mi a real youth Nuff a dem ah see it true Come round for the free food Cyan fool me fool Unuh think mi nuh know Mankind is a werewolf And we change with the full moon
Maurice Cooper - Nah Get Weh Lyrics
nah get weh Lyrics maurice cooper. nah ... stuck with yuh ah mi gyal mi nuh run yuh know seh yuh run ah mi blood yuh know seh yuh run mi blood eehhh! yuh see mi boom ...
Vybz Kartel - Real Youth Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real Youth' by Vybz Kartel. Mi ah real youth / Nuff ah dem nuh see it true / Come round fi di free food / Cyaa fool me fool / Unnuh think mi nuh know
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Most Wanted
Most wanted, most wanted Westmoreland, St. E man Unno farmer dem skill Mi careful how mi draw dem weed ya Mi nuh waah draw nil The spliff weh just buil
Demarco Lyrics - B Day
Lyrics to "B Day" song by Demarco: And mi seh it a party I get drunk if I want to Smoke ... Haffi tek weh a gyal and mi nuh want nobody know Nuh ask mi nothing cause ...
Tory Lanez Lyrics - Controlla (Remix)
Fargo, get on some real yard shit come in on it like this No one gyal can satisfy me Mi need more fuel for the lime green Mi nuh know one gyal can deny me
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