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Mc Ren - Behind The Scenes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Behind The Scenes' by Mc Ren. Now this is the bitch who makes straight A's, / but never got to leave out of the house back in de dayz / and when she.
Mc Ren - Final Frontier Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Final Frontier' by Mc Ren. Hey, hey Ren, hey check this out loc / Hey man I've been hearing a gang of niggas / Talking a whole lot of unnecessary.
Mc Ren - Kizz My Black Azz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kizz My Black Azz' by Mc Ren: And I don't need a crew Because a crew can't do shit that a real nigga can't do So to all y'all niggas that's down.
Mc Ren - One False Move Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One False Move' by Mc Ren. Badung Bang / 'Yeah, I'm ready to die today'(repeat out)
Mc Ren - Must Be High Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Must Be High' by Mc Ren. These niggas be actin' like I fucked / And didn 't call 'em for weeks / Like they wantin' a nigga dick / In between they butt.
Mc Ren - Ruthless For Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ruthless for Life' by Mc Ren. Chorus: X2 / The saga continues right before your eyes / The saga continues cause its do or die / The saga continues.
Mc Ren - In The Alley Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Alley' by Mc Ren. In the alley / Oh yeah... / You know what I'm sayin'... / We peel mothafuckin' cops around here... / You can't come around.
Mc Ren - Keep It Real Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Keep It Real' by Mc Ren. 'That's what the fuck I'm talkin' about / That real shit nigga' / Living room packed, laid back on the flow / Niggaz can't.
Mc Ren - Mind Blown Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mind Blown' by Mc Ren. (mc ren) you know what hutch man, I let one of these bitch made niggas get / Away with somethin the other and uh, I shouldn't.
Mc Ren - Rebel Music Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rebel Music' by Mc Ren. Hell yeah! The Almighty E-A-Ski / I got my niggas MC Ren and Ice Cube on that Rebel Music / Look at The Vill twenty- twenty /
Mc Ren - Hounddogz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hounddogz' by Mc Ren. The year is 87' / Back in the 12th grade G / When I used to hang with CH to the IP hangin' in the halls / Tryin' to get the.
Mc Ren - Showtime Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Showtime' by Mc Ren. Born and raised in the cpt. / Newest 16 niggaz couldn't fuck wit me / Blowin' out niggaz in parties was elematary / 18th nigga.
Mc Ren - Bitch Made Nigga Killa Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bitch Made Nigga Killa' by Mc Ren. 1995 and compton's still up in this motherfucker / Yeah, this album's dedicated to all you real niggaz / But most.
Mc Ren - Shock Of The Hour Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shock of The Hour' by Mc Ren. (chorus) / Rumdidditty dum dum, rum didditty dum dum / Rum diddity dum dum dum / The shock of the hour, ...
Mc Ren - Cpt All Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cpt All Day' by Mc Ren. I fuck so good I make dike bitches straight / And give em mo love jones then Lorenz' tape / Nigga outta state been to every.
Mc Ren - Shot Caller Lyrics
[ verse 1: mc ren ] Niggas in the hood lookin at me crazy. Tellin niggas like they wanna fuck my old lady. Same fuckin shit every day at 8 o'clock. Nigga, start my ...
Mc Ren - Live From Compton 'saturday Night' Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Live from Compton 'saturday Night'' by Mc Ren. Yeah, who dis? / Yo, this Hutch man, oh, what's up? / What up nigga, what's happenin'? Yeah, check.
Mc Ren - Still The Same Nigga Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Still The Same Nigga' by Mc Ren. 'Hey pull over there dawg them my niggaz over there' / 'Aight' / 'What up niggaz? y'all seen that punk ass nigga.
Mc Ren - Mad Scientist Lyrics
[verse 1] Darkside is were I'm commin' from all alone, strangeling niggaz is fakin' on the microphone, 'cause I've bin around and I'm a be around again, who is it ...
Mc Ren - Do You Believe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Do You Believe' by Mc Ren. 'And you have believed those ideas and concepts' / 'And you have believed those ideas and concepts' / .. / How de fuck ...
Mc Ren - Who Wanna Be The Villain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Who Wanna Be The Villain' by Mc Ren. Intro: (*Dialogue in the street*) / Look at all these tripe 'n ass motherfuckers / This niggaz don't even seen.
Mc Ren - Nigga Called Ren Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nigga Called Ren' by Mc Ren. Who is it? The black nigga from the Compton / Fuckin' wit dat nigga banks in the old town / Bitches be on my nutts ' cuz.
Mc Ren - Voyage To Compton Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Voyage to Compton' by Mc Ren. (Intro) / Mhhmmm / That's right / Take a voyage / Where? / All the way down / Down where? / Down where?
MC Ren - Final Frontier lyrics
Lyrics for Final Frontier by MC Ren. Hey, hey ren, hey check this out loc Hey man I've been hearing a gang of niggas Talking a whole lot of unnecessary bulls...
Mc Ren - It's Like That Lyrics
(MC Ren) I be the one that they be pullin' off that fool on the flow. After we be goin ' toe to toe. I holds mine, never do I be talkin' no shit ?ause niggaz that be ...
Mc Ren - Who In The Fuck Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Who in The Fuck' by Mc Ren. A natural fact: / That I pimp tracks and freak around / The game got cracks in them pipes / It's leakin' town / My lines.
Mc Ren - Same Ol' Shit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Same Ol' Shit' by Mc Ren. Same old shit every day and every night / Then when it gets dark niggaz get outa sight / Make sure the ak's locked up tight.
Mc Ren - You Wanna Fuck Her Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Wanna Fuck Her' by Mc Ren. (CHORUS)(2x) / You want to fuck her, do you want to fuck her, / The bitch is a ho, yo I thought I'd let you know / You.
N.W.A. LYRICS - Quiet On Tha Set
Lyrics to "Quiet On Tha Set" song by N.W.A.: (Listen to this) Yo Ren ! ... [MC Ren:] Ruthless, plenty of that and much more. So at the party, Ren is controllin the ...
Mc Ren - 11: 55 Lyrics
Lyrics to '11: 55' by Mc Ren. Because we got the streets suckas / Can you dig it? ? ? / I wanna get right to the point / He's here / "he's unique, he's.
[MC Ren] I started this gangsta shit. And this the motherfuckin thanks I get? {Hello ..} [Ice Cube] The motherfuckin world is a ghetto. Full of magazines, full clips, ...
Mc Ren - West Coastin' Lyrics
Lyrics to 'West Coastin'' by Mc Ren. West coastin, coastin, coastin / West coastin, coastin, coastin / Y'all chillin' wit the villian right now (x3) / West.
MC Ren - Rebel Music lyrics
Lyrics for Rebel Music by MC Ren. Look at The Vill twenty-twenty Weak ass niggas done fucked up plenty Took the rap game, nigga wanted shit When you with .
Mc Ren - Fuck What Ya Heard Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fuck What Ya Heard' by Mc Ren. Always carryin' a Mack 10, know what I'm sayin'? / Ren is a nigga that you don't wanna fuck wit' / Always carryin' a.
Mc Ren - Attack On Babylon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Attack on Babylon' by Mc Ren. Is America like ancient Rome? / Is America like ancient Babylon? / Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on / I.
KURUPT LYRICS - The Hardest Mutha Fuckaz
[Intro-MC Ren] Yo Fredwreck turn this motha fucker up man. So it can fuck with my eardrums a lil' bit [Verse 1-Nate Dogg] Some try to repeat my flow
Mc Ren - I Don't Give A Damn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Don't Give a Damn' by Mc Ren. Who want to step into the room? / Where that nigga Ren be at, makin' shit that's phat / 'Cause in '95 I gotta hustle.
Mc Ren - Roll On Em (Extended Version) lyrics
Roll On Em (Extended Version) lyrics by Mc Ren: (feat. Dj Crazy Toones, W. C., Xzibit, Young Maylay) / [Intro: dj Crazy Toones Talking]
EAZY-E LYRICS - Ruthless Villain
[MC-Ren:] "Well let me bust a freestyle then." [Dre:] "Awright, go ahead." [MC-Ren ] Ruthless gangsta, definition villain, Leave your shit unlocked and he's stealin',
Mc Ren - Comin' After You Lyrics
[mc ren] In case you didn't know my flows grows for sure. I'm makin sure you niggaz don't try me no mo' Weak shit you talkin and I'm surprised it's sellin. Ruthless ...

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