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Mc Eiht - Streiht Up Menace Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Streiht Up Menace' by Mc Eiht. Wake your punk ass up for the 93 shot / MC Eiht's in the motherfuckin' house... yeah / And it ain't nothin' but a.
Mc Eiht - Thuggin It Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thuggin It Up' by Mc Eiht. Geah / Geah / C'mon geah (right) / C'mon / I comes from the depths of hell / Where - killin' niggas roam / Illegal mobile.
Mc Eiht - Endoness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Endoness' by Mc Eiht. Geah, uh / In the muthafuckin' house / Back for the 9 to the 6, geah, uh / Ain't nuthin' but the Eihthype thugs nigga / Geah /
Kendrick Lamar feat. MC Eiht - m.A.A.d city lyrics
Lyrics for m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar feat. MC Eiht. If Pirus and Crips all got along They'd probably gun me down by the end of this song Seem like the whole  ...
Mc Eiht - Run 4 Your Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Run 4 Your Life' by Mc Eiht. In the muthafuckin' house / Niggas On The Run in the house / Little Hawk & Bird in the house / I say Da Foe in the house.
Mc Eiht - Where U Goin 2 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Where U Goin 2' by Mc Eiht. Geah / Blue stamp official / Lets get em' / I Remeness like Pete Rock / Loc where the smoke go? / I take the heat, and.
Mc Eiht - All For The Money Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All for The Money' by Mc Eiht. One more nigga on the run / I just can't handle this, born in the land of the scandalous / Thirteen years of age at.
Mc Eiht - Hard Times Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hard Times' by Mc Eiht. Geah, we in the muthafuckin house / Eihthype in the muthafuckin house bitch, for the 94 / Ain't no love ho, uh / And right.
Mc Eiht - Compton Bomb Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Compton Bomb' by Mc Eiht. Geah / In the house for the 94 shot / Eihthype in the house, uh / Half ounce in the house / Compton bomb, compton bomb /
Mc Eiht - Automatic Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Automatic' by Mc Eiht. (Intro) / Geah / Hoo-Bangin in the house c'mon / Geah / Eihthype in the house c'mon / Geah / And I'm representin / Real.
Mc Eiht - My Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Life' by Mc Eiht. / I said my life , my life , my life / With the Tech 9 / And that's how we representin / To the fullest / With the real CPT G's.
Mc Eiht - Ain't Nuthin' 2 It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ain't Nuthin' 2 It' by Mc Eiht. Geah / In the house / (come on) / In the muthafuckin house / (in the muthafuckin house) / The viii hype thugs /
Mc Eiht - Thicker Than Water Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thicker Than Water' by Mc Eiht. Gyeah, Westside, somebody told me / They want some of that thug shit up in here / So I'ma take ya back down memory.
Mc Eiht - Goin' Out Like Geez Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Goin' Out Like Geez' by Mc Eiht. Geah / We in the muthafuckin house for the 94 / Eihthype in the muthafuckin house / Geah / Mc eiht and dj slip in.
MC Eiht Lyrics
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Mc Eiht - Take 2 With Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take 2 With Me' by Mc Eiht. / Ain't no takin me to jail no bail no wonder / Kill 'em all cause the motherfuckin hood took me under / Uhh , One-Times.
Mc Eiht - Caution Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Caution' by Mc Eiht. Gyeah / Gyeah / We can take it to the streets with the crips and the bloods / These real cpt g's please show no love / Compton /
Mc Eiht - Can I Still Kill It? Lyrics
Geah The nigger ho's is back in this muthafucka. Mc Eiht, DJ Slip, Half Ounce, Eihthype. Bitch I'm only out to fuck, get your lips ready to suck. As I go up in you ...
Mc Eiht - Tha Business Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tha Business' by Mc Eiht. / Hey / Geah (we ain't fakers) / You know tha business / Get down like you live / Geah / You know tha business, bitch, you.
Mc Eiht - Compton 4 Death Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Compton 4 Death' by Mc Eiht. Geah, one two, one two, uh / (Compton 4 death) / And how's the fuck we gon' doin' in this one / Y'all don't hear me up.
Mc Eiht - Anything U Want Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Anything U Want' by Mc Eiht. (Intro) / Geah / Check it out / c'mon, c'mon, hey / c'mon, uh / I said c'mon, hey / (Half Ounce in the house) / We're.
Mc Eiht - Def Wish Iv Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Def Wish Iv' by Mc Eiht. / I'ma tell you 'bout the time that we first met / The story that you told was some fake bullshit / It was me and Chill my.
Mc Eiht - Late Nite Hype Part 2 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Late Nite Hype Part 2' by Mc Eiht. Geah / Compton / Geah / Where we from? / All day... / The weeest side... / All day / Nigga / We from the west side.
Mc Eiht - Hood Took Me Under Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hood Took Me Under' by Mc Eiht. ((VERSE 1)) / I got another gnag story to tell (???) / about how a nigga was born in hell / and right then and there.
Mc Eiht - Kind Of Pimpish Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kind of Pimpish' by Mc Eiht. Come on y'all, hey / And this how we gon' do it / How you likin' me now in 97 kind of pimpish / Ho's get down like you.
Mc Eiht - Def Wish III (Intro) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Def Wish III (Intro)' by Mc Eiht. You got it started, so let me finish / Fool you can't fuck with the straight up menace, nigga / It's time to pull.
Mc Eiht - Compton Cyco Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Compton Cyco' by Mc Eiht. Compton / In da muthafucking house for da ' 94 beeitch / Kill'em all off, ya know what I'm sayin' / Niggaz backdafuckup of.
Mc Eiht - Who's Tha Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Who's Tha Man' by Mc Eiht. Geah / Hey (c'mon) / To the full degree (c' mon, geah check it out) / (check it out) / We 'bout it / Gettin' that paper /
Mc Eiht - Lunatic Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lunatic' by Mc Eiht. Geah / Jig a geah / Nigga, geah / Check, geah / Nigga, geah / Uh, c'mon / I'm sittin' here trippin', mind playin' tricks /
Mc Eiht - Nuthin' But The Gangsta Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nuthin' but The Gangsta' by Mc Eiht. featuring Spice 1 Redman / Intro: MC Eiht / Geyeah we in the motherfuckin house / Eiht Hype in the.
Mc Eiht - Killin Season Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Killin Season' by Mc Eiht. Geah / In the muthafuckin house / For the 9 to the 6 / Geah / To them bitch-ass niggas / We know your residential spot /
Mc Eiht - Me My Bitch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Me My Bitch' by Mc Eiht. Yo let, let, let me ask you a question yo / Yo would you kill for me? / Hmmm... yeah / What took you so long to answer.
Mc Eiht - Iii Tha Hood Way Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Iii Tha Hood Way' by Mc Eiht. / Iii tha hood way ye-yey (fo' sho') / Iii tha hood way ye-yey (for the 9-9 fool) / Iii tha hood way ye-yey (you know.
Mc Eiht - Blue Stamp Lyrics
Mc Eiht Straight up menace (lyrics). Mc Eiht - Mc Eiht - Goin out like G's lyrics Lyric Video. Mc Eiht - Goin out like G's lyrics. Mc Eiht - Thuggin It Up Music Video.
Mc Eiht - Tha Hood Still Got Me Under Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tha Hood Still Got Me Under' by Mc Eiht. / Gyeah ( somebody help me out ) / Representin for all the thugs ( I don't wanna be here ) / For all the.
Mc Eiht - Fuc Your Hood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fuc Your Hood' by Mc Eiht. Geah / Mc eiht and chill up in this bitch / The eihthype thugs up in this bitch, geah / Compton in this bitch / And we.
Mc Eiht - You Can't See Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Can't See Me' by Mc Eiht. Uh... geah... uh... / Niggaz can't fuck with this... It ain't nuthin but the Eihthype click... / Geah... uh... c'mon /
Mc Eiht - So Ruff Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So Ruff' by Mc Eiht. Geah / Geah / Geah / Hoo-Bang, nigga / Some of that futuristic shit / For that ass / Keepin it thuggish, though / Check it out /
Mc Eiht - Represent Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Represent' by Mc Eiht. / G'yeah, how we gon' get on this one? (Westside ) / Uh, my homey Bird in the house (N-O-T-R in the house) / I said da foes in.
Mc Eiht - Return Fire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Return Fire' by Mc Eiht. Geah / Brrrr stick 'em hahaha stick 'em... / Half ounce one time stick 'em / Geah / You know how the fuck we do it, c'mon /

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