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Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Girlfriend' by Matthew Sweet. I want to love somebody / I hear you need somebody to love / Oh I want to love somebody / I hear you're looking / for.
Matthew Sweet - Sick Of Myself Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sick of Myself' by Matthew Sweet. You don't know how you move me / deconstruct me and consume me. / I'm all used up, I'm out of luck I am star ...
Matthew Sweet - I've Been Waiting Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I've Been Waiting' by Matthew Sweet: That nobody knows.
Matthew Sweet - Divine Intervention Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Divine Intervention' by Matthew Sweet. I don't know where / I'm gonna live / Don't know if I'll find a place / I'd have to think about it some / Amd.
Matthew Sweet - We're The Same Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We're The Same' by Matthew Sweet. I don't have to speak and you know what I'm thinking / You don't need to hear what I say / I don't have to ask and.
Matthew Sweet - Winona Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Winona' by Matthew Sweet. I tried to call you / But the line was busy / Were you talking to a friend? / When I tried again much later / I didn't want.
Matthew Sweet - Life Without You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Life Without You' by Matthew Sweet. Every time you go away / I know there's nothing I can say / But I don't know how to stay alive / No matter what I.
Matthew Sweet - Walk Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Walk Out' by Matthew Sweet. When you look into a mirror / The reflection that you see / Is a shell of what you were / It's not who you want to be /
Matthew Sweet - Falling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Falling' by Matthew Sweet. The further you go / The farther you've gone / It doesn't mean you were made to hang on / And you're falling falling.
Matthew Sweet - Dark Secret Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dark Secret' by Matthew Sweet. You are sickened by the weakness / Of a heart that's filled with fear / And if the world won't understand you / You.
Matthew Sweet - Devil With The Green Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Devil With The Green Eyes' by Matthew Sweet. I can understand you're living in a prison / I know you can only see me as a vision / I might fade away.
Matthew Sweet - Hollow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hollow' by Matthew Sweet. Capture / The spirit of adversity / Be sure to put the lid on tight / And watch it carefully / Sew shut / The mouth of the.
Matthew Sweet - Get Older Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get Older' by Matthew Sweet. Who cares If they don't think your cool? / They make everything about rules / And your older than that now / Get older /
Matthew Sweet - Day For Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Day for Night' by Matthew Sweet. What you gave me / I could feel it / Like the warm rays of the sun / Such a small thing / Took me farther / Then I'd.
Matthew Sweet - Farther Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Farther Down' by Matthew Sweet. Into you so far our words go / So much clearer than you hear / Into you goes everything I know / No one else knows.
Matthew Sweet - Trade Places Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trade Places' by Matthew Sweet. Inside my deepest feelings / I know you won't do wrong / Don't say that I believe you / Because you know it's true /
Matthew Sweet - Reaching Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reaching Out' by Matthew Sweet. You've counted every star / That you could imagine / Broken when everyone took you for a fool / It gave you a ...
Matthew Sweet - Thunderstorm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thunderstorm' by Matthew Sweet. Sun is gone / And I'm on my own in a thunderstorm / But it's not about to turn me around / Hail is under my feet /
Matthew Sweet - Smog Moon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Smog Moon' by Matthew Sweet. There's a smog moon, in the amber sky , wavering and burning like a golden lie. / I fell so far, I didn't think I'd make.
Matthew Sweet - Back To You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Back to You' by Matthew Sweet. You come looking for protection a revolver in your hand / And that puts it in a language that I think I understand /
Matthew Sweet - Superdeformed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Superdeformed' by Matthew Sweet. There's something I should tell you / Before I take your blindfold off / I've been twisted and turned / By what I.
Matthew Sweet - Not When I Need It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Not when I Need It' by Matthew Sweet. Look at you you're just as blind / Trying to grab your little piece of mind / And you want to hold it near /
Matthew Sweet - Everything Changes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everything Changes' by Matthew Sweet. It's a matter of choices / And a matter of time / For you it's a matter of drive / You will let nothing / Get.
Matthew Sweet - Over It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Over It' by Matthew Sweet. You're over it / You're not angry anymore because / You're over it / No big deal unless you make it one / You don't even.
Matthew Sweet - Do It Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Do It Again' by Matthew Sweet. I'll do it again / If I have to love you from afar / You'll do it again / Before we get too far / And I'll hurt you.
Matthew Sweet - Don't Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Go' by Matthew Sweet. Don't go / Don't let my love drive you away / There is so much I have left to say / Oh don't go / Don't bring my darkness.
Matthew Sweet - Time Capsule Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Time Capsule' by Matthew Sweet. Stop what you're doing to me / My love don't want to see / Then-We were young and strong / Now-Everything is ...
Matthew Sweet - Super Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Super Baby' by Matthew Sweet. No Memory / Is quite the same / No gentle breeze / Can ease my pain / Lover you're the one / Super baby / You're the .
Matthew Sweet - Hide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hide' by Matthew Sweet. Now you'll have to be / Hurt when you think of me / With vision but you can't see far / You hide every thing you can / But.
Matthew Sweet - I Wanted To Tell You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Wanted to Tell You' by Matthew Sweet. Do just what you want to / I think you're right / I do what I want to to / I do what I want to to / I let the.
Matthew Sweet - I Almost Forgot Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Almost Forgot' by Matthew Sweet. You would never turn around / You' re laughing at everything / That's bringing me down / Did you say you loved me?
Matthew Sweet - In Too Deep Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In Too Deep' by Matthew Sweet. I'm in too deep / Drowning in the fire / Burning in the lake / Dying from desire, dying for desire / I'm in too deep /
Matthew Sweet - Come To California Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Come to California' by Matthew Sweet. started with a rose / ended up a millionairess queen / in your new electric chair / sweetly sitting there.
Matthew Sweet - Where You Get Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Where You Get Love' by Matthew Sweet. Instead of running / Stay and keep it / You're getting your kicks / Right at the source / You're taking your.
Matthew Sweet - Evergreen Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Evergreen' by Matthew Sweet. As soon as I found you baby you know / They took you away / You put your little hands together and / You started to ...
Matthew Sweet - Knowing People Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Knowing People' by Matthew Sweet: I don't like knowing people I don't like people knowing about me I don't like knowing people I don't like people.
Matthew Sweet - What Matters Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What Matters' by Matthew Sweet. In my mind I can't imagine / How the world has come to me / And in my heart I can't detach / The feeling that it.
Matthew Sweet - Lost My Mind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lost My Mind' by Matthew Sweet. Well I know you are dying to give me advice / Speak to me once or a hundred times / Those are words I cannot hear /
Matthew Sweet - Into Your Drug Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Into Your Drug' by Matthew Sweet. Tell me what you want me to do / Tell me what you want me to say / When nothing I do or I say is enough /
Matthew Sweet - Modern Art Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Modern Art' by Matthew Sweet. Kept a little piece so I won't forget you / Abstract like the world around you / You make a modern art / From your.

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