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Brick - Dazz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dazz' by Brick. Everybody go on and dance if you want to / Music makes your body move, well all right / Funky dancing get up, get down, shake your.
Brick - Dazz Lyrics. Everybody go on and dance if you want to Music makes your body move, well all right Funky dancing get up, get down, shake your booty ...
Various Artists - Dazz - BRICK Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dazz - BRICK' by Various Artists. Everybody go on and dance if you want to / Music makes your body move, well all right / Funky dancing get up, get.
I see you move, see your body groove. No, I just got cold. Baby, what you're doing to me. My body is burning in the third degree. Well, alright. You make me feel ...
NINA SKY LYRICS - Move Your Body
[Chorus (x2):] Move your body girl. Makes the fellas go. The way you ride it girl. Makes the fellas go. All up in the club looking fly. Made your first approach
C&c Music Factory - Do You Wanna Get Funky Lyrics
Ladies, let your body flow. Ladies, let your body ... It's a funky groove made to make your move. "Well, all right," so let the party people say! Do you wanna, do ...
Elliott Yamin - Self Control Lyrics
Now about the way that you're making me feel. Well, alright. I see you move, see your body groove. No, I just got cold. Baby, what you're doing to me. My body is ...
Alright now lose it ... Well, it's Friday and it's my day. Just to party all ... Someone's gonna touch my body ... Grab you left nut, make your right one jealous (what?)
Parliament - P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) Lyrics
Whatever part of your body it is, I want you to lay it on your radio. Let the vibes flow ... Well, alright, hey I was diggin' on y'all funk for a while. Sounds like it got a  ...
Alleviate your clothes and make your body turn around (Now you're asking yourself who's gonna love you.) ... The way I move may be peculiar to people I come across. Stress! ... I pray that heaven comforts you, so you should be alright, alright.
Lyrics to "8th Wonder" song by THE SUGARHILL GANG: Clap your hands everybody And everybody just clap your ... [Master G] Well if you're feeling alright and you think you're on ... A-rock the rhythm that makes your finger pop ... Ya see I rock your body to the early light ... [all three] You better get ready to move your toes
Kind of faded, but I feel alright ... I can't pretend that you're only my friend when you're holdin' my body tight 'Cause I like the way you're making your move
Soundtrack Artists - All Good Lyrics
move your body from your legs to your waistline ... make a move, make a miser misunderstood, it's alright now ... The feel good music (make your body rock)
TEENA MARIE LYRICS - Behind The Groove
Behind the groove {Well, alright}... ... You can make your wildest dreams come true. So get on up ... And shake your body {Get behind the groove} Open up and  ...
SOUL DECISION LYRICS - Faded (Extended Version)
Kind of faded, but I'm feeling alright. Thinkin' about making my move tonight. I can 't pretend that you're only my friend when you're holdin' my body tight 'Cause I like the way you're making your move. I like the way you're making me wait
Somebody Watchin, Might Wanna Make Romance. Move Your Body, (Ooooh Baby) And Dance All Night. To The Groovin, Feel All Right. Move Your Body (Oh) And ... Well I Peeled Off One More Thousand, And Hand Her. One More Please For ...
PHORA LYRICS - Make You Feel
Lyrics to "Make You Feel" song by PHORA: Listen Long, long enough, you can love me I'll ... I will take you far, far away, I'll make you feel alright ... Well I'mma make this last forever ... You can't live without me, feel the numbness in your body
I see you move, see your body groove no i just got cold baby what you're doing to me my body is burning in the third degree well alright. You make me feel like ...
BACKSTREET BOYS LYRICS - Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
You better rock your body now ... Yeah Everybody Rock your body right. Backstreet's back, alright. Alright ... I'm gonna tell the world, make you understand
BRYAN ADAMS LYRICS - Let's Make A Night To Remember
Lyrics to "Let's Make A Night To Remember" song by BRYAN ADAMS: I love the way ... your body. Now I never want to let your body go... Let's make a night - to remember ... I love the way you move tonight ... Well I'm never holdin' back again
If you make your own moves and create your own rules. Well alright then, well alright then ... Let my body turn to Jello, now I'm back fully developed. Revive a ...
You gotta work your jelly if you gone dance with me tonight. Read my lips carefully if you like what you see. Move, groove, prove you can hang with me ... Cause my body too bootylicious for ya babe ... Make your booty touch the ground (whoo!)
PRINCE LYRICS - Little Red Corvette
You parked your car sideways that it wouldn't last. See, you're the ... But it was Saturday night, I guess that makes it all right. And you ... Move over, baby, gimme the keys. I'm gonna ... You're gonna run your body right into the ground (Right into ...
Young Steff - Slow Jukin Lyrics
... get my grind on. Well they say if you can dance slow ... Put your back up against my front, girl make it move, move, move. Lemme see just ... Girl the way you move your body got me feelin a lil hot, hot, hot, hot. I see you ... (Tell me its alright)
The Time - The Walk Lyrics
Whenever you feel the groove just let your body move. Walkin' to a beat of ... Well baby, that's because you got those jeans on to tight. Now let's just take 'em off.
Bob Sinclar - Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) Lyrics ...
Get up, get up! Yeah woah. Me wanna see everybody on move ... Don't stop, move your body. Rock this party ... Yall we gonna make you feel alright. [Chorus 2]
EAZY-E LYRICS - Nobody Move
(Yeah, shoot any motherfucker that moves) [pow] ("Alright everybody...") This is a stick-up, everybody get face-down. Ren, gag their mouths so they can't make a ...
Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up (part 1) Lyrics
Somebody watches. Might wanna make romance. Move your body, ooo baby, you dance all night. To the groove and feel all right. Everybody's groovin' on like a ...
I want to make it right, 'cause that was last night. Baby we gon' be alright, baby we gon' be alright. Yea yea love was the mark, bullets to your heart. I want to move on but my feelings too strong. I don't wanna waste time, I don't wanna waste ...
THE KOOKS LYRICS - She Moves In Her Own Way
Lyrics to "She Moves In Her Own Way" song by THE KOOKS: So at my show on Monday I was hoping someday You'd be on your way to better things It's not about... ... It's not about your make-up. Or how you try to shape up. To these ... Well uh oh, oh she came to my show just to hear about my day. And at the show on ...
Make some barees and he'll treat me royal. Asian girl I'm ... Will your daddy let me come if you said I'm alright ... A black girl knows how to move the body, so well
Freak You Out Lyrics - Kinda
move your body on and on i'm gonna make you feel alright close your eyes and hold on tight ... well let me tell yo something no sirrrrrrrrrr hey you over there
Code Red - Happy Song Lyrics
So everything is alright. It makes you get up. And your body move (Give me the groove). Well, I can see in your eyes. That you're not into lies. It's getting late
Lemar - Body Talk Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Body Talk' by Lemar. Tonight you gotta ... Let your body do the talking. Now that ... So many ways to make your body move ... It's alright, so come on.
LA DISPUTE LYRICS - The Last Lost Continent
Lyrics to "The Last Lost Continent" song by LA DISPUTE: I felt your sickness brush ... like it could break me with its fingers, throw my body in the lake, ... And I am always tearing sutures out to make the anguish last like it defines me. ... I swear we'll be alright. ... But if we let our hearts move outward, I know we will never-
The System - Baptize The Beat Lyrics
Bend his body late into the night. It is possible ... Searching for something that will make you feel alright. Take a look deep down inside yourself. Just move your feet and let the music do the rest. Well, the musics hot, it just wont stop. Everybody ...
She's enough to make your body go wild. I can live ... Oh, how I rock my body. Can you handle how I move? Are you ... Keep your eyes on your prize. And your  ...
KEANE LYRICS - Everybody's Changing
And I can see the pain in your eyes. Says everybody's changing. And I don't know why. So little time. Try to understand that I'm. Trying to make a move just to ...
Father MC - Everything's Gonna Be Alright lyrics
Everything's Gonna Be Alright lyrics by Father MC: Feat. Jodeci / (Jodeci) ... Create lyrics explanation ... Let the music take control of your body tonight ... Well I begin the weekend with a groove. Roll about eight deep now what's my next move
Lyrics to "Makes Me Wanna Pray" song by CHRISTINA AGUILERA: He-hey he- hey ohh Oh yeah Well alright He-hey What is ... 'cause love is doing something strange to me (well alright) ... Your love has brought me to a higher place, oh yeah

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