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MACHINAE SUPREMACY LYRICS - "Overworld" (2008) album
Overworld. We've died a million times but we are not the walking dead. So fucking far from gone, we jump around and bang our heads. We made our own way
MACHINAE SUPREMACY lyrics - "A View From The End Of The World" (2010) album, including "Remnant (March Of The Undead IV)", "The Greatest Show On ...
Machinae Supremacy - Remember Me Lyrics
Dec 22, 2016 Lyrics for Remember Me by Machinae Supremacy. Life is strange sometimes, wouldn't you say? I know it was for us, but that's okay You mad...
Machinae Supremacy - Skin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Skin' by Machinae Supremacy. In the corner of your eye / I can see into your mind / A shadow beneath your smile / Something hidden deep inside /
MACHINAE SUPREMACY LYRICS - "Phantom Shadow" (2014) album
MACHINAE SUPREMACY lyrics - "Phantom Shadow" (2014) album, including " Hubnester Rising", "Versus", "The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall"...
MACHINAE SUPREMACY LYRICS - "Redeemer" (2006) album
Elite. Do you find yourself in the air flying away? Do you think that you're awake just because you are? Don't you know? How could you not understand? Anyone  ...
Machinae Supremacy - Flagcarrier Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flagcarrier' by Machinae Supremacy: This barren soil scorched and stained by the blood of soldiers left fallen in the rain All the light in the.
Machinae Supremacy - Radio Future Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Radio Future' by Machinae Supremacy. Can you sense our somewhat misaligned / Attention spans, uninterested minds / Feels like only white noise on  ...
Machinae Supremacy - Winterstorm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Winterstorm' by Machinae Supremacy. as leader I remain aware / as they all sleep / I see my breath in the freezing air / yet as I wander through the.
Machinae Supremacy - Dreadnaught Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dreadnaught' by Machinae Supremacy. So we're finally united here / at the crossroads of our fears / Now the voice of god is everywhere / in our heads.
Machinae Supremacy - Tempus Fugit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tempus Fugit' by Machinae Supremacy. Silent like a tomb / the city reaches for the sky / I'm left alone here and I can't remember why / Lying on a.
Machinae Supremacy - Dark City Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dark City' by Machinae Supremacy. I can feel the fire deep inside, it's burning brighter / We burn a raised fist and my pride, / I sway / To the beat.
Machinae Supremacy - Player One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Player One' by Machinae Supremacy. A misfit to this space / no religion no real place / I grow weary of these walls / so tired of it all / Dull gray.
Paparazzi. [2011 "The Beat Of Our Decay" compilation] We are the crowd we're c- comin' out. Got my flash on it's true. Need that picture of you. It so magical we'd ...
Machinae Supremacy - Indiscriminate Murder Is Counter-productive ...
Lyrics to 'Indiscriminate Murder Is Counter-productive' by Machinae Supremacy. I know that I'm not meant to kill this indiscriminately / But I get a bit bit.
Machinae Supremacy - Gimme More (sid) lyrics and translation ...
Lyrics and translation for Gimme More (sid) by Machinae Supremacy. Supremacy b*tch! Temitemishou Densetsu no Supremacy Yottsu no nokinamikunai kara ...
Machinae Supremacy - Fury Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fury' by Machinae Supremacy: Mean I hear it soar not far above our world tonight.
Machinae Supremacy - Edge And Pearl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Edge And Pearl' by Machinae Supremacy: Be my prize, don't go, don't leave my eyes Only for tonight Give me life, hold on, don't close your eyes Not.
Machinae Supremacy - Action Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Action Girl' by Machinae Supremacy. You're not one to play it safe or wait / No, it's all about the fight / You got something to prove but something.
Machinae Supremacy - Versus Lyrics
Aug 22, 2014 Lyrics for Versus by Machinae Supremacy. You look so different in this light I see you as if for the first time ever I will still s...
Machinae Supremacy - Killer Instinct Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Killer Instinct' by Machinae Supremacy. A beating pulse, a pounding heart, / a million pieces from the start / I never doubted for a second / that it.
Machinae Supremacy - The Last March of the Undead Lyrics ...
Dec 21, 2016 Lyrics for The Last March of the Undead by Machinae Supremacy. The things I've seen, where I've been, if I could tell you, I would But I've no ...
Machinae Supremacy - Deus Ex Machinae Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Deus Ex Machinae' by Machinae Supremacy. Come summon all your deities / they stand on trial / before a tribunal of humankind / We are but children ...
MACHINAE SUPREMACY LYRICS - "Rise Of A Digital Nation ...
All Of My Angels. This bleak and unbearable world has left me cold and wanting. I need someone to make me feel. Real. Now! Submerged and trapped beneath ...
Machinae Supremacy - Need For Steve Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Need For Steve' by Machinae Supremacy. We'll give you complete creative control... / Conformity is tainted / By the mark of mediocrity / I never want.
Machinae Supremacy - I Know The Reaper Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Know The Reaper' by Machinae Supremacy. It ain't always merry to notice there's a line? / Life was kinda scary when you are left behind / All the.
Machinae Supremacy - Super Steve Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Super Steve' by Machinae Supremacy. I only act and speak as I feel / Their world so enigmatic and unreal / We've got some freak potential / But.
Machinae Supremacy - I Turn To You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Turn To You' by Machinae Supremacy. When the world was darker than I could understand / When nothing turned out the way I planned / When the ...
Machinae Supremacy - My Dragons Will Decimate Lyrics
Dec 22, 2016 Lyrics for My Dragons Will Decimate by Machinae Supremacy. Burn, in a universe of nothing, like the sun, I am one of an infinite number, all too ...
Machinae Supremacy - Gimme More Lyrics
(It's Machinae Supremacy, bitch) (I see you, and I just wanna dance with you). Everytime they turn the lights down. Just wanna go that extra mile for you
Machinae Supremacy - Beyond Good and Evil Lyrics
Aug 22, 2014 Lyrics for Beyond Good and Evil by Machinae Supremacy. I was at a crossroads, and I was done But seems as though I still stand second to ...
MACHINAE SUPREMACY LYRICS - "Deus Ex Machinae" (2004 ...
MACHINAE SUPREMACY lyrics - "Deus Ex Machinae" (2004) album, including " Soundtrack To The Rebellion", "Machinae Prime", "Blind Dog Pride"...
Machinae Supremacy - Ninja Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ninja' by Machinae Supremacy. Caught in the wind / are the voices of the damned / They harbinger the coming fray / You will be wise to heed as best.
Machinae Supremacy - Throttle And Mask Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Throttle and Mask' by Machinae Supremacy. I left their sheltered care and walked / a rogue in total freedom / to see the world with my own eyes /
Machinae Supremacy - Kings Of The Scene Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kings of the Scene' by Machinae Supremacy. as time grows to be my reaper / I leave my mark behind / and history will be my keeper / but I am still.
Machinae Supremacy - A View from the End of the World lyrics ...
Lyrics for A View from the End of the World by Machinae Supremacy. I battle with these demons as I toss and turn at night A bitter taste in my mouth, and then a ...
Machinae Supremacy - Ghost (Beneath The Surface) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Ghost (Beneath the surface)' by Machinae Supremacy. I stand still out in the rain / and look up at a broken sky / every raindrop looks the same /
Machinae Supremacy - Insidious Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Insidious' by Machinae Supremacy. I feel all black inside like coal / I wonder if you know? / An evil thrives inside my soul / the darkest place I.
Machinae Supremacy - Hubnester Inferno Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hubnester Inferno' by Machinae Supremacy: You'd think I could just rid myself of these thoughts I stir to motion Instinct pulls me under I can't.
Machinae Supremacy - Attack Music Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Attack music' by Machinae Supremacy. It might seem like a lot of fun / to smash the system / but it's not for everyone / Now you will listen / Could.

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