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LUNIZ LYRICS - Oakland Raiders
Lyrics to "Oakland Raiders" song by LUNIZ: Yo yo, I'm from the land of the playas, slick talkas, and colla poppas Narcotics, and boss ballas, p...
Lyrics to "I Got 5 On It" song by LUNIZ: People in Oakland, Oakland See I'm riding higher and higher Kinda broke so ya know all I got's five,...
Lyrics to "5150" song by LUNIZ: Behold, your highness, the Luniz are here Bring them in Man where the fuck we at who the fuck are...
Luniz - She's Just A Freak Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She's Just A Freak' by Luniz. I fucked you, you fucked me / We had one fat ass orgy / With a dick in your mouth and one up in your cunt / Nothing but.
Lyrics to "Girl" song by LUNIZ: Welcome Little boys and girls, listen A man can get caught up in things (Right) It's like a gridlock...
LUNIZ LYRICS - I Got 5 On It (Reprise)
Lyrics to "I Got 5 On It (Reprise)" song by LUNIZ: Creep on in See I'm riding high Kinda broke you see so all I got is 5 I got 5 on it I got 5 on it...
Lyrics to "Just Mee & U" song by LUNIZ: Nummy-Num playboy I remember when we was hella broke dude We just had a dream right? We made it happ...
Lyrics to "Broke Ho's" song by LUNIZ: You gotta have a j-o-b If you wanna be wit me Cause broke ho's is a no-no Broke ho's is a n-o-, n-o-...
LUNIZ LYRICS - I Got 5 On It (Original)
Lyrics to "I Got 5 On It (Original)" song by LUNIZ: Creep On In, On In Woo. See I'm Ridin High, Ridin High Whoooo! Kinda Broke You See Me, So All I...
Lyrics to "Playa Hata" song by LUNIZ: Why you wanna.... playa hate on me?? oh- hoo-hooooo baby, oh yeahhhhh, eh-heyyyy, why you wanna playa...
LUNIZ LYRICS - I Got 5 On It (Weedless Mix)
Lyrics to "I Got 5 On It (Weedless Mix)" song by LUNIZ: Creep on in..... Woah, see I'm ridin high......woahoooh Kinda rough to see em all so all I got is 5,...
LUNIZ LYRICS - I Got 5 On It (Clean Bay Ballas Vocal Remix)
Lyrics to "I Got 5 On It (Clean Bay Ballas Vocal Remix)" song by LUNIZ: Ha hah, the remix.. five on it! We creepin in too, baby (We got five on ery'thang mayn) We  ...
LUNIZ LYRICS - Broke Niggaz
Lyrics to "Broke Niggaz" song by LUNIZ: Broke niggas make the best crooks ya best look over your shoulder if you's a Highroller (broke mutha...
LUNIZ LYRICS - 900 Blame A Nigga
Lyrics to "900 Blame A Nigga" song by LUNIZ: "Always gotta blame a god damn nigga 900 blame a nigga" How can I get blame for shit That a nigga...
LUNIZ LYRICS - Operation Stackola
Lyrics to "Operation Stackola" song by LUNIZ: Posted up in the cut to make a buck I had to sell nuff drugs showed up, an rolled up, bubbled wit to...
LUNIZ LYRICS - Plead Guilty
Lyrics to "Plead Guilty" song by LUNIZ: Man that's all he gets is a year man, hell nah! Hey, what's all this?? Hey stop all this confusion...
Luniz Lyrics
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LUNIZ LYRICS - Put The Lead On Ya
Lyrics to "Put The Lead On Ya" song by LUNIZ: What the fuck is this? Bullet holes Tupac. Unload the barrel and blast I'm puttin lead in yo' mot...
LUNIZ LYRICS - Killaz On The Payroll
Lyrics to "Killaz On The Payroll" song by LUNIZ: Welcome. Little boys and girls. You thought niggaz was gonna come weak? Nigga this the Mobb fool. Uh...
LUNIZ LYRICS - Highest Niggaz In The Industry
Lyrics to "Highest Niggaz In The Industry" song by LUNIZ: CHALL-ONGE! Uh, I challenge you B-Legit, an E-40, to Numskull an Yukmouth, lets see who get the hi  ...
Luniz - Hypnotize Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hypnotize' by Luniz. Aiyyo dot dot dot who is it the prime wizard / Erykah Badu izm smoker vocal chord woof choker / Now who block is this? (Yo yo yo.
LUNIZ LYRICS - I Got 5 On It (Gumbo Funk Remix)
Lyrics to "I Got 5 On It (Gumbo Funk Remix)" song by LUNIZ: I got 5 on it Just got paid and I wanna smoke big I got 5 on it Put a 5 on a sack and we can blow bi...
LUNIZ LYRICS - 20 Bluntz A Day
Lyrics to "20 Bluntz A Day" song by LUNIZ: Like they always say, what's good fo Num, is always good fo Yuk. Let's get high. 20 blunts, a day,...
LUNIZ LYRICS - My Baby Mamma
Lyrics to "My Baby Mamma" song by LUNIZ: Stress, that's all y'all hear, I like a bag of stress (Is that right?), baby mamma's own Speak on th...
LUNIZ LYRICS - Sad Millionaire
Lyrics to "Sad Millionaire" song by LUNIZ: Can I do my thang?? Speak on it. Oh, oh, ohhh. Oh, oh, ohh, hey. Uh. Niggaz be havin the mutha...
Luniz - Handcuff Your Hoes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Handcuff Your Hoes' by Luniz. (Chorus: The Luniz) / Handcuff your hoes , the girl is yours / Handcuff your hoes, if the girl is yours / Handcuff your.
Lyrics to "Phillies" song by LUNIZ: P-H-the-I-the-L-the-L-the-I-the-E-the-S We mess with phillies we roll big phillies (I wanna get blun...
Lyrics to "My Buddy" song by LUNIZ: Me and You My Buddy, my buddy, my buddy, my buddy And you know that Me and You My Buddy, my buddy...
LUNIZ LYRICS - Survey Of Drugs
Lyrics to "Survey Of Drugs" song by LUNIZ: When I first tried E I was 15 years young 1.. 2.. 3.. pills on my tongue She rolled up a joint of so...
Luniz - My Buddy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Buddy' by Luniz. Me and You / Check it out / No bitch ass niggaz, no funny ass hoes / Dogg Pound Gangstas drippin' in low-lows / You ain't all.
Lyrics to "Scope" song by LUNIZ: I know the whole deal on you tramps I got the 411 on you stunts Ho's rig me up or rig me up, only...
LUNIZ LYRICS - Pimps, Playas & Hustlas
Lyrics to "Pimps, Playas & Hustlas" song by LUNIZ: Nigga, what's hap'nin? Who we got in here? Nigga, ain't this the last album. Fuck that. We got Richi...
Luniz - In My Nature Lyrics
[Verse 1] As I precede to count my dividends. Plenty ends that I done made with plenty bitches. With plenty men that they done played I'm laid back up. In the cut ...
PUFF DADDY LYRICS - Satisfy You (West Side Remix)
The Luniz, R. Kelly). [Puffy] Yeah (Ooohhhh, baby) This right here goes out to all my West Side queens. Bay Area (Ohhhhhh) Los Angeles San Diego (Yeahhhh)
Luniz - I Got 5 On It Full Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I got 5 on it full' by Luniz. Woo, see I'm ridin higher and higher, woo-oo / Kinda broke so ya know all I gots five, I got five / whachyou got nigga?
P. Diddy - Satfisy You Ft Luniz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Satfisy You Ft Luniz' by P. Diddy. yeah / ooohh babyy (this right here goes out to all my west side queens bait area. los / angies,sandy angeio, san.
Lyrics to "Dirty Raps" song by LUNIZ: I's um, like chillin in the wind, you know what I'm sayin Breezy as fuck, I'm like representin the e...
Luniz - X.O. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'X.O.' by Luniz. Would ya quit, fucking me high off / 'Cause it's cost to be the muthafucking boss loss / Petal to the metal / Drinking X.O., nothing.
Luniz - Yellow Brick Road Lyrics
[Chorus: x2]) It's the ice cream man, Bitch don't you hear the music?? (Dope king, dope king.) I got the shit fiends holla if you want to use it!! This shit is to be to let ...
Luniz - Y Do Thugs Die? Lyrics
Thugs die, why me? Verse 1. Numskull: All eyes on me, so that means all eyes against me simply 'cause I may do in this world what God sent me if I said that I ...

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