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FOGHAT LYRICS - Sing About Love
We're gonna sing about love tonight, ... Do you mind if we play a little louder? Can you feel it right up in the back? We gonna turn up to ten, gonna hit it again,
Your heartbeat beats so loud. When you love ... It's making my blood flow with energy. And it's like an ... We're gonna give ourselves to love tonight. Lifting up to  ...
Swedish House Mafia - Save The World Tonight Lyrics
We're gonna make it, you and I We're gonna save the world tonight. We're far from home, it's for the better. What we dream, it's all that matters. We're on our way, ...
Trey Songz - Make Love Tonight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Make Love Tonight' by Trey Songz. Excuse me woman, but it's ... (We'll be) touching, (and we) kissing, freaking, so can we. [Chorus: x2]. [Bridge: x2].
DEVIN TOWNSEND LYRICS - "Epicloud" (2012) album
Love Tonight (Demo) ... Little Pig (Demo) 24. Cry Forever (Demo) 25. Take My Ego (Demo) 26. Epicloud ... So the north is strong and free, so we live again! .... Going to be ready?!? ... Time cools the memories, Really makes you want to bleed
LE TIGRE LYRICS - I'm So Excited
Tonight's the night we're gonna make it happen (Tonight we're gonna.) Tonight we'll put all other things aside (Tonight we're gonna gonna gonna.) Give in this ...
R KELLY LYRICS - Step In The Name Of Love (Remix)
and u can be sure that (can be sure) that somebody's gonna make love from the ... yeah so the stepping game we played then is the same game we gonna play ...
Lyrics to "Our Lives" song by THE CALLING: Is it love tonight When everyone's dreaming Of a better life In this world Divided by fear We'v... ... Let's make the best out of our lives. See the truth all around. Our faith can be broken. And our hands ...
JASON MRAZ - Love Someone lyrics
Your heartbeat beats so loud. When you love ... It's making my blood flow with energy. And it's like an ... We're gonna give ourselves to love tonight. Lifting up to  ...
We've got to see. That love, oh love. What a blessed thing (oh, yeah) Say it loud. Make it clear today. All the walls are falling down. No more children off to war
Hillsong - Shout Unto God Lyrics
Gonna lift our voice in victory. Gonna make Your praises loud. The enemy has been defeated. Death couldn't hold You down. We're gonna lift our voice in victory
Little Walter - Everything's Going To Be Alright lyrics
I say, ev'rything goin' to be alright. I say-yeah, ev'rything goin' to be alright. When we get together, baby. We can make love, can't we. Come on, baby
PRINCE LYRICS - It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
This is gonna be the one (alright, Paris, we gonna see how) Tonight we're ... Little boy got the notion, get some love tonight. Get yo rap in .... say it louder, y'all
Kygo - Firestone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Firestone' by Kygo: I'm a flame You're a fire I'm the dark in / We can dance In desire Or we can burn in love tonight.
Eugene Wilde - Don't Say No Tonight lyrics
No tonight. You know I'll make you feel twice as nice ... We'll get straight to the groove. Yes we ... We're gonna make love tonight ... We'll be making love tonight
ALICIA KEYS LYRICS - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
So tonight, I'm gonna find a way to make it without you. Tonight I'm gonna find a way to make it without you. I'm gonna hold on to the times that we had tonight
Music playing loud. And no one's gonna tell us. No, no one's telling us what to do (Oh, yeah) We'll be laughing, we'll be joking, we'll be making sweet memories ( Ooh) We'll be ... Knowing no one needs to fall in love tonight. The good times ...
Lyrics to "Say Goodbye" song by DAVE MATTHEWS BAND: So here we are tonight You and ... Now let's make this an evening ... Stay here with me, love, tonight
LUKE BRYAN LYRICS - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Lyrics to "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" song by LUKE BRYAN: All we do right is make love and We both know now that ain't enough Ain't gonna beg you to stay Ain' ...
And for those of you who still think we're from england ... But if we act all shy, it'll make it ok ... But in the end we make the same mistakes all over again ... the love where's the love where's the love where's the love where's the love tonight?
JAMES BAY LYRICS - Move Together
How we gonna breathe? How we gonna be together? Just keeping the peace between the sheets. And I creep in, and everything's loud. I'm sorry, I've woken ...
Scream Out Loud - Pricetag lyrics and translation
Oct 29, 2013 Lyrics and translation for Pricetag by Scream Out Loud. ... look to their right (ha) Can you feel that (yeah) We'll pay them with love tonight. ... money, money We just wanna make the world dance, Forget about the Price Tag ... Uh uh So we gonna keep everyone Moving their feet So bring back the beat And ...
Lyrics to "Love More" song by CHRIS BROWN: 'Til we get it I'm a get it 'Til we get it 'Til we get it I'm a get it 'Til we get it You say all... ... Sexing in my hotel room and we so loud. Higher than a ... Make me forget what we arguing about. We do it ...
Afrojack - Keep Our Love Alive Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Keep Our Love Alive' by Afrojack: We will survive, But how do we keep our love alive, Why does something so good feel so damn hard tonight, When.
ANVIL LYRICS - "Backwaxed" (1985) album
I know it's your first time I'm gonna make you feel just fine. You say you never did ... Steamin' for your love tonight. Won't you lay me ... When I first met you, thought we'd give it a try. I didn't think to see ... The louder the better. I'll turn in my grave
Hope that this will last a while, we should make it last a while. You like to drink? Yeah So do we, yeah. Get more ... So DJ turn it loud and watch me turn it up
A few stolen moments is all that we share. You've got your ... But no other man's gonna do. So I'm saving all my ... We'll be making love the whole night through
Midnight Star - Operator lyrics
I been connecting every move you make. I hope you're ready ... We're gonna operate our love tonight (Operator) this is ... A little louder because. I can just barely ...
We'll watch the world from above. As it turns to the rhythm of love" We may only have tonight. But till the morning ... The way you make love so fine. We may only  ...
INXS LYRICS - Need You Tonight
That makes me sweat. How do you feel. I'm lonely. What do you think. Can't think at all. Whatcha gonna do. Gonna live my life. So slide over here. And give me a ...
George Michael - Never Dance Again Lyrics
so I'm never gonna dance again the way I danced with you. Never without your love. Tonight the music seems so loud. I wish that we could lose this crowd
AVANT LYRICS - Makin' Good Love
come on it's gonna be a bumpy ride girl lets do what we came to do. Girl when we make love all night when we make good love all night when we make love all ...
Whatcha gonna do. The bachelor, Is calling ... When our bodies said I wanna make love tonight. Baby I just wanna do you right. Tell me can we take a ride tonight. Top down with the sounds pumped loud, bodies rollin' round. As we noth go ...
Bridgit Mendler - Hold On For Dear Love Lyrics
The words we said are still so loud, loud, loud ... We'll both hold on for dear love, love ... For all our love tonight ... I'm Gonna Run To You - Bridgit Mendler…
Jason Mraz - Love Someone lyrics
Your heartbeat beats so loud. When you love ... It's making my blood flow of energy. And it's like an ... We're gonna give ourselves to love tonight. Lifting up to  ...
R5 LYRICS - Let's Not Be Alone Tonight
Lyrics to "Let's Not Be Alone Tonight" song by R5: Outside of the party where it's gettin too loud It feels like we're the only ones alone in the crowd...
Chantal Claret - Honey Honey Lyrics
hold me closer / can you hear the beat of my love tonight? / its getting. ... its getting louder youve gotta ... promise you wont make me cry ... thats the only we know
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It's home, we're all right here. A time. I like this. You know I like this. CC, come to me. I want it hot, I want it loud. Make it loud, make it loud.
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Wrong In The Right Way
Baby, you're gonna get your wish tonight. Lay it down, right ... I'mma lick it first, I' mma make it hurt, put it in the dirt. Mmm, ha ... Them slow jams, we hold hands
OLLY MURS LYRICS - Just For Tonight
And no your not gonna be leavin' leavin' leavin' [Bridge:] ... But at least we had our moment in the the sun ... That I could never make it right before I let you go

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