Look at those beautiful stars i wanna drive a faster car lyrics

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Look at those beautiful stars, I wanna drive a faster car, Nothing can break me, No, no, Nothing can break me. Try not to hold me down, Feel alive, When I'm in ...
They don't move that fast, they act like they don't like cheese ... So I drive faster cars. Take a look outside. Those are really ours. And we're really stars
... I come to life. I come to life when I'm driving, see the city lights ... I come to life in my fast fast car. Young life, can ... Buckle up, you are now riding with a star [2x]
Everclear - Rock Star Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rock Star' by Everclear. Hey, look at me! / Ha ha ha ... Rock star. I want to be the king. I want to be on top. Yeah, I just want to be a. Rock star ... I want to drive a fast car. And sleep ... a rock star. I want to be like all those people up in first class ... Everclear - Everclear - I Want to Die a Beautiful Death Lyrics Lyric Video.
RASCAL FLATTS LYRICS - Fast Cars And Freedom
Lyrics to "Fast Cars And Freedom" song by RASCAL FLATTS: Starin' at you takin' off your makeup ... You don't look a day over Fast Cars and Freedom
MGMT - Time To Pretend lyrics
I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars. ... models coz they' are beautiful and not for love - we dream of it coz it looks so glamorous and careless. ..... someone just for their looks and fame, driving fast cars and doing drugs. .... I think this song means that we all can just pretend about doing these things ...
And you don't want to look much closer 'Cause you're afraid to ... And those nights in my car. But this time I'm alone, and I don't see those stars. I'm not your star?
Lyrics to "Just Like You" song by LECRAE: I just wanna be like you, Walk like, talk like, even think like you The only one I could look to You... ... I just gotta be like you [Verse 2:] Now all I see is money, cars, jewels, Stars Womanizers, tough guys , guns, knives, and scars, Drug pushers, thugs, strippers, fast girls, fast life
E'rywhere you look, you see YC Hatin ass ... I know it's some girls in the crowd right now who wanna fuck a young nigga - yeah! ... Got pills all on my phone, these niggas know I'm wrong ... Y'all niggaz ain't no stars (stars), y'all only in it for the cars (cars) ... Don't know which one I'ma drive -- fuck it, I'm just gon' flyyyyyyy!
Tossing them in baskets with the rest of those sandwiches. So when he says " catch up, nigga" it looks like an accident. Um, flowing like my pad is the maxiest
DRAKE LYRICS - Make Me Proud
Don't make it too easy girl, don't take it too fast. Yeah, that's ... One, I wonder why the moon looks nice girl ... When all these motherfuckas wanna waste your time
T.I. LYRICS - Live Your Life
You're gonna be a shining star, with fancy clothes, fancy car-ars. And then you'll ... I pray for patience but they make me wanna melt their face away. Like I once ...
In the car alone, Prayin' to the stars. Engine roaring, Make it drive for noise. Praise be to Allah, Come this far or not! Cocaine, Foreign car, Look who takin' off!
And all these bitches wanna fuck me cause a nigga made it. I'm getting paper heart cold as the refrigerator [Hook: Meek Mill] Young nigga getting money
I don't want to be A loser no I don't want to be An almost was I don't want to be a white trash Working ... I just want to be a rock star ... I want to drive a fast car ... Be like all those guys. On the MTV I just want to be a rock star. I want to make those girls on ... 22, A Beautiful Life ..... RIP George Michael: A Look Back at the Hits ...
Oh, you're a shooting star. And I might drive myself insane. If those lips aren't speaking my name 'Cause I got some intuition. Or maybe ... She's a moving car. Go catch her in the fast lane. Oh I gotta know ... All seem so right. So would you say ...
Now you wanna kill me in the act of what could maybe. Save us ... Bye bye beautiful. Don't bother to write. Disturbed by your words and they're calling all cars
LUKE BRYAN LYRICS - Don't Want This Night To End
Got the stars coming out over my hood. And all I know now is it's going good. You got your hands up. You're rocking in my truck. You got the radio on
BIRDY LYRICS - Wild Horses
How we danced so close, I would stand on your feet. And the phone calls. That would last all night, they were lifeboats to me. Our fading scars just shooting stars
EAGLES LYRICS - Life In The Fast Lane
Lyrics to "Life In The Fast Lane" song by EAGLES: He was a hard-headed man He was brutally handsome, and she was terminally pretty She held him up...
G-EAZY LYRICS - Order More
The way you drop and shake it fast, need that ass on a menu. Yeah baby ... Since a boy I've been a star. She's ready to go it's time to get the car, yeah [Starrah:]
FALL OUT BOY LYRICS - Alone Together
They love it more when it's broke in. Do you wanna feel beautiful? Do you wanna ? Yeah! I'm outside the door, invite me in. So we can go back and play pretend
JASON ALDEAN LYRICS - Just Gettin' Started
It was gonna be a wild ride. You kissed ... Barely made it out of your drive. Burn a ... The way you look at me baby I don't know ... And you already wanna get lost
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Got mad 'cause I ain't wanna make your beef mine. You got ... I knew from the beginning I couldn't trust those cats .... So they can put me in the SWAT car and lock me away ... Let me out so I can drive down criminal way ... Take a look at my chest, a hundred thou wet Jacob ... Compton Swap meet, to get me some All- Stars
The fast cars, the guitars, they are all just second to. This life, this love that you and I've been dreaming of for so long. Would all be as good as gone without you
Lyrics to "The Ride" song by DRAKE: I hate when people say they feel me man, I hate that shit. It'll be ... And ride around in overpriced rental cars that ain't tinted
Lana Del Rey - Video Games Lyrics
Pull up in your fast car whistling my name. Open up a ... Tell me all the things you want to do. I heard that ... Swinging with the old stars ... Young and Beautiful.
Prince - Little Red Corvette Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Little Red Corvette' by Prince: Love 'em and leave 'em fast. ... By the way you parked your car sideways. That it wouldn't ... I say the ride is so smooth
DRAKE LYRICS - Look What You've Done
Lyrics to "Look What You've Done" song by DRAKE: It's like '09 in your ... And I sit next to you, and I lecture you because those are deadly ... You said either way I'll be a star, I could go so far ... Then you tossed the keys and loaned me your car ... HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin' Right) · Look What You've Done · Practice · The Ride
DRAKE LYRICS - Ignorant Shit
The shit my mother look shocked over. Yeah, but ... And lying to they girls and driving the same cars ... How to get these label heads to offer 'em good figures
J. COLE LYRICS - Hold It Down
I know that deep inside these niggas know there's more to life ... I ride for. Lie for you. I know you'd do the same. I would die for you. So hold me down. When the ...
LIL DICKY LYRICS - Professional Rapper
That's enough of the past, what makes you want to do rap? Oh my God, it's the ... You can make a path while these motherfuckers drive straight. I ain't mad at that
When I call a bitch in love she get here oh so fast, Fucking right I read my bible, I believe in god, Yeah you punched me in my shit but you did not hit hard [laughs]
David Guetta - Dangerous Lyrics
Bet that you're beautiful inside. Toes on the glass. Car moving fast. Come take the wheel and drive. I don't know what ... I wanna do it again. Come on, baby
I understand the codes these hackers can't crack. I understand ... Free agents, we faster ... They wanna push my top back like JFK ... So y'all look in the mirror
Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' by Beatles: And please say to me You'll let me hold your hand. ... Imagine how different these songs might have been!
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Suburbs' by Arcade Fire: So can you understand? Why I want a daughter while I'm still young I wanna hold her hand And show her some beauty.
So super high, look in the sky when you wanna see me bruh. Cut my speakers up , ... One of my baddest bitches, rollin' up while I'm driving. And she don't even ...
Kanye West And Jay-Z - Niggas In Paris Lyrics
Ball so hard muh'fuckas wanna fine me. So I hard ... The Nets could go 0-82 and I look at you like this shit gravy. Ball so hard, this shit ... Audemars that's losing time , hidden behind all these big rocks. Ball so hard ... The stars is in the building
OLD DOMINION LYRICS - Song For Another Time
Because we know Sunday morning's coming down. And let's take a drive. You and I Down some old country road. Talk about growing old in one of those pink ...

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