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BIG KRIT LYRICS - Lock Jaw (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Lock Jaw (Freestyle)" song by BIG KRIT: Feel like I shoulda put a grill in for this one They hollin Krizzle where you been? I been outchea...
Dj Flipstar feat. Chanolock - Lockjaw (Freestyle) lyrics
Lyrics for Lockjaw (Freestyle) by Dj Flipstar feat. Chanolock.
Dave East - Lockjaw (Funk Flex Freestyle 007) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lockjaw (Funk Flex Freestyle 007)' by Dave East.
TYGA LYRICS - Teach Me How To Freestyle
All my blood homies call her vampire jaw. She look like an angel so I might be god. In the locker room dawg. She gettin' lock jaw aww. Betty to boop betty to ...
Cam'Ron - F***-a-Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'F***-a-Freestyle' by Cam'Ron. Ya know me fuck a freestyle / Ratha hit papi on speed dial / Network busy, while ... Girl suck dick 'til the bitch get lockjaw
King Geedorah - Lockjaw Lyrics
King Geedorah Lockjaw Lyrics. Lockjaw lyrics performed by King Geedorah: (feat . Trunks)
BIG KRIT LYRICS - That Part (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "That Part (Freestyle)" song by BIG KRIT: Lately, I been talking to my ego That we gon be one of the greatest to ever make it from the dirty s...
Big K.R.I.T. - 4Pm The Kappa (Freestyle) Lyrics. ... Artists - B · Big K.R.I.T. Lyrics · 12 For 12 Album; 4Pm The Kappa (Freestyle) Lyrics .... 3, Lock Jaw (Freestyle).
Tyga - Teach Me How To Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Teach Me How To Freestyle' by Tyga. / Nah you been ... All my blood homeys call her vampire jaw. She look ... And she gettin lockjaw (ahhhh) Betty the ...
BIG KRIT LYRICS - Real Easy (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Real Easy (Freestyle)" song by BIG KRIT: Its real easy, yeah Yeah it's easy to be wack, its way harder to give your heart and soul, it ain't...
Lola Monroe - Goldie Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Goldie Freestyle' by Lola Monroe. Said It's must be cause a bitch up ... I split bitchies swallow till they get locked jaw. I mirrored them figures. That pull ...
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - 6 Foot 7 Foot (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "6 Foot 7 Foot (Freestyle)" song by KENDRICK LAMAR: Said I'm a fuckin monster a massive attack'll ... Popped 'em all as they popped in the jaw of Tracy Veronica ... I just lock and load explode, target flowed I'm somewhere blowed
BIG KRIT LYRICS - Hype (Freestyle)
"Hype (Freestyle)". I'm on a roll like a rim on a rolls. Swangers adapting while scraping them fours. Pressing them buttons aww it ain't nun. Nigga popped up the ...
Lyrics to "SKRT SKRT (Freestyle)" song by BIG KRIT: Tell to slow it down lil' bit, one time I'm just, trynna' turn up out for the weekend I got an old...
Tyga - Teach Me How To Freestyle Lyrics. They be like ... All my blood homies call her vampire jaw. She look like an ... She gettin' lock jaw aww. Betty to boop ...
Cam'ron & Vado - Fuck-A-Freestyle lyrics
Ya know me fuck a freestyle Ratha hit papi on speed dial Network busy, while I'm ... Girl suck dick 'til the bitch get lockjaw Try and break in, two nines in the sock ...
You'll have to lip lock with hypodermic needles to lick shots. I'll watch ... Can't freestyle, you're screwed off the top like bottle caps ... I shit on cats and jaw tap ' em
Big L - '98 Freestyle Lyrics
Dec 21, 2015 Lyrics for '98 Freestyle by Big L. Fuck all the glamours and glitz, I plan ... you probably even hope I get locked Or be on the street corner with a pipe ... tell this nigga something, before I crack his jaw You running with boys, I'm ...
BIG L LYRICS - '98 Freestyle
Lyrics to "'98 Freestyle" song by BIG L: One-two, one-two Kinda tired.. Big L, 'bout ta.. get ... Hopin I stop, you probably even hope I get locked or be on the street ...
But got locked once and didn't hesitate to squeal. So criminals he chilled with ... So Billy stomped on the bitch, 'til he broken her jaw. Them dirty bastards knew ...
Yeah D12 Is Back In The Buildin About To Hit Yall With Some Freestyle Shit, 2011, Get Em Get ... Give Em ' Lock Jaw, Where They Can 't Open There Trapper
Chinese Freestyle Lyrics - Tai Mai Shu
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Chinese Freestyle" from "Tai Mai Shu": Yat y sam, Microphone testing, 1-2-3, In the place to be, ... I sock that bitch in the jaw by surprise and pull the nails out ya toes ... get ur momma in a head lock o a full nelson
Kendrick Lamar - 6'7 (Freestyle) Lyrics
Lyrics to '6'7 (Freestyle)' by Kendrick Lamar. Said I'm a ... Popped em all,then popped in the jaw of Tracy Veronica Holla back they ... I jus lock and load explode
Montana Of 300 - Computers Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Computers Freestyle' by Montana Of 300 . / A lot of niggas acting ... I'm in your city locked and loaded, let off shots exploding. He posted pictures of a ...
Funkmaster Flex - Freestyle - Big Pun, Fat Joe, Terror Squad Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Freestyle - Big Pun, Fat Joe, Terror Squad' by Funkmaster Flex. / It's my life, my ... Run up in your building, bust locks, and blow the lobby in. Blazin since the ... Laugh it off, I crush your jaw cause thats the law. Hack off your skull, I'm ...
ROYCE DA 5'9" LYRICS - It's The New
Either that or she gonna get lock jaw. Stop naw. If she come up for air. I cut her off like Jesse Jackson with a hand on Barack's balls. Awe Nigga it's me
16, 4Pm The Kappa (Freestyle). 17, Insomnia Guitar. 18, Good ... 57, Flying Lotus (Freestyle). 58, 5:04 AM .... 303, Lock Jaw (Freestyle). 304, Country Rap Tunes.
Loosing up with a little freestyle that'll wait, am I losing you? Am I making you look bad? ... She's got her jaw stuck, from sucking my dick. Aww Fuck. Seduction ...
Camron - Fuck-a-Freestyle Lyrics. [Cam'ron]: Ya know me fuck a freestyle Ratha hit papi on speed dial Network busy, ... Girl suck dick 'til the bitch get lockjaw
French Montana - Lockjaw Lyrics
French Montana Lockjaw Lyrics. Lockjaw lyrics performed by French Montana: My nigga on the road You never told me Montana.
BIG KRIT LYRICS - Other Side Of The Game
Lyrics to "Other Side Of The Game" song by BIG KRIT: Sometimes (sometimes) What you gonna do When there's bills to pay, and there's kids to raise? Uh, s...
Mad Skillz - Fatty Girl Freestyle Lyrics
Fatty Girl Freestyle lyrics performed by Mad Skillz: Fuckin' with skillz, you gon' meet ya doom Nigga I spit fire that ... And when I spit the words, they lock the jaw
Mack 10 - Westside Slaughterhouse Lyrics
You dred like a rasta when I lock like a terrier ... Standing tall in your freestyle session holding my balls ... Cause sucking these balls ah give yo ass lock jaws.
BIG L LYRICS - Stretch & Bobbito '98
Hopin I stop, you probably even hope I get locked or be on the street corner ... Somebody tell this nigga sum'un, 'fore I crack his jaw. You runnin with boys, I'm ...
So just wait till their jaws lock. Tick-a-ti-tick-tock. The click of the wrist watch. Time is running out. On my way to the tip-top. So fuck it, I can't stop. Been waiting for ...
Dyke bitches talking out they jaw (yo, what you said) Next minute calling for the law ... M.A got it on lock, man, of course (man, of course) They say I got the juice,  ...
EMINEM LYRICS - Bet Shady 2.0 Cypher
So I lock her out and now she doubt David is Stern She so bad I make ... Glass jaw, hoody and mask would be the black folk with no passport. Body be found in  ...
MOBB DEEP LYRICS - Hell On Earth (Front Lines)
My cause, tap all jaws lay down laws. We takin what's yours we do jerks ... Your whole setup, from the ground up we lock shit. Blood flood your eye, fuck up your ...
French Montana - No Sunshine Lyrics
French Montana - Lockjaw Music Video. Lockjaw · French Montana - Ain't Worried About Nothin (Explicit) Music Video. Ain't Worried About Nothin (Explicit).
BIG L LYRICS - The Enemy
Jake wanna lock me up even though I'm legit. They can't stand to see a young brother pockets get thick [Fat Joe] Aiyyo enough's enough, federals try to set me ...

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