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Lisa Miskovsky - Lady Stardust Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lady Stardust' by Lisa Miskovsky. Stardust, / Lady Stardust spread your hair a / Cross your universe of magic, / Let us in. / Let's fly into the.
Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Still Alive' by Lisa Miskovsky: I cannot apologize, no oh oh / So silent No violence But inside my head So loud and clear.
Lisa Miskovsky - Sing To Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sing To Me' by Lisa Miskovsky. I'm gonna leave the planet burning / I'm gonna drive the fastest car / I'm gonna teach them while you're learning /
Waiting for Our Time to Come lyrics and translation - Lisa Miskovsky ...
Lyrics and translation for Waiting for Our Time to Come by Lisa Miskovsky. Leaving, we belong together, Lost in love Where is the heart that's beating Hold your ...
Lisa Miskovsky - A Brand New Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Brand New Day' by Lisa Miskovsky. You know it's never easy putting anyone down / It's not the same when you wear the crown / The heart is what.
Lisa Miskovsky - Another Shape Of My Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Another Shape Of My Heart' by Lisa Miskovsky. Feel My Presence / Save you efforts / Just talk to me / Like a prayless heart, you kill me / Please.
Why Start a Fire lyrics and translation - Lisa Miskovsky
Lyrics and translation for Why Start a Fire by Lisa Miskovsky. Who's going to save tonight It is hard to not give in because you're no longer breathing A...
Lisa Miskovsky - Joan Of Arc Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Joan Of Arc' by Lisa Miskovsky. 4 days on the floor, / I've seen this place before / The sign is on the door, I need you / The light shades down the.
Lisa Miskovsky - Into the Light lyrics and translation
Lyrics and translation for Into the Light by Lisa Miskovsky. Take another minute, need another minute to breath Steal another second, another second fo...
Lisa Miskovsky - Sweet Dreams Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweet Dreams' by Lisa Miskovsky. The rain is falling, it's close to midnight / You say, I love you / I hold my breath then, down by that streetlight.
Lisa Miskovsky - Coming on Strong Lyrics
Lyrics for Coming on Strong by Lisa Miskovsky. I was the owner of the moon I was a creature of the night A killer in the dark A hater of ...
Lisa Miskovsky - Out of Air lyrics
Lyrics for Out of Air by Lisa Miskovsky. Nations and borders passing me by Am I the only one awake in this silent sky Waiting for the morning light She wished li...
Lisa Miskovsky - Tougher Than Most Lyrics
Lyrics for Tougher Than Most by Lisa Miskovsky. I seem to you like water Exceed to me like broken glass If I break myself to peices Can I ...
Lisa Miskovsky Lyrics
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Lisa Miskovsky - I Am I Lyrics
Lyrics for I Am I by Lisa Miskovsky. Wish I was young In 69 When Bowie sang Of space and time Wish I knew more In 85 When Kate ...
Lisa Miskovsky - Lady Stardust lyrics
Lyrics for Lady Stardust by Lisa Miskovsky. Stardust, lady Stardust spread your hair across your universe of magic, let us in Let's find it to the Milky way and cli...
Lisa Miskovsky - Little Islet Cape lyrics
Lyrics for Little Islet Cape by Lisa Miskovsky. Come gather round I'm already here I saved a seat for you Let go of your fear We, we are l...
Lisa Miskovsky - What If Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What If' by Lisa Miskovsky. You spent too many years / Walking alone spending time / Like I spend money on home beer / I used to be that way /
Lisa Miskovsky - Restless Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Restless Heart' by Lisa Miskovsky. Caught your eyes across the cantina floor / Hiding my smile when you passed through the door / We were young, ...
Lisa Miskovsky - Another Shape of My Heart Lyrics
Lyrics for Another Shape of My Heart by Lisa Miskovsky. Feel My Presence Save you efforts Just talk to me Like a prayless heart, you kill me Plea...
Lisa Miskovsky - Midnight Sun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Midnight Sun' by Lisa Miskovsky. You said you had a war to loose / You paint the world in black and blue / I don't need to use my gun today / Leave.
Lisa Miskovsky - Rain, Rain, Rain Lyrics
Jul 10, 2014 Lyrics for Rain, Rain, Rain by Lisa Miskovsky. Don't let them hold you down I won' t let them throw you around I'll be the strong one now ...
Lisa Miskovsky - Wild Winds Lyrics
Lyrics for Wild Winds by Lisa Miskovsky. I can hear the wild winds blow Blood is running through my frozen veins One hundred words ...
Lisa Miskovsky - Dallas Friends lyrics
Lyrics for Dallas Friends by Lisa Miskovsky. Saw your gentle little hand, You look so comfortable 5 to 5 is not good enough for you, nor for me, it's like A vision c...
Lisa Miskovsky - Mary lyrics
Lyrics for Mary by Lisa Miskovsky. I've come a long way And I thought it was possible to love someone new To forget about you I've come a long way And I t...
Lisa Miskovsky - Driving One Of Your Cars lyrics
Lyrics for Driving One Of Your Cars by Lisa Miskovsky. Saw you go high above, autumn clouds Blinded my eyes when the sparks grew bigger than your lies ...
Slip Away lyrics and translation - Lisa Miskovsky
Jul 10, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Slip Away by Lisa Miskovsky. Heaven knows we paid a cost We're pilgrims at a distant cross All the travels, all the pai.
Lisa Miskovsky - Acceptable Losses lyrics
Lyrics for Acceptable Losses by Lisa Miskovsky. Main street's empty in the evening chill From courthouse tower to griffin mill Small signs of winter comes ...
Lisa Miskovsky - You Dance Just Like Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Dance Just Like Me' by Lisa Miskovsky. Once was lost, now it?s over / I greet the morning, I believe it was the light / Once was lost, now it?s.
Lisa Miskovsky - Once Gone, Always Missing lyrics
Lyrics for Once Gone, Always Missing by Lisa Miskovsky. I know You know You knock But I won't let you in I hear I see They know But they don't understand And  ...
Lisa Miskovsky - Been Through This lyrics
Lyrics for Been Through This by Lisa Miskovsky. You've been through this before You know where to find me Someone's aiming at your cellardoor There's ...
Lisa Miskovsky - Take Me By The Hand Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take Me By The Hand' by Lisa Miskovsky. I was lost, a new beginning / I could hear the bells were ringing / Waiting, I was waiting / The summer's.
Lisa Miskovsky - Leftovers Lyrics
Lyrics for Leftovers by Lisa Miskovsky. I see cars drive me by, what do they show A million faces ask me why, I don't wanna' go Wh...
Lisa Miskovsky - This Fire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'This Fire' by Lisa Miskovsky. You can dodge, you can do it / You can do it alone / You can try you can try / But you know it is strong / How long.
Lisa Miskovsky - Back To Stoneberry Road Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Back To Stoneberry Road' by Lisa Miskovsky. True love was traveling on a gravel road / I followed into darkness, / Defied the bitter cold / As the.
Lisa Miskovsky - Got a Friend (Acoustic Version) lyrics
Lyrics for Got a Friend (Acoustic Version) by Lisa Miskovsky. I've got a friend who is 24 He's got a sticker upon his door saying I am the evil one I'm the devil ...
Lisa Miskovsky - Alright (feat. Lost Patrol) lyrics
Jun 29, 2010 Lyrics for Alright (feat. Lost Patrol) by Lisa Miskovsky. "20 days and i needed a sign I tried to tell you that the woman is blind you can say ...
Lisa Miskovsky - Sad Lullaby lyrics
Lyrics for Sad Lullaby by Lisa Miskovsky. Just give me one reason, now that everyone is dancing, now that everyone's laughing at me you asked me too many  ...
Lisa Miskovsky - One Dark Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Dark Night' by Lisa Miskovsky. When I came there, I was dressed in blues / Watched her dancing, without no shoes / I couldn't help it but I was.
Lisa Miskovsky - In The Middle lyrics
Lyrics for In The Middle by Lisa Miskovsky. There is butterfly on my window It's trying to get in I'm sorry I can't tell him That the glass is not so thin There is ...

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