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And I've been calling out. Believing you would answer. But I'll try to let go now. Cause it's you running through. My veins. You'd come by when I was dreaming
HAKEN LYRICS - "Aquarius" (2010) album
like water running through my veins. ... is thicker than the blood that's flowing through my veins ... Streams of blood like liquid love is rushing to my brain. [ VEINS] It suddenly hits me in the heat of the ... Searching for answers in my aquarium.
DISARMONIA MUNDI LYRICS - "Mind Tricks" (2006) album
Liquid Wings 8. ... And still the answers you miss lie locked in your mind. The face inside .... I feel the poison rushing through my veins ... Runs the poison within
My head speaks a language. I don't understand. I just wanna feel. Real love feel the home that I live in. Cos I got too much life. Running through my veins
Your side of town. Don't say it's easy. To follow a process. There's nothing harder. Than keeping a promise. Blood runs through your veins thats where our ...
Haken - Streams Lyrics
like water running through my veins. ... Streams of blood like liquid love is rushing to my brain. [VEINS] It suddenly hits ... Searching for answers in my aquarium.
BRAINSTORM LYRICS - "Liquid Monster" (2005) album
BRAINSTORM lyrics - "Liquid Monster" (2005) album, including "Before The Dawn", "Burns My Soul", "Even Higher"... ... You're blessed by the fate and it runs through my veins. Your mind's gone astray .... The answer to the mystery. Away from ...
AYREON LYRICS - "01011001" (2008) album
[Floor Jansen:] No more of all the feelings that shaped our hearts and made us who we are .... Liquid eternity courses through our veins. Liquid eternity nourishes our brains. Liquid ..... [Hansi Kursch:] The mystery solved, the answer to life
Asia - Through My Veins Lyrics
All my memories still remain. You've been taken from my eyes. But you're running through my veins. Down corridors of rocks and sand. It's littered and it's torn
SKYCLAD LYRICS - "The Answer Machine?" (1997) album
Speeding through the darkness of this endless Friday night, In a body with ... My veins aglow with blood like liquid fire. I'm a willing ...
THE AMITY AFFLICTION LYRICS - "Let The Ocean Take Me" (2014 ...
I've been searching for an exit, but I'm lost inside my head; Where I spend every ..... It's taken years to know my father courses through my veins. And though I ... The weeping willows on the banks where the rabbits used to run. So still sway with ...
Editors - Blood Lyrics
You're with the red lights, your side of town. Don't say it's easy to follow a process. There's nothing harder than keeping a promise. Blood runs through your veins ...
AUTUMN LYRICS - "Altitude" (2009) album
Liquid Under Film Noir (Arsonist's Tale) 3. Skydancer 4. ... Answers Never Questioned 11. Altitude 12. ... You know you've lost my heart to the paradise night . A message .... On the run ... Rushing like rats through my wretched veins ever faster ...
SYBREED LYRICS - "Antares" (2007) album
You put this needle in my head, a needle called "pain" Let me hate you, ... I wish I could find an answer. Words are perfect ... I vanish, purified, and escape through decay. All I could do .... Shall dry the liquid pain running in my veins [Chorus:]
Whose prayers will you answer, whose will you ignore ... Ill's got a vice grip, like ice running down your spine .... Like I feel the fire running through my veins
SAMAEL LYRICS - "Passage" (1996) album
SAMAEL lyrics - "Passage" (1996) album, including "A Man In Your Head", " Chosen Race", "Born ... My Savior 5. Jupiterian Vibe 6. The Ones Who Came Before 7. Liquid Soul Dimension 8. ... THAT'S THE DIVINE ANSWER TO ALL THE SHED TEARS ... THAT'S THE FINAL RUN TO THE NEW AGE ... MY VEINS OPEN WIDE
CANIBUS LYRICS - Poet Laureate Infinity Vocal 5
I rock rhymes for your pleasure, you listen at your leisure, I only record it ... Above ground running not underground covered , Breath easy ... Rip the Jacker is proof I Ripped through, It drives me ... The NASA contractor with a satchel of answers, I passed up .... We probably got the same blood in our veins, liquid propane, 220
the night colored liquid arresting my lungs finally at peace in this ... lies the answer that I seek on the backs of ... without guilt I break these veins carved with  ...
DISARMONIA MUNDI LYRICS - "Nebularium" (2002) album
cold attacks me as the liquid is in touch ... like unborn through the amniotic fluid ... expanding in the veins it rushes ... our left time is running still ... answer's here
GORGUTS LYRICS - "...And Then Comes Lividity" (1990) demo
The liquid of life. That is captive under your skin ... Your veins become dry. And then your organs ... And the only answer I found is death. Intoxicate my body
DARKWELL LYRICS - "Suspiria" (2000) album
Might it is the answer ... The warm liquid, it is my delight. Voiceless screms surround my head my body fills with new life. Renewing force flows through my veins
DRASTIQUE LYRICS - "Pleasureligion" (2003) album
Answer to my subconscious prayers. Locking my hands with ... Liquid soul - in the ecstasy of nightmare. Inner war - you ... You put your spell through him, oh such an unholy snare! You left his ... Blended in your heart and in your veins. Sorrow ...
HACRIDE LYRICS - "Amoeba" (2007) album
Zambra 5. Liquid 6. Cycle 7. Deprived Of Soul 8. Strength 9. Ultima Necat 10. ... Voodoed by this pity witch freeze my veins ... Here it's answer, our question
INTERNAL DEVOUR LYRICS - "Doomed To Disembowelment ...
Sometimes they are developed, sometimes they are just liquid blobs of shit. ... Her time has expired, violence fills my veins and in about ten minutes I'll be neck deep .... Violence is running through my head day and night, the answer to all my  ...
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER LYRICS - "Nocturnal" (2007) album
running just prolongs the end inevitably it strides ... so quickly we're to meet our end our empire we have lost karmatic .... the blood of pariahs through our veins sin and ... the night colored liquid arresting my lungs ... lies the answer that I seek
COURAGEOUS LYRICS - "Inertia" (2004) album
COURAGEOUS lyrics - "Inertia" (2004) album, including "Tear Off My Mask", " Free Will", "But My ... Congealed in liquid fear ... Feel the shades - shades of my hope slippering through my hands, it slowly dies. Feel the ... I listen to me, try to understand myself but I can't hear the answer .... My virus - running through your veins
THE AVALANCHE DIARIES LYRICS - "Hic Sunt Leones" (2012) album
Some lessons from we can learn about our mistake and .... I've got this warm liquid running all trough my veins ... Don't need answers don't need promises. Our ...
WITCHTRAP LYRICS - "No Anesthesia" (2006) album
We need this liquid in our veins ... Nowhere to run and no where to hide you must wait for your death. You can't escape ... Amperes of heavy metal advancing through the air ... To this wild invocation, Satan answer with his venomous breath
IN FLAMES LYRICS - "Lunar Strain" (1994) album
Intensity - I feel the lava rushing through my veins. Stars are reforming ... claws my soul. Answer me ... Sought for the ever-liquid of our craving. Caught by the all  ...
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER LYRICS - "Deflorate" (2009) album
Impenetratable black phalanx of our unblessed spear and shield. We march upon the ... Empower me, flow through my veins. And carry me in ... weakened lungs. Sustained by liquid foods ... Lay down your sword you must answer to me. Leper ...
AS I LAY DYING LYRICS - "Decas" (2011) album
The answers that I've found. Are all the same ... My transgressions are evident to all who know me ... Flowing veins run on through ... My liquid drug of choice
MUNICIPAL WASTE LYRICS - "Massive Aggressive" (2009) album
Wrong Answer 13. ... Your fears want control and there's no place to run. I looked at the pieces and ... Wires through veins. Voltage and ... And now our only business is focused on all of this. No doctor's .... Into liquid for the drain. A systematic ...
PYRAMAZE LYRICS - "Melancholy Beast" (2004) album
The price for your systematic denial of the underworld. You see what you want to ... Find all your answers for yourself. I am spellbound to .... Running away in agony. She could not bare to ... It's liquid metal flowing through my veins. Power of ...
IMPALED LYRICS - "The Dead Shall Dead Remain" (2000) album
Your abdomen a quagmire of maturating chyme ... Liquid offal gargles in your throat. Embalming tubes occluded ... Macerated veins are with a trocar dislodged
DECAPITATED LYRICS - "Blood Mantra" (2014) album
These severe answers cut my screaming tongue. Detain a ... My ears still follow the notes, veins pulse with the rhythm. Well-known faces ... Through centuries leading their wars. Armed with ... answers. Admiring sharp signs on a liquid horizon.
The Black Dahlia Murder - To A Breathless Oblivion Lyrics ...
The night colored liquid arresting my lungs. Finally in ... Lies the answer that I seek. On the ... Without guilt, I break these veins ... As Blood Runs Black lyrics.
TANKARD LYRICS - "The Beauty And The Beer" (2006) album
Runs through my boiling veins now. I feel a changing! ... Answer quickly no beer for light years. Talked to binding ... Return the liquid gold! All is well that ends ...
SUFFOCATION LYRICS - "Souls To Deny" (2004) album
Answers to questions only bring despair. Distractions .... The lives of many course through your veins. To live off the ... Draining every once of liquid. A lifeless ...
WHITE WIZZARD LYRICS - "Flying Tigers" (2011) album
Forever I'll fight to keep my mind and always rule my soul. You'll never ... Magic flowing through your veins in the night ... a liquid crystal sky ... You better run and hide or you know you're gonna ... Man prays to the sky searching for an answer
Anja - Running Through My Veins Lyrics
You make me wanna step outside. Uncertainty to face 'Cause love can make or break. It's all about the give and take. Running through my veins. You're my ...

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