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Runaway June - Lipstick Lyrics
Aug 10, 2016 Lyrics for Lipstick by Runaway June. If you're gonna love somebody Yeah you better love somebody Who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara.
Will Jay - Gentleman Lyrics
Sep 25, 2015 Won't mess up your mascara, just your lipstick Even if I'm living in the wrong time I 'll do it like they did way back when Please and thank you just ...
Wish I could be your Cover Girl Mascara, and lipstick. I would be so pretty. A little blush, not too much. Maybe you'll notice. That I could be your Cover Girl
Little Shop Of Horrors - Suddenly Seymour Lyrics
Seymour: Lift up your head, wash off your mascara. Here, take my Kleenex, wipe that lipstick away ... You don't need no makeup, don't have to pretend
Little Shop Of Horrors - Suddenly Seymour lyrics
Suddenly Seymour lyrics by Little Shop Of Horrors: Lift / Up your head Wash / Off your mascara Here / Take my Kleenex Wipe / That lipstick.
Go and fix your make up, girl, it's just a break up. Run and hide your crazy and start actin' like a lady 'Cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together. Even when  ...
Lyrics to "Here Is No Why" song by SMASHING PUMPKINS: The useless drag of another day The endless drags of a death rock boy Mascara sure and lipstick lo... ... thoughts of being forgotten. And in your sad machines. You'll forever stay
In red lipstick, With no one to impress, And they're all laughing, As I'm looking ... But your close friends always seem to know. When there's something really ...
Lyrics to "Cherry Lipstick" song by GRANGER SMITH: Girl you got those blue jeans on, your ... It's not enough just to touch, girl you know I love your salty lips
Elise Estrada - Lipstick Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lipstick' by Elise Estrada: I've gotta cover up my hurt No more ... I wish mascara could mask this ... So I gotta pretend that I'm not gonna miss you
Beyonce Knowles - Partition Lyrics
Now my mascara running, red lipstick smudged. Oh he so horny, yeah he want to fuck ... Chauffeur eavesdropping trying not to crash. [Pre-Hook] Oh there daddy ...
Lyrics to "Paris, Tennessee" song by KENNY CHESNEY: I may not have a whole lot of money But I got enough girl for you ... Put on some lipstick your mascara
Lyrics to "Paris, Tennessee" song by TRACY LAWRENCE: I may not have a whole lot of money But I got enuff to cover ... Put on some lipstick and your mascara
Amy Schumer - Girl, You Don't Need Makeup Lyrics
... Schumer. Girl, it ain't no lie / Just look deep into my eyes / You're perfect and I think you should know / ... That you don't need no lipstick ... I didn't realize that your lashes were so stubby and pale. Just a little mascara and you'll look female
LANA DEL REY LYRICS - National Anthem
Tell me I'm your National Anthem Booyah, baby, bow down. Making me say ... So put on mascara, and your party dress. I'm your National Anthem Boy, put your ...
Kenny Chesney - Paris, Tennessee Lyrics
... Chesney. I may not have a whole lot of money / But I got enough girl for you and me / I'm takin' off won't you come with. ... Put on some lipstick your mascara
Tracy Lawrence - Paris Tennessee Lyrics
I may not have a whole lot of money / But I got enough to cover you and me / I'm taking off won't you come with. ... Put on some lipstick and your mascara
FALL OUT BOY LYRICS - Of All The Gin Joints In All The World
And oh, the way your makeup stains my pillowcase. Like I'll never be the ... I've got headaches and bad luck but they couldn't touch you, no. I've got headaches ...
Black Mascara lyrics and translation - Eliane
Nov 12, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Black Mascara by Eliane. ... puts some perfume but not to much Maybe some lipstick but just the touch And then ... And there you're standing talking to your friends While she hopes for even just one ...
Eliane - Black Mascara Lyrics
Jun 1, 2016 Lyrics for Black Mascara by Eliane. she's getting ready ready for tonight ... beats fast she puts on parfume but not to much maybe some lipstick but just ... people dance and there you're standing talking to your friends while she ...
LANA DEL REY LYRICS - Driving In Cars With Boys
They say I'm wasting time, they said that I'm no good. Summer of ... I wear my red lipstick, got my make-up on. Stumble ... Miss America with the blue mascara on
They're made of lipstick, plastic and paint, a touch of sable in their eyes (All your life) all your life all ... But you were living in another world tryin' to get your message through. No one heard a single word you said. They should have seen it in ...
He had lipstick on and mascara in his eyes. And everybody in ... Ain't no sense in taking a chance. We was ... He said I love it when you get that fire in your eye
DALEY LYRICS - Love Somebody
There's a want in me, that won't say no. Well, we all wanna be loved ... But when your pride has all been spent ... You put your own head in a noose. When you ...
COUNT RAVEN LYRICS - "Storm Warning" (1990) album
It's not the usual situation of the average media lies ... peace of mind Relax and take it easy in your seats and count ... with lipstick and mascara in your hand
I'm your biggest fan. I'll follow you until you love me. Papa-Paparazzi Baby there's no other superstar. You know that I'll be your. Papa-Paparazzi Promise I'll be ...
ATREYU LYRICS - Lip Gloss And Black
I will kiss every scar, and weep you are not alone... Then I'll show you that place in my chest where my heart still tries to beat, it sets us apart. Aren't you tired of ...
You would / you would not / You would not answer / that's alright. Oh / I can't believe in ... the scars I've left on you / I can't believe in the morning of your silence. You will never cut / you ... Lipstick, mascara, that kind of thing. You won't fool me ...
My whole life GoPro cam, got rap like I had no fans, nope. They say, I know I ... This that casino, you bet your revenue ... Boys cover them cover girls like mascara
LIL' KIM LYRICS - Flawless (Remix)
[Verse 1 - Beyoncé:] It's that Yoncé, your Yoncé ... your babymomma. Want me to come around and give you good karma, but no ... Dior lipstick with the mascara
Mac Dre - Retro Dance Record lyrics
View all notifications. Hey, click the icon to check the status of your contributions. User icon. Log in or ... No lipstick. No mascara. I want a bitch that blow like Irene ...
Miranda Lambert - Two Rings Shy Lyrics
I ain't gonna get dressed up, just to be your clown. Ain't gonna paint this pretty face, like you paint the town. I ain't wastin' good mascara, just to watch it runnin' ...
No doubt, have a chair Boo lets get to prolly in. Who you wit? ... Lipstick crayon fly , Vere on ice spray on. I'm gettin tipsy, ... Analyzin Miss Clairol, fendi down mascara on. Assistant ... How's life today your hands are softer than Camay too your ...
Beyonce - Yoncé Lyrics
And why you think ya keep my name rollin off your tongue ... Now my mascara running, red lipstick smudged ... Chauffer eavesdropping trying not to crash.
Carmen - Lean Like A Chola Lyrics
never mess with a chick, with lip liner no lip stick wanna look good ... get a tattoo to rep your set sport Van David's ... need a gallon of mascara and get pregnant ...
Frank Ocean - Pyramids Lyrics
No more she lives no more serpent in her room. No more it has killed ... Then put your panties on in the mirror, Cleopatra Then your lipstick, Cleopatra Then your ...
And your knee socks. Well you cured my January blues. Yeah you made it all alright. I got a feeling I might have lit the very fuse. That you were trying not to light
Smashing Pumpkins - Here Is No Why Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Here Is No Why' by Smashing Pumpkins. ... day / The endless drags of a death rock boy / Mascara sure and lipstick lost / ... And in your sad machines
EVERY TIME I DIE LYRICS - "Last Night In Town" (2001) album
I am not recieving a sign that says I am still here anymore. Do you hear me? Am I coming through at all? Is any of this making sense? You've got a ghost on your ...
Gloria - Red Fate Lyrics
Make up and mirrors absorb all your focus. And theres no time for ... I dont care how many pounds of mascara your wear ... And not your lipstick or your left cheek

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