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Sleeping Bag lyrics and translation - Shakewell
Oct 21, 2016 Turn the airport to a shooting range, let my nuts hang Big pistol with a dick in it, tell me what you claim Fuck the fame, I'ma rape the game.
Lyrics to "Let Ya Nuts Hang" song by FREDDIE GIBBS: Now nigga, you don't wanna see me when my sack low I keep ... Cause in the streets I claim, you gotta let ya nuts hang ... You see me back in the g, then that means I'm back on my dick
Lyrics to "No Problem" song by SCARFACE: Greatest ever done it, you can learn from it Dope game; ran it - rap game; run it Street cred hundre... ... Me against the world so fuck it I let my nuts hang ... They claim that they the real deal knowing I'm the highest. Time for ... Out here it's dangerous, if we don't know your name cuz
UGK LYRICS - Trill Ass Nigga
Cause I tell all the niggaz to get they gats and tell the hoes ... See I put out my dope, get my cash, then I'm tearin ass ... You claim you got much dope, and you got much backup. But you ain't got JACK SHIT to make this nigga slack up. So if you wanna buck buck up bitch and let me black that eye ... My nuts hang to the road
But you can call me Kodak, she see and she wanna flick it up. I'm in the field, flyin' that ... then why you totin' it. Remember I was on my dick, now I let my nuts hang ... I told her "ain't no love goin' on, it's just a fuck thing" [Hook:] I was on my ass, ...
Life's a bitch and she pussy pop (know why) cause I got her open. That pussy soakin', fuck is you promotin' Yea, you claim you rage, you hatin' like you live in Oakland… I'm ride ... Thousand dollar drawers just to hold my balls. All I ever do is let my jewels sag. Pac gone, but ... All this talk of Illuminati ain't got a clue about me
Let 'em know who the boss is. So nigga you wanna get tossed in the river? Nigga , put 'em in the ... Me show 'em the Bone when I grab that chrome, ... Claim my thang to slang them bloody bodies, ... Nigga wanna die when I let my nuts hang,
NELLY LYRICS - Grand Hang Out
Lyrics to "Grand Hang Out" song by NELLY: I see you niggaz ain't rentin and ... My picture perfect pose like I hopped up out a frame ... I'm do-nuts nigga, let me tell you what I mean ... You lyin, you claim you buyin but you rentin and leasin
THE GAME - Jesus Piece lyrics
Tell 'em pray for me ... Nigga said he sold 'caine that's a bold claim ... Mama forgive me cause I'm tryna make a living, hah ... 'Til then, I let my nuts hang ( Something like my Jesus piece) ... Shape Of You lyrics - Ed Sheeran; Something Just Like This lyrics - The Chainsmokers; It Ain't Me lyrics - Kygo; Paris lyrics - The ...
Walked in the joint with my nuts hangin' out my drawers ... You-know-what-I'm- sayin'? I walk into a bitch's house, ... I got another funky rhyme so let me kick it
Thank y'all for making my wife a crazier bitch than y'all bitches ... Let me tell you this: ... If you know me than you know a nigga treasure anonymity .... Some of you from the burbs but you claim you wasn't ... But I got the nuts to kill an army
I know killers, I know gangsters, and they never heard of you ... I know them rap songs got you thinking you're some kind of g ... Show me the paper you're stacking in, show me the blocks you got on hold ... Getting red, I let my nuts hang
Nelly - Grand Hang Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Grand Hang Out' by Nelly. ... Claiming that you making so much paper but I know. That I know that you a liar liar liar ... I'm really thinking of changing my name to Krispy Kreme I'm do-nuts nigga, let me tell you what I mean. I'm paper ...
Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock. Had so much ... Now my life ain't my life no mo', I told you, nigga it's a wrap. OOOH! you claim you a dog, my nig, I'm the vet. We cain't even ... Fifth wheel on the back just hang ( hang) Hit corners, hit ... Let you niggaz know Milita my gang (gang) MC aim if you  ...
Lyrics to "Sag My Pants" song by HOPSIN: Yeah Hopsin Funk Volume C'mon, keep sleepin' on me Hollywood ... I slap you after bustin' a fuckin' nut in my palm ... And let me leave your mind corrupt from this song ... So tell em' I said fuck you
Family Scriptures lyrics and translation - Mo' Thugs
Feb 8, 2011 We got tha perfect combination (Mo Thug, Mo Thug) So you betta change ... Gotta put you in my hall of flames and damn, it's ah shame, let yo nuts hang, you ... my family Yall want no lovin to a sista flowin bass swish, you claim to be ... gettin shot gone, wit this next fall, with this next fall Tell me have you eva ...
Lyrics to "Funky Lil Nigga" song by SCARFACE: You can call me T double o to the L-o-double - yo I'm ... I'm just a nigga from the hood who let his nuts hang
DR. DRE LYRICS - Bitches Ain't Shit
Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks Lick on these nut... ... Get the fuck out after you're done. And I hope in my ride to ... Bitch can't hang with the streets, she found herself short. So now she's ... Now as I'm rollin' with my nigga Dre and Eastwood ... The homies used to tell me that she wasn't no good. But I'm the ... Let Me Ride
DJ MUSTARD LYRICS - Been From The Gang
I hang a nigga up like a hanger. Gun, knife or a ... You ain't from my side, I don't know the side you claim. And I never heard of you, but I know you've heard of me! 'Cause I've been from ... Boulders in my jeans then it's nuts bro. Diamonds in my ...
Ice Age Lyrics - Ras Kass feat. Kurupt
Shai dog what you wanna do?, Kurupt what the fuck you wanna ... ... Like I'm supposed to know this nigga. I ain't neva seen him ... But consequently my conscience didn't permit me. I'm one third ... Let my nuts hang like niggas in nuisance. So why you ... Studio hustlaz claim they got more ki's than a locksmith. What part of ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Rise And Shine
So when you see me in the streets, man I ain't got a mimic. Cause I ... I ain't got a gimmick, I just flow and niggas went nuts for. The boy ... The ones y'all thought could hang with me can't even tie my noose. Let these words be my bullets nigga, I don't rhyme I shoot. Bang! ... Get arrested and forget to tell my mama. She got ...
They claim they tote the heat, they quick to clap they guns ... I ain't even gotta say these niggaz know my ties. A nigga made ... Money changin motherfuckers, makin hoes grow nuts. You a bad ... Let me snap you back to reality dude, shit's real
PAUL WALL LYRICS - Dat's What Dat Is
Y'all already know, Killa kill putting it down. New South ... loving, is the size of my shoe. And that's the new size that'll hold you, let your shit come through ... My nuts hang, like D-boys on the corner. And I could send a ... Looking for a one night wife, to delight me. A lot of dudes claim, to be gangsta like Ice-T When in actuality ...
Between human beings and animals that you should know about. I'd appreciate ... So put your hands down my pants and I'll bet you'll feel nuts ... You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals. So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
WU-TANG CLAN LYRICS - Let My Niggas Live
Lyrics to "Let My Niggas Live" song by WU-TANG CLAN: Someday I'm gonna be walkin down the streets, mindin my own ... We show and prove get paper, catch me in the caper on shrooms yo. Let my ... I been on boats, nut down throats, pee on bitches who famous ... Drugged out, got you huntin for crumbs stuck to the razor
Lyrics to "Bitch Be A Bitch" song by DOUGHBOYZ CASHOUT: You let a bitch be ... and a ho be a ho You got the game fucked up and I'm a let you know You. ... Lil boy you must be nuts wifin up that damn slut ... You should be proud that a bitch that's fucking me is fucking you ... I been fuckin hella hoes since my younger days
Mr. Lil One - Dago Lyrics
Try to take me for mine, but I'ma take you for yours. And I'ma tell these mothaf** kas you's a bitch and a whore. Try to blemish my ... Let us, let you know (Know what) How we do this ... and people like me. Could never be the same, gives a f** k what you claim ... that you choke. Hang around wit them fools that be all on my nuts
Pop 'em Up Lyrics - U.N.L.V.
Mac Melph Calio, R.I.P. Pimp Daddy, Kilo ya with me, wusup Bryce hahahaha [ Chorus: Tec-9] ... You say I'm insane, now it's time to let my. Motherfuckin' nut's hang and spit on you nigga's. I don't need ... This is for you disser's now I know I' m on yo mind [Chorus] ... Claim he had dope, cliental in the fuckin' street. He said for ...
Motherfuckers out here rapping for protection I'm gonna expose yo ass you bitch.. . See me in th... ... Dropped out in the 10th grade and told my mom to fuck school! 'Cause they ain't teach a ... Not the average nigga out here rapping claiming he true. I just stick to ... I'm going out with a bang, letting my nuts hang. I'm outty like ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Losing My Balance
Lyrics to "Losing My Balance" song by J. COLE: Yea huh Yea one, two, one, two, one, two One, two, one two uh-huh Yea, uh Yea uh Miss high ... Cause right now you let them brothers get the upper hand ... And ever since she came around I never want to hang. They tell me that it's foul how a chick will make me switch
MACK 10 LYRICS - Only In California
Lyrics to "Only In California" song by MACK 10: Speak on it my nigga, speak on it (and my ... Who's got the balls to murder me ... Tell em what you drank (Hennessy ) ... Let me see you dance on, no longer handsome ... Especially when he represent the same thing I claim ... So gangsta's don't dance we hang boogie and bang
TWIZTID LYRICS - She Ain't Afraid
I know her man itt's gonna go down just be cool, be cool. She's never ... Damn Tina you look mighty comfortable laying there naked. You mind if I ... A freak just for fucking with my balls and my dick ... She ain't afraid to let me fuck her in the ass
DEEZ NUTS LYRICS - "Stay True" (2008) album
DEEZ NUTS lyrics - "Stay True" (2008) album, including "Fight For Your ... All my crews here hanging out. ... LOVE your mother, your father, the hood you claim ... LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM THIS SHIT, SO I KNOW YOU'RE FEELING IT!
LLOYD BANKS LYRICS - 8 Minutes Of Death
I climbed up from the bottom thats why they on my nuts, ... You can call me Mr. Do It First, oh you like that? ... Cause I made it, I don't let the Ferari on the courts, ... The media be killin' my vibe but I'm ghetto like the paper that you hang from the ceiling to get the fire stuck, ... cause I stand out like shit in the snow ya know
Bone Thugs N Harmony - Mo' Murda Lyrics
Let 'em know who the boss is, so nigga, you wanna get tossed in the river? Nigga , put 'em in the ... Nigga wanna die when I let my nuts hang? What is it in me ...
Nuts hanging cause a young nigga been swinging. Bet my last dollar that your bitch wanna kiss on 'em. I'm the only nigga I ... If I'm a claim her I'm the only one she fucking on. Woo, two hundred ... Well fuck you and every nigga came with you [x2] [T.I.:] It's the King! ... And let me tell me cross over and transition. Look bitches ...
Lyrics to "All Of Me" song by JOE BUDDEN: I give you my all.. but it seems like that's not enough Now you can get all of me A lot of things... ... Let the beat play. I wish I could ... See a person long enough you know you bound to get fly wit em
Big momma please don't give me drama 'bout my love hummer. If you ain't pleased, then tell me what I need. If you lie, I'll ... Tryin hard to get a nut, while she callin me Denzel ... But the truth is the six to eight range, you hang ... Now every entertainer claims hung but not wanted ... Uh oh, we can't let the urban legends die
[Voice sample from Star Trek V:] I couldn't help but notice your pain (My pain?) It runs deep. Share it with me! [Verse 1: 2Pac] They'll never take me alive, I'm ...
Sex on the beach check the size of my meat. Call me the pusher ludacris king ding-a-ling sheet smusher. Sweet street pusher ... Rap fame and plat thangs they can't hang ... can't catch the balls then you in the wrong league. Let a ... You know I gotta fatty girl, fatty girl, fatty girl (what do ya mean?) ... Let them other cats holla.

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