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THE B-52'S LYRICS - Legal Tender
"Legal Tender". We're in the basement, learning to print. All of it's hot! 10-20-30 million ready to be spent. We're stackin' 'em against the wall. Those gangster ...
Handsome Furs - Legal Tender Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Legal Tender' by Handsome Furs. Don't want to hear about the weight of the world / In a soft voice for matching girls / Don't want to hear about.
Lyrics to "Legal" song by SNOW: She's legal, tender and fine She's not conceited but she knows she's a dime She's legal, tender an...
And the struggle for the legal tender. Where the sirens sing and the church bells ring. And the junk man pounds his fender. Where the veterans dream of the fight
Hades - Legal Tender Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Legal Tender' by Hades. In God we trust / But You're not God / You make and break all the rules / Land of the free / But nothings free / 'Cause even.
The B-52s - Legal Tender lyrics
Lyrics for Legal Tender by The B-52s. ... Legal Tender - Lyrics. The B-52s. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics. Overview.
Mishon - Legal Tender Lyrics
Hmm, that's weird. Either these lyrics don't exist or they haven't been added yet. Add 'em if you know 'em. Submit lyrics. Song Discussions is protected by U.S. ...
The B-52s - Legal Tender Lyrics. B-52s Whammy Legal Tender (Robert Waldrop) We're in the basement, learning to print All of it's hot! 10-20-30 million ready to ...
HADES LYRICS - "Resting Success" (1987) album
2. On To Iliad 3. Legal Tender 4. Sweet Revenge 5. Nightstalker 6. Resist Success 7. Widow's Mite (Chapter Eleven) 8. The Cross 9. Masque Of The Red Death ...
AC/DC LYRICS - Love At First Feel
You never told me where you came from. You never told me your name. I didn't know if you were legal tender. But I spent you just the same. And I didn't know it ...
Desert Sessions - Cold Sore Superstars Lyrics
Sex and drugs are legal tender. Close your eyes to see just where you are. Another bender, repeat offender. Sex and drugs are legal tender. Close your eyes to ...
Galactic - I Got It Lyrics
and any legal tender with a white man in the center. Uh! You want it baby, I got it. You need it baby, come get it. You want it baby, I got whatcha need, whatcha ...
26, Just Believe. 27, Overtime. 28, Don't Take Her Away. 29, Enjoy. 30, Legal Tender. 31, Real Love. 32, Intro. 33, Skit. 34, Excuse Me Mama. 35, Human Nature ...
Gorillaz feat. Benjamin Clementine - Hallelujah Money Lyrics ...
Jan 19, 2017 Scarecrows from the far east Come to eat Its tender fruits And I ... not against our morals It's legal tender Touch, my friend While the whole world ...
AC/DC - Love At First Feel Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love at First Feel' by AC/DC. You never told me where you came from / You never told me your name / I didn't know if you were legal tender / But I.
Ab-Soul - Dictionary Rap Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dictionary Rap' by Ab-Soul. / Soulo / Indubitably! / Still trying to get this loose leaf, lift my legal tender / Til it's tall enough to reach god's.
Macy Gray - It Ain't The Money Lyrics
Birthday she became legal tender. Some say she was heaven sent. With skeletons in her closet, traded herself for drugs and stayed. Inside of her wallet. I know ...
Lou Nac - My Wife Lyrics
Hook 1. See this rap things my wife, she always knows, the difference between fascination threats and hos black man on a ride scouting for legal tender,
She's legal, tender and fine. She's not conceded but she knows she's a dime. She's legal, tender and fine. She picked my pocket but commited no crime
Luna - Sideshow By The Seashore Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sideshow by the Seashore' by Luna. Then I painted your face / On a twenty dollar bill / But it isn't legal tender / And I think about you still / And.
1, Big Bird. 2, Butterbean. 3, Legal Tender. 4, Moon 83. 5, Queen Of Las Vegas. 6 , Trism. 7, Whammy Kiss. 8, Work That Skirt. More Albums ...
A Matter Of Time Lyrics - Woodie
Of operations they're stagin', cagin' us up for legal tender [Verse 2] They slap our face in the gang files, no case when we face trial. Convincin' the public we're ...
kevin gates - Tomorrow lyrics and translation
Sep 27, 2015 ... day I'ma smile All praise to Allah The limbs blowin' loud, my faith in the clouds Legal tender we tipping on strippers it's my way of keeping 'em ...
EARTHA KITT LYRICS - If I Can't Take It With Me
This legal tender brings me so much bliss. It's nice to be tender when it's legal like this. If I can't take it with me when I go. I just ain't gonna go. If I can't take it with  ...
TOTO LYRICS - Goin' Home
Going back where I left my family. Goin' Home And I hope that they're still waiting there for me. In the eyes of the legal tender. You're the one who must surrender
Sex and drugs are legal tender. Close your eyes to see just where you are. Another bender, repeat offender. Sex and drugs are legal tender. Close your eyes to ...
THE TEMPTATIONS LYRICS - Romance Without Finance
Legal tender's bringin' me down. It ain't what makes my world go round. I need a lover. Seens me some tender eyes that shine. I'll take my romance over finance
Legal tender we tippin' on strippers that's my way of giving back, stay out my business. Walk like a general goin' organic, investin' in diamonds they made out of ...
Poverty's the only thing that money cannot buy. So rich or poor it pays to have M-O-N-E-Y. A gal who's tender, that's what I love. It's legal tender, I want a pile of
Clint Black - No Time To Kill Lyrics
There's no time to kill between the cradle and the grave. Father Time still takes a toll on every minute that you save. Legal tender's never gonna change the ...
And it's a shame what they'll do for that legal tender [Beanie Sigel:] Money is the root of all evil is what they teach you. That's what made me no rock his brother's ...
STAIND LYRICS - Rainy Day Parade
We the great believers, blood is legal tender. I will not surrender what it was our fathers died to bear. We the people stated, not negotiated. Just to be forgotten, ...
If I wasn't odd, you could see the pain in my eyes. I watched brothers kill brothers over system of legal tender. Deteriorating my loins with liquor looking for joy
MC LARS LYRICS - Other People's Property
i'm a show stopper and that's the truth i've been doing this rapping long enough to gain my tenure get respect at my shows making legal tender [Repeat chorus]
RZA LYRICS - Break Bread
Pearly handle, scroll Brooklyn, we bouncin, commercial keep lookin. Pussy tight ginger, turn rough cats to cringers. Make him surrender is car and legal tender
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Face Down
All hail to thee thy legal tender. Yes Now you're gonna end up face down. Now you're gonna end up face down. Now you're gonna end up face down
APRIL WINE LYRICS - Waiting On A Miracle
The legal tender was the motive for your shame. You knew the truth, but never took the blame, you knew it was wrong. But, never one to open your heart
Too much legal tender. So it's raining bubbly. My ice the same color. How kelis used to be. HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE Pop pop niggas ain't even they spinnin
Our love is legal tender. For your kind to pass around. Don't want your bed of roses. Don't want no handful of thorns. Don't want to be your livin' doll. Don't want  ...
2, Legal Tender. 3, Sweet Revenge. 4, Night Stalker. 5, Resist Success. 6, Legal Tender. 7, Sweet Revenge. 8, Resist Success. 9, Widow's Mite (chapter eleven).

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