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Laura Nyro - Lu Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lu' by Laura Nyro. Silver was the color / Winter was a snowbell / Mother of the wind boys / Livin' off the lovewell / Through / He keeps on pushin' /
Laura Nyro - Sweet Blindness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweet Blindness' by Laura Nyro. let's go down by the grapevine / drink my dady's wine / get happy / down by the grapevine / drink my daddy's wine /
Laura Nyro - Stoned Soul Picnic Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stoned Soul Picnic' by Laura Nyro. Can you surry, / Can you picnic? / Can you surry, / Can you picnic? / Surry down to a stoned soul picnic / Surry.
Laura Nyro - Emmie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Emmie' by Laura Nyro. Oo la, la, la, oo la, la, la, la. / Emily and her love to be, / Carved in a heart on a berry tree / But it's only a little.
Laura Nyro - Eli's Coming Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Eli's Coming' by Laura Nyro. Eli's comin'. Eli's comin' (Eli's a-comin') / Well, you better hide your heart, your loving heart. / Eli's a-comin' and.
Laura Nyro - Stoney End Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stoney End' by Laura Nyro. I was born from love / And my poor mother worked the mines / I was raised on the Good Book Jesus / Till I read between ...
Laura Nyro - Poverty Train Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Poverty Train' by Laura Nyro. Last call for the poverty train / Last call for the poverty train / It looks good and dirty on shiny light strip / And.
Laura Nyro - The Bells Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Bells' by Laura Nyro: Do you hear what I hear When your lips are kissing mine Can you hear the bells darling Can you hear them when I'm kissing.
Laura Nyro - Woman's Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Woman's Blues' by Laura Nyro. My lover's mouth / Been so good to me / My lover's mouth / Been so good to me / It promised joy for a jailhouse / And a.
Laura Nyro Lyrics
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Laura Nyro - Time And Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Time and Love' by Laura Nyro. So winter froze the river / And winter birds don't sing / So winter makes you shiver / So time is gonna bring you.
Laura Nyro - Wedding Bell Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wedding Bell Blues' by Laura Nyro. Bill I love you so / I always will / I look at you and see / the passion eyes of May / Oh but am I ever gonna see.
Laura Nyro - It's Gonna Take A Miracle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's Gonna Take a Miracle' by Laura Nyro. Loving you so / I was too blind to see you / Letting me go / But now that you've set me free / It's gonna.
Laura Nyro - Lonely Women Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lonely Women' by Laura Nyro. No one hurries home to lonely women / No one hurries home to lonely women / A gal could die without her man / And ...
Laura Nyro - The Cat-Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Cat-Song' by Laura Nyro. My name is Eddie / I am a cat / And I sleep with one eye open / Watching the morning sail / Someone calls 'Eddie' / Up.
Laura Nyro - Captain For Dark Mornings Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Captain for Dark Mornings' by Laura Nyro. I am soft and silly and my name is Lillianaloo / And sir you're grace in action to my satisfaction / Well.
Laura Nyro - Smile Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Smile' by Laura Nyro. winter / turn on the night / turn on your love light / I' m a non-believer / but I believe / in your smile / well I'm gonna talk.
Laura Nyro - Blackpatch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blackpatch' by Laura Nyro. Invitations to my party / Send Jones an inviting card / He got his mean streak from the gutter / Got his kindness from God.
Laura Nyro - Save The Country Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Save the Country' by Laura Nyro. Come on, people, come on, children / Come on down to the glory river. / Gonna wash you up, and wash you down, /
Laura Nyro - I Met Him On A Sunday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Met Him on a Sunday' by Laura Nyro. Well I met him on a Sunday (oh oh oh oh oh oh) / And I missed him on Monday (oh oh oh oh oh oh) / Well I ...
Laura Nyro - Louise's Church Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Louise's Church' by Laura Nyro. I wrote this song for Louise Nevelson, the sculptor, / Also Billie Holiday, and a group of kick-ass women artists. /
Laura Nyro - Crazy Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crazy Love' by Laura Nyro. Gypsy man / The river has seen / Our lost melodies / With their notes so warm / Moon banjo / Down a river in the breeze /
Laura Nyro - Mr. Blue Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mr. Blue' by Laura Nyro. 'Hello?' he said, / 'Hello?' / 'I'd like to see you' he said / 'Sweetheart look / You know what happens when we get together.
Laura Nyro - Luckie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Luckie' by Laura Nyro. Yes, I'm ready, so come on, Luckie / Well, there's an avenue of Devil who believe in stone / You can meet the captain at the.
Laura Nyro - I Never Meant To Hurt You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Never Meant to Hurt You' by Laura Nyro. I never meant to hurt you, I'm not that way at all. / Please believe the words of a heart, a heart that.
Laura Nyro - December's Boudoir Lyrics
Lyrics to 'December's Boudoir' by Laura Nyro. Kisses from you in the flames of December's boudoir, / They fill me like melons, / Touch me with chivalry, / Truly.
Laura Nyro - Billy's Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Billy's Blues' by Laura Nyro. Billy's blue / With his head hangin' to / His shoes / Right the wrong / Or play a song / To ease billy's blues /
Laura Nyro - You Don't Love Me When I Cry Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Don't Love Me When I Cry' by Laura Nyro. Two mainstream die / You don't love me when I cry / Have to say goodbye / I don't want to say goodbye  ...
Laura Nyro - He's A Runner Lyrics
Lyrics to 'He's a Runner' by Laura Nyro. He's a runner / and he'll run away / soon there'll be no man / woman ain't be born / who can make him stay / woman get.
Laura Nyro - I Am The Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Am the Blues' by Laura Nyro. Cigarettes / I'm all alone with my smoke and ashes / Cigarettes / I'm all alone with my smoke and ashes / Take me.
Laura Nyro - Broken Rainbow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Broken Rainbow' by Laura Nyro. The old people of the earth / Tell stories / An old woman / Of the old ways / She said / 'I recall my joy / In better.
Laura Nyro - Lazy Susan Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lazy Susan' by Laura Nyro. Lazy flower, my, youâE™ve grown so tall. I have lost and loved him, you have seen it all. / Lazy Susan, lazy through,
Laura Nyro - Spanish Harlem Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spanish Harlem' by Laura Nyro. There is a rose in Spanish Harlem / A red rose up in Spanish Harlem / It is a special one, it's never seen the sun /
Laura Nyro - Angel In The Dark Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Angel in the Dark' by Laura Nyro. Angel / Of / My heart / Come back to me / Angel / Whoa / In the dark / So I can see / 'Cause I can't live no more /
Laura Nyro - Desiree Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Desiree' by Laura Nyro. Oh, Desiree, / Desiree, / Desiree, / Oh my darlin Desiree. / You make my heart feel so free. / And I'd like to know, why do I.
Laura Nyro - Tom Cat Goodby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tom Cat Goodby' by Laura Nyro. Rosie pearl is a big blonde girl / And she sails around like a steamboat! / Dates her Tom in her arms / They shine /
Laura Nyro - La La Means I Love You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'La La Means I Love You' by Laura Nyro. Many loves have come to you / With a line that wasn't true / And then you passed them by, (passed them by) /
Laura Nyro - My Innocence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Innocence' by Laura Nyro. My innocence, my innocence / Comes from my mother / My innocence, my innocence / Comes from my warm earth ...
Laura Nyro - Up On The Roof Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Up on the Roof' by Laura Nyro. When this old world starts getting me down / And people are much too much for me to take, up on the roof / I climb.
Laura Nyro - Sweet Lovin' Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweet Lovin' Baby' by Laura Nyro. I belong / To the man / Don't belong without him / When I sleep without him / Loneliness / Loneliness / My dreams.

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