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JJ CALE LYRICS - Last Will And Testament
Lyrics to "Last Will And Testament" song by JJ CALE: Well I met this woman, she was hard as nails ... To leave all of them people out of my last will and testament
PROZAK LYRICS - Last Will & Testament
Lyrics to "Last Will & Testament" song by PROZAK: We all gone die baby so please don't cry baby, we can unite one day up in the sky someday. ... Eyes vacant like an empty room ... Keep them close to your heart and move on from there
JAY-Z LYRICS - Beach Chair
See I got demons in my past. So I got ... Just eyes. So to map it out. You must look inside. Sure books can guide you ... My last will and testament I leave my heir
Jay-Z - Beach Chair Lyrics
(for me) See I got demons in my past so I got daughters on the way ... No compass comes wit' this life, just eyes ... My last will and testament I leave my heir
Lyrics to "Til My Last Day" song by JUSTIN MOORE: People say I'm just a rough boy I ain't no good for you girl It's a ... But you know I'll be the first one to leave. In a hurry to get to you. Somewhere deep inside your angel eyes ... Darlin' yes I will
AMEBIX LYRICS - "Monolith" (1987) album
Last Will And Testament 6. ... I screamed into the wind my goodbye to the world ... The look in his eyes is no look of the sane ... Use your head, take control
TEARSTAINED LYRICS - "Final Thoughts" (2003) album
TEARSTAINED lyrics - "Final Thoughts" (2003) album, including "Black Masses", "Raise The Dead", "Final Thoughts"... ... I want to leave the human race. Life is torture ... Dry eyes stare blank insane ... Contemplating my last will and testament
Anthrax - Poison My Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Poison My Eyes' by Anthrax. I always knew I had ... If you leave your defences down. Who'll chew ... Who will pick you up. [Chorus] ... Try Prime Music for free Listen to Anthrax Radio on View All ... Testament lyrics. Testament.
WISDOM IN CHAINS LYRICS - "Class War" (2007) album
There will be no shelter. no hiding, you can pray to god for help but he's not listening ... this is the last will and testament of a madman pushed over the edge by bad man, ... One day I opened my eyes and I saw the world in a whole new light. ... I don't wanna live in a world where i can't keep my children safe. sometimes i lie ...
TESTAMENT LYRICS - "The Formation Of Damnation" (2008) album
TESTAMENT lyrics - "The Formation Of Damnation" (2008) album, including " Leave Me Forever", "F.E.A.R.", "Afterlife"... ... F.E.A.R. 11. Leave Me Forever ... Will you please reconsider, is this our judgement day? ... See the future, see the past, what does he have in store. ... The tighter that it gets enables only my eyes to see
GRAVE DIGGER LYRICS - "The Last Supper" (2005) album
GRAVE DIGGER lyrics - "The Last Supper" (2005) album, including "Always And Eternally", ... Take these thrity dimes in a coffer ... Feat and drink as much as you will ... Water glimmering before my eyes .... My death should be a testament
THE AUTUMN OFFERING LYRICS - "Fear Will Cast No Shadow ...
THE AUTUMN OFFERING lyrics - "Fear Will Cast No Shadow" (2007) album, including "Dystopiate", "The ... Don't say your last goodbyes ... Silence will leave you cold ... Now when I cast my eyes to open water ... A testament to strength
¡MAYDAY!, Brotha Lynch Hung & Ces Cru - Strange March Lyrics ...
Nov 27, 2014 ... is my last will and testament My last hidden messages We out lived every ... High society, controlled by the elitest To keep an eye on me, with ...
MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE LYRICS - It's Not A Fashion Statement ...
Lyrics to "It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish" song by MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE: For what you did to ... Just you and I, your starless eyes remain ... I will avenge my ghost with every breath I take ... I will be there one last time now
You're probably hanging out and making eyes (While across ... And ask my girl to dance, and she'll say yes ... And I got the point that I should leave you alone
BARRELEYE LYRICS - "Urged To Fall" (2015) album
Dead eyes won't disappear. In this black cave ... This is my last will — my testament. Cause I ran out of ... Do we keep loosing everything that once was ours?
UNEARTH LYRICS - "Darkness In The Light" (2011) album
Ruination Of The Lost 3. Shadows Of The Light 4. Eyes Of Black 5. Last Wish 6. Arise The War Cry 7. ... Last Wish. This life will soon come to an end. I'll leave my convictions. Day by day ... I'm calling on my testament to overcome. I'm calling on
Lyrics to "Cold Embrace" song by TESTAMENT: There was a sign on an ... Come take my hand ... When she first opened her eyes ... The sun will never shine
PROZAK LYRICS - Tell A Tale Of Two Heart
If I had more time I would've made you my wife ... Tried to hold on, but I couldn't last. As I laid ... Close my eyes and wish for ... Afraid to leave, she will forget me
VNV NATION LYRICS - The Great Divide
Remember all the things that you will leave behind. As you set ... Just for a second look into my eyes ... While looking back again to say farewell for one last time
TESTAMENT LYRICS - "Low" (1994) album
TESTAMENT lyrics - "Low" (1994) album, including "Last Call", "Ride", ... To keep spinning wheels of abuse ... I feel dirt in my eyes ... Just my will to go on
PAIN CONFESSOR LYRICS - "Purgatory Of The Second Sun" (2007 ...
These words I say are my last goodbye ... Ageless testament of our existence ... Eyes branded with a last memento ... Rain will keep on falling when I'm gone
... Harcourt - Wandering Eye Lyrics. They say I got a wandering eye Straise to far from the flock Always go with a grasses greener Scater and keep each lock You can be my treasu. ... I wander is you'll be the only one to put 'to my wandering eye . But here I stop at the end of ... 8, Last Will and Testament. 9, The Man That Time  ...
PROZAK LYRICS - Wake Up You're Dead
Look at my eyes now ... Two rivals will collide with assault rifles ... This was the last straw ... They take over my mentals with such a profile, lack of sentimental
PARKWAY DRIVE LYRICS - "Don't Close Your Eyes" (2004) EP
PARKWAY DRIVE lyrics - "Don't Close Your Eyes" (2004) EP, including " Hopeless", "The Negotiator", "Hollow Man"... ... This is my final act of desperation ... Take your hand and just surrender? ... Tonight will stand as a testament to hope
I got burn holes in my hoodies, all my homies think it's dank. I miss my ... Put Visine inside my eyes so my grandma would fucking hug me ... I will smoke a little something but I don't inhale ... Check, check mate, check me, take me to the bedroom, let you know me well ... This is just a testament to the ones that raised me
THE CHARM THE FURY LYRICS - "A Shade Of My Former Self ...
This is a testament to the ones that have made me see, that the world is a place of deception. This memory stays. My eyes are ...
MATISYAHU LYRICS - King Without A Crown
And I'll fight with all of my heart, and all a' my soul, and all a' my might [Chorus (2x ):] What's this feeling? My love will rip a hole in the ceiling ... And see, I lift up my eyes where my help come from ... You keep my mind at ease and my soul at rest
SOLAR FRAGMENT LYRICS - "In Our Hands" (2011) album
My will, my testament. Is to destroy the ... of my kind) This is the last chance ... Patiently they stare with empty eyes ... Only grief as you leave your mother behind
SEVEN KINGDOMS LYRICS - "Brothers of the Night" (2007) album
The Eyes of Summer will carry me north. To my destiny ... I take my men across the gorey waste. The beach is ... Even as the last man dies. Cry out loud and make your final stand. And my song .... God's Eye A testament to his Ironborn hubris
carter the unstoppable sex machine - billy's smart circus lyrics
Album: The Final Comedown (Live at the Brixton Academy). Heyo! ... Feast your eyes on this. Bullied beat up ... Take the piss out of the shit. Live your life ... My eyes have seen the glory ... 1, My Second To Last Will and Testament. 2, Surfin' ...
JAY-Z LYRICS - Streets Is Talking
but dog they be takin me out of my zone like a nigga with a handle. I sat back and ... You give a nigga a foot he'll take you one step beyond ... or Old Testament, don 't test him then ... Your future's my past, I've been here before ... But will he be able to drop those before the cops close in? ... Look in my eyes, realize it's Beans
TESTAMENT LYRICS - "The Gathering" (1999) album
TESTAMENT lyrics - "The Gathering" (1999) album, including "Fall Of Siple Dome ", "Sewn Shut Eyes", ... Eyes Of Wrath 4. ... Dismal past is there ... Can not live for the rest of my life ... and with the open arms will I grasp ... Never gonna take me
NEVERMORE LYRICS - "This Godless Endeavor" (2005) album
Look at the final product, a world in slow decay ... But held before my eyes is a vision that now lies ... This cancer inside of me destroying my life, when I rot in the ground will you care? ... Nothing brings peace of mind, I leave nothing behind if my words are left .... No testament, prayer or diseased lament can heal my wounds
Lyrics to "Enemy" song by PROZAK: I can see it in your eyes See right ... Look deep into my eyes ... And keep in mind this cancerous karma comes back to you
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "Above The Weeping World" (2006) album
... The Weeping World" (2006) album, including "In The Groves Of Death", " Devoid Of Caring", "Last Statement"... ... The night has a thousand eyes, ... If you dare to trust, then you shall shatter ... With these final steps I take back my freedom
THE PROPHECY LYRICS - "Into The Light" (2009) album
With certain understanding you take one final breath. Onwards you will go ... A look of fear in your eyes. Is it possible ... Will you leave me with this cold empty feeling? Will it always ... No bearing on the truth, a testament to brutality. I feel there's ...
TESTAMENT LYRICS - Return To Serenity
Lyrics to "Return To Serenity" song by TESTAMENT: I'm gonna take you To a place far from here No one will see us Watch the pain as it disappears No ti... ... Brings a sullen tear right to your eyes. No time for anger. No time for despair ... I'm so alone. My head's my home. And I feel. So alone. You know. At last. I'll return to  ...
This is The Carter, The Carter 3, the New Testament And I'm ... And I will take on that shit as the lord, as my witness. And you all have witnessed, but I have not finished. So keep your mouth closed and let your eyes listen ... Last year they had the Grammys and left me in Miami ... Fuck wit me I will peel like the house's paint
PENUMBRA LYRICS - "The Last Bewitchment" (2002) album
PENUMBRA lyrics - "The Last Bewitchment" (2002) album, including "Pie Jesu", " A Torrent Of Fears", "The Young Martyr". ... Testament ... you only came to leave me, you leave me ... lightened your heavenly eyes ... My will is not very powerful

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