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L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Bitch Is Back
Lyrics to "Bitch Is Back" song by L.A. GUNS: Yeah and this time comes in my life, hey what's your story Save your conscience For some other cheap...
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Beautiful
Lyrics to "Beautiful" song by L.A. GUNS: Look around me, you astound me You are oh so beautiful, oh yeah I am home Been away far to long, th...
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Vampire
Lyrics to "Vampire" song by L.A. GUNS: I been a vampire for 14 years I been around the world I heard it with my ears Walking down the Sunse...
L.A. Guns - It's Over Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's Over Now' by L.A. Guns: Thought we'd be together someday There was nothing that could keep away.
L.A. Guns - One Way Ticket Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Way Ticket' by L.A. Guns. World is turning still, it always will / I could get my fill, but something went wrong / I needed a reason, but where.
L.A. Guns - Electric Gypsy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Electric Gypsy' by L.A. Guns. I need the highway wind blowin' in my hair / Five thousand miles I've roamed now, / I'm gettin' there / This is my.
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Kiss Of Death
Lyrics to "Kiss Of Death" song by L.A. GUNS: I watched you burn your hand in my flame Tempting fate again and again And faith is not enough Somet...
L.A. Guns - Wheels Of Fire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wheels Of Fire' by L.A. Guns. I've been dreaming 'bout this night / Praise the lord 2 make things right / Hold so tight 2 your embrace / Feel your.
L.A. Guns - Sex Action Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sex Action' by L.A. Guns: I'm a sex gun lover in the heat of the night Don' t run for cover, I got you in my sights.
L.A. Guns - I Wanna Be Your Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Wanna Be Your Man' by L.A. Guns. See me coming / Down the road / I' m coming down the road / Standing by the end of the line / What you gonna do ...
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Pour Some Sugar On Me
Lyrics to "Pour Some Sugar On Me" song by L.A. GUNS: Step inside, walk this way You and me babe, Hey, hey! Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on Li...
L.A. Guns - Ain't The Same Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ain't The Same' by L.A. Guns. Hey Baby, baby, you drive me crazy / I'm gonna leave you one more time / Don't try to stop me / Don't say you love me /
L.A. Guns - Never Enough Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Never Enough' by L.A. Guns: It's never enough just to hold you It's never enough just to please you Ooh baby it's never enough.
L.A. Guns - Malaria Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Malaria' by L.A. Guns. Somewhere from another time / Asiatic death / Yellow fever bodies writhe / Sugar on my breath / Is this the final curtain / I.
L.A. Guns - One More Reason Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One More Reason' by L.A. Guns. Angel mercy, tears like rain / Hurt so good, can't feel no pain / Paint it black, drives me insane / So far gone I'm.
L.A. Guns - Ballad Of Jayne Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ballad Of Jayne' by L.A. Guns. She was always something special / Diamond shining bright in the rain / Everybody dreams of angels / No one would  ...
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Rip And Tear
Lyrics to "Rip And Tear" song by L.A. GUNS: Midnight and I'm ready 2 move Don't need a reason I got the groove My fire is burning it burns hot W...
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - The Ballad Of Jayne
Lyrics to "The Ballad Of Jayne" song by L.A. GUNS: She was always something special A diamond shining bright in the rain Everybody dreams of angels No...
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Chasing The Dragon
Lyrics to "Chasing The Dragon" song by L.A. GUNS: Chasing the dragon chasing the dragon Standing on the edge of reason Sailing through my dream Color...
L.A. Guns - Slap In The Face Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slap In The Face' by L.A. Guns. Kamikaze hit man / Love on the run / No mercy 4 the children / Of the night / you tangle on my brain / you drive me.
L.A. Guns - Down In The City Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Down in the City' by L.A. Guns. A boy shoots a gun, a girl looks for fun / Runnin' round in the Hollywood streets / Shakedown all around, / Lay your.
L.A. Guns - Rip And Tear Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rip And Tear' by L.A. Guns. Midnight and I'm ready to move / Don't need a reason I got the groove / My fire is burning it burns hot / When I start.
L.A. Guns - Ballad Of Jane Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ballad Of Jane' by L.A. Guns: Diamond shining bright in the rain Everybody dreams of.
L.A. Guns - The Ballad Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Ballad' by L.A. Guns. A ray of light / Star shines down / Burning bright / Without a sound / The queen of angels / Take your crown / Yeah, shine.
L.A. Guns - No Mercy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Mercy' by L.A. Guns: And a woman in black.
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Sleazy Come Easy Go
Lyrics to "Sleazy Come Easy Go" song by L.A. GUNS: Baby lives in a trailer park Only comes out after dark Hates her mom, hates the old man Don't like l...
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Long Time Dead
Lyrics to "Long Time Dead" song by L.A. GUNS: When I came down to your riverside And saw you standing there Pocketful of moonbeams You had henna i...
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Kevorkian
Lyrics to "Kevorkian" song by L.A. GUNS: Kevorkian Which way is the door I can't find it, can't see it anymore Knuckles bleeding Ground to d...
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Don't Call Me Crazy
Lyrics to "Don't Call Me Crazy" song by L.A. GUNS: Does anyone remember Lucy I used to see her so much more A candle burns tonight for Lucy Coz' she ai...
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Nothing Better To Do
Lyrics to "Nothing Better To Do" song by L.A. GUNS: Well it was raining that December I was turning 23 On my way to Hollywood Via Tennessee I was looki...
L.A. Guns - Barbed Wire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Barbed Wire' by L.A. Guns. Standin' by the window / Watchin' all the rain / Wonderin' where the wind blows / It's comin' round again / Thinkin' all.
L.A. Guns - Dirty Luv Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dirty Luv' by L.A. Guns. Come on everybody I'm back in town / Goin' bring you up, gonna shake you down / Goin' set you up to another place / Gonna.
L.A. Guns - Nothing To Lose Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nothing to Lose' by L.A. Guns. We're lost at the edge of time / No money, it ain't a crime / Doing things the way that I choose / Gonna make the.
L.A. Guns - Rip N Tear Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rip N Tear' by L.A. Guns. Midnight and I'm ready 2 move / Don't need a reason I got the groove / My fire is burning it burns hot / When I start I'm.
L.A. Guns - Wasted Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wasted' by L.A. Guns. Killing stops here / How much more can we fear / Living next to hate you're not alone / What about death / What about pain /
L.A. Guns - I'd Love To Change The World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'd Love To Change The World' by L.A. Guns. Everywhere is freaks and hairies / Dykes and fairies / Tell me where is sanity? / Tax the rich / Feed the.
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Rock & Roll All Night
Lyrics to "Rock & Roll All Night" song by L.A. GUNS: You show us everything you' ve got You keep on dancin' and the room gets hot You drive us wild, we'll...
L.A. Guns - Hollywood Tease Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hollywood Tease' by L.A. Guns: Do whatever I please When I've broken your heart, I'll quickly depart.
L.A. GUNS LYRICS - Dreamtime
Lyrics to "Dreamtime" song by L.A. GUNS: If I ever thought my whole world be torn apart If I ever dreamed I was the lucky one I wanna touch...
L.A. Guns - Don't You Cry Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't You Cry' by L.A. Guns. Hey babe gonna be all right / Dance naked in the moonlight / Rock and roll has survived / Come on and spin the wheel /

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