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Konshens - All Day In Lyrics
Please review the lyrics to make it available for everyone. Review Lyrics. Instant lyrics for all your music. Get the mobile app now. United States (+1); Andorra ...
Lyrics to "Day One" song by KONSHENS: How yah suh full up suh Mussi true a wi a run the whole place When things never pretty Nuff a dem pu...
KONSHENS LYRICS - Jamaican Dance
Lyrics to "Jamaican Dance" song by KONSHENS: Come on and pump and do the Jamaican dance Music for ... Oh we play all day long, but we live for the night
Trust No One Lyrics - Konshens
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Trust No One" from "Konshens": Chorus, Trust no one(dont trust none a dem) trust no one(none at all noo), Trust no ... ... So till di day mi life end. Chorus: Mi nah trust no one, trust no one. Trust no one, trust no ...
KONSHENS LYRICS - To Her With Love (They Say)
Lyrics to "To Her With Love (They Say)" song by KONSHENS: They say your not the girl I think you are And they ... If you stay true to me, I'll be yours for all day
Konshens - To Her With Love (They Say) Lyrics
Lyrics for To Her With Love (They Say) by Konshens. ... you stay Truth to me I will be yours for all day They say, you're not the girl I think you are They say, I'm not ...
Jamaican Dance Lyrics - Konshens
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Jamaican Dance" from "Konshens": Come on and pump and do the Jamaican ... Oh we play all day long but we live for the night
Konshens - Jamaican Dance (MC Mario 8 Barz) lyrics
Lyrics for Jamaican Dance (MC Mario 8 Barz) by Konshens. ... on and on Sunshine, girls in bikini's and pina coladas Man that's the life Oh we play all day long, ...
KONSHENS LYRICS - Hustle Everyday
Lyrics to "Hustle Everyday" song by KONSHENS: Right now mi nuh have the money weh mi would a waan have Nuh live in a the ... Hustle every night and day
KONSHENS LYRICS - Ambition (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Ambition (Freestyle)" song by KONSHENS: When I was a kid I ... All di sufferation naw go last too long ... And from da day deh a just di music mi seh
Lyrics to "Realest Song" song by KONSHENS: A di realest song Dis is a prayer to the father Guide my steps as yuh sit on your ... Cah dem a try fi face it all alone
KONSHENS LYRICS - From Mi Born (Gal Mi Sey)
Lyrics to "From Mi Born (Gal Mi Sey)" song by KONSHENS: From the day mi born out a mi mother belly The gyal dem mi ... Full time gyallis a nuh just temporary
Lyrics to "Winner" song by KONSHENS: Yo yo See right now Hunt me ah hunt fu me and my likkle one yuh see it A Konshens (yeah) All abo... ... Cya lef it fi anotha day [Chorus:] This year mi haffi be di winner. Cause mi nah go mi yard without ...
Lyrics to "Gal Gov" song by KONSHENS: Mi gyal seh shi ban mi from her pum- pum Shi mad you fuck Day shi stop link mi Mi glad you fuck Mount... ... Nough bwoy hate wi fi all gyal weh wi nuh fuck. A suh wi name bad, but wi nuh give a fuck
Konshens - Love You Forever Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love You Forever' by Konshens. do me a favor / don't ever, ask me to sing this song for you ... when forever comes I'm gonna love you another day.
KONSHENS LYRICS - Thank God Fi Di Gal Dem
Lyrics to "Thank God Fi Di Gal Dem" song by KONSHENS: Blackie, whitie, Indian, Chine Slimmie, Fluffy, poor gyal, ... Look, look all round the place like foreigner
Konshens - Buss A Blank Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Buss a Blank' by Konshens. Intro: / Fi di ones wi ... Give thanks everynight and day. O'Neil, Coppa ... Latest News. 26 Best Breakup Songs Of All Time.
Lyrics to "She's Happy" song by KONSHENS: When Things aren't going my way And it's like me can't even see a brighter day Then when my life sta... ... Soh now all a mi sad face tun inna laughta. Regardless of di situation weh mi inna
Jus a lay down inna di gyal dem sittin all night long. Real stallion go perform like a technician. From weh day me hear di gyal dem inna vexsation. Seh some ...
Konshens - Stop Sign (chorus) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stop Sign (chorus)' by Konshens. Oh / Oh ... Wen it com unto gyal we nuh use pride so konshens team ah di real. Side we ... Music naf fi full song this.
Different Lyrics - Konshens
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Different" from "Konshens": Chorus, Di gyal dem seh dem tired of di borin man dem, ... She nah play, inna broad day yeah yeah
KONSHENS LYRICS - Rasta Imposter - Real Rasta
Lyrics to "Rasta Imposter - Real Rasta" song by KONSHENS: Yo, Konshens Dem a nuh rasta Dem a ras hair Talk dis loud mi nuh fear Big up all real rastafarians y.. . ... No we nah Ras fi get di pay day. Well mi nah Ras fi sell nuh CD And mi nah ...
A bet you never think that one day. I would have given up on you. Bet you thought I'd always be around. With all the things you put me through. Baby when you ...
Lyrics to "Ole Digga" song by KONSHENS: I work on a construction site I am the foundation man I love to do hard work ... Work a day come back fi the night
Konshens - Obsession Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Obsession' by Konshens. (Verse 1) ... The day and every night ... The Tracklist For The Chainsmokers' Full-Length Debut Reveals Some Surprising ...
Delus & Konshens - So High Lyrics
Lyrics for So High by Delus & Konshens. ... Now we want a reality, Where we can smoke marijuana every day without noÿ ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
Lyrics to "Me Inna Yuh" song by KONSHENS: So all dem a talk baby a still me in a yo ... Yo body full a mi, full a mi, full a mi girl ... Buss a married and call it a day
Konshens - Konshens Walk&wine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Konshens Walk&wine' by Konshens. gya left right watch di gyal dem baby, 2x / gyal yuh too hot fi stand up ina one spot / walk out mek everybody si.
Konshens & CK - Body of the Year lyrics and translation
Dec 29, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Body of the Year by Konshens & CK. ... I think about every night and day And everytime I touch you girl, your body makes ... makes you wanna say I got that make you wanna stay with me forever All of ...
Konshens - From Mi Born lyrics
From the day mi born out a mi mother belly The gyal dem mi love nuh man mi ... mi Long time mi ready Real life gyallis a nuh just imaginary Full time gyallis a ...
KONSHENS LYRICS - It's Gonna Be Okay
Lyrics to "It's Gonna Be Okay" song by KONSHENS: Working hard everyday Still I can ... Even though life tough I know things definitely have to get better one day
Lyrics to "Nuh Give A Damn" song by KONSHENS: Me is a bwoy mi nuh too follow man Mi nuh too give a fuck Mi nuh too give a ... In a day coming like rich hours
Konshens - Bad Gal Lyrics
Lyrics for Bad Gal by Konshens. ... So when yuh see me inna the streets whether night or day is a bad gyal me wah fi find cause ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
Konshens - Only Jah Lyrics
Jan 23, 2013 Lyrics for Only Jah by Konshens. ... sun a shine mi nuh have no space ina mi home When rain a fall im all alone It was only jahhh de de wit meh ...
Lyrics to "Winning" song by KONSHENS: Mi coming from round a dutty road Round a ... Wid the day one ni–ers dem with wi [Verse 2:] Dem talk all the time
Lyrics to "Watch Your Back" song by KONSHENS: No a day you have to watch your back Cause who yo think got your ... When all the one dem weh mi grow wid
Konshens - Ruff a Road (Battlefield) Lyrics
Lyrics for Ruff a Road (Battlefield) by Konshens. ... a better way Chad di road to see a better day It ruff a rooad But a road On di road, On di road mama ball seh Di cub-board dem empty But di clip dem full When di belly dem empty The chigger ...
Sniggy & Konshens - Legal lyrics and translation
Jul 8, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Legal by Sniggy & Konshens. ... kutchie load and mek mi full it up again Highest set a grade inna mi head Wah day mi ...
Konshens - Gal Tan Up Lyrics
Nov 9, 2016 Lyrics for Gal Tan Up by Konshens. ... see him another day Gyal, any man weh you fk him haffi stay Mi gyal ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
John Legend - You & I (Nobody In The World) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You & I (Nobody In The World)' by John Legend: All of the stars you make them shine like they were ours Ain't nobody in the world but you and I.

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