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LOU REED LYRICS - Kill Your Sons
Lyrics to "Kill Your Sons" song by LOU REED: All your two-bit psychiatrists are giving you electroshock They said, they'd let you live at home wi...
Lydia Lunch & Big Sexy Noise - Kill Your Sons Lyrics
Lyrics for Kill Your Sons by Lydia Lunch & Big Sexy Noise.
Lyrics to "Kill Your Mama" song by ALICIA KEYS: Shame on us, on your sons and your daughters Dig all your gold and we poisoned all your waters Every...
JAY-Z LYRICS - Meet The Parents
Niggas be a father, you're Killing your son. Six shots into his kid, out of the gun. Niggas be a father, you Killing your sons. Meet the parents.. [echoes and slows ...
Vader - Angel Of Death (Thin Lizzy Cover) Lyrics
When your Shapes of Doom arise. We'll kill your Sons... they will die... [LILITH:] NO! The Sins of their Father's I will assail. Where you lie sleeping the Ghost of ...
Amen - Please Kill Me Lyrics
Please kill me, don't wanna be alive. Just kill me, don't stay alive. Just kill this life of guns and kill your sons. Please kill me, don't wanna be alive. Just kill me ...
Lyrics to "Kill Your Heroes" song by AWOLNATION: Well, I met an old man Dying on a train. No more destination, No more pain. Well, he said "One thing...
Alicia Keys - Kill Your Mama Lyrics
Nov 4, 2016 Lyrics for Kill Your Mama by Alicia Keys. Shame on us All your sons and daughters Thieve all your gold And we poisoned all your wate...
Roswell Six - Spiral lyrics
Dec 27, 2013 You killed our fathers, so we kill your sons. How can you claim you're the innocent ones? You killed our fathers, so we kill your sons. How can ...
Soviet Soviet - Aztec Aztec lyrics and translation
Jan 5, 2016 You kill, you wanna kill your mom, in your room again... You wanna kill your mom , you wanna kill your daddy and your son, in your room again.
Killed your son and might kill mine. But you don't mind. Why, Lord, why. Tell me why. In these lonely days. I'd need your answer. There's a reason why
Sons of an Illustrious Father - I Will Kill You In Your Sleep lyrics and ...
Lyrics and translation for I Will Kill You In Your Sleep by Sons of an Illustrious Father.
"Israel's Son". Hate is what I feel for you, And I want you to know that I want you dead. You're late for the execution... If you're not here soon, I'll kill your friend ...
Amen - Please Kill Me lyrics
Please kill me. Don't wanna be alive. Just kill me. Don't stay alive. Just kill this life of guns and kill your sons. Please kill me. Just kill me. Don't wanna be alive
The fallen angel watching you. Babylon, the scarlet whore. I'll infiltrate your gratitude. Don't you dare to save your son. Kill him now and save the young ones
GRINDERMAN LYRICS - Bellringer Blues
I'll sail around the waters for you. Kill your sons and daughters for you! Put me on a big white horse! Send me down to Banbury Cross! It's okay Joe it's time to go!
BEHOLDER LYRICS - "Lethal Injection" (2004) album
Follow Your Will, Before The End Of Winter You Have To Kill Your Son And Wife They Have To Respect Your Law Wendy Wants To Get Away From That Place ...
Messiah - Battle In The Ancient North Lyrics
"Do you accept white-christ? Do not refuse, we'll burn your village! We will kill your sons. We will rape your women! So... do you accept the bapizing, In the name ...
Now your son is not so fun. Motherfucking bitch! Never try to play me!!! You made my life not so good. All I wanna do! . . . is kill you [chorus] Wish you were dead ...
ThouShaltNot - 100 Generations lyrics
Jun 29, 2010 We killed ourselves in dreams a thousand times, always believing it was real ... kill your son Swallow up the universe 'Till all the killing's done It ...
Brad Paisley - New Again Lyrics
God how can this be your will? To have your son and my son killed? Whatever happens, whatever you see, Whatever your eyes tell you has become of me
TOM T. HALL LYRICS - Mama Bake A Pie (Daddy Kill A Chicken)
Daddy kill a chicken. Your son is coming home, eleven thirty-five, Wednesday night. Mama will be crying. And Daddy's gonna say "Son, did they treat you good ?"
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" (1988 ...
The fallen angel watching you. Babylon, the scarlet whore. I'll infiltrate your gratitude. Don't you dare to save your son. Kill him now and save the young ones
T.I. LYRICS - The Hottest
You ain't got what I got pumpin in your hard TV You do all that yellin, holla, ... Had to kill your son and a few your momma had to get. And they were playin dumb ...
Brad Paisley - New Again lyrics
God how can this be your will? To have your son and my son killed? (Brad Paisley) Whatever happens... Whatever you see... Whatever your eyes tell you has ...
Shot Down Lyrics - Nine Black Alps
You can hide your face. You can always hide your guns. Shot down. Spun round. Strung out ... You can always kill your sons. Shot down. Spun round. Strung out
Grave Digger - Maidens Of War Lyrics
How your worries upset your child. I saw his eyes, heard his words. I realized the hero's solemn distress. Confide in me, I'm loyal to you. But I can't kill, your son, ...
DEICIDE LYRICS - "Serpents Of The Light" (1997) album
You are the one who killed your own son. We are the ones your hatred is on. Children are dying and this you're content. Where is your profit in what you have left
MUMFORD & SONS LYRICS - Thistle & Weeds
Lyrics to "Thistle & Weeds" song by MUMFORD & SONS: Spare me your judgements ... But plant your hope with good seeds ... The sky above us shoots to kill
DEICIDE LYRICS - "To Hell With God" (2011) album
To hell with god, him and his son, do not believe the likes of a thief ... fall from your cross, guilt ways you down, no one believes that you killed your own son
Midnight Reign - Kiss The Flames Lyrics
How could you kill your fucking son? I'm gonna piss on your god's grave,. "I'm gonna fuck your virgin whore..." Chorus. I woke up in hell again,await the dose of  ...
Kill your friend, I don't care. Orchid kids, blinded ... "Father help me, save me a place by your side!" "There is no ... Good wombs hath borne bad sons..." - Cursing ...
1, Kill Your Sons (live). 2, I Wanna Be Black (live). 3, I'll Be Your Mirror (live) · More Albums ... 1, Kill Your Sons (live). 2, Foot of Pride (Live). 3, Rock & Roll.
One Of Your Sons Is Coming Home 7. ... You and your friends will go down this is not your family's day ... Forged by man constructed to kill and to rule the sea
SLIPKNOT LYRICS - Wherein Lies Continue
Lyrics to "Wherein Lies Continue" song by SLIPKNOT: THOU SHALT NOT Kill your Fathers - Destroy ... Tell your Mothers they have no Sons or Daughters
Creatures - Exterminating Angel Lyrics
Come to kill your sons. And there's nothing but black holes. Where the stars should have been. Nothing but black holes. Where the stars would be watching.
Lyrics to "Kill Yourself" song by TIMBALAND: Get out, you can't be in here, you ... I piss and take a shit on your beef for fun, ... You claim you rich, show me son,
MORBID SAINT LYRICS - "Spectrum Of Death" (1988) album
Lock Up Your Children 2. Burned At The Stake 3. ... Deprives you of your soul. Penetrates, manipulates ... As you have to kill your son. Shot down 'cause thought ...
born to be your enemy, hold onto what's left dying to get rid of me, I've unlocked the door to hell killing me slow come on you're ...
Absurd - Eternal Winter Lyrics
You will die by my teeth, for I am your reaper. In eternal night, in ... Eternal winter freezes your breath! ... Fall from grace - my son will kill your father. In eternal ...

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