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S.O.D. LYRICS - "Speak English Or Die" (1985) album
He'll kill your sister, then mail back the tits ... With his Stormtroopers of Death, he'll come to your town ... Why don't you kill yourself .... Your parents are so rich
Broken Culture - Kill Yourself lyrics
Kill Yourself lyrics by Broken Culture: Kill yourself, don't hesitate, / Slit your wrist, don't fucking wait. / Life's a whore and then.
Dennis Leary - More Drugs Lyrics
"Kill the band, kill your parents, then yourself, okay? Make sure you get your whole head in front of the shotgun. Thank you for calling! Thank you for calling!"
Shoot your parents then yourself, Push your life right off the shelf. Die for metal, Leave this hell, Take this oath of blasphemation. When asked to kill you won't or ...
Lyrics to "Kill You" song by EMINEM: When I was just a little baby boy, my momma used to tell me these ... Put your hands down bitch, I ain't gonna shoot you
DIR EN GREY LYRICS - Clever Sleazoid
Kill yourself. Think, you moran. Fall out of ... I'm not even trying to justify myself [* Repeat] ** The dark dark ... One day I will fuck your parents. This is the last time
KREATOR LYRICS - "Pleasure To Kill" (1986) album
KREATOR lyrics - "Pleasure To Kill" (1986) album, including "Awakening Of The Gods", "Take Their Lives", "Flag Of Hate". ... Now he's here in your town to kill you , die at once ... Kill yourself to be free ... No one to save you no parents or friends
Neil Hilborn - Punk Rock John Lyrics
Mar 13, 2015 Don't kill yourself! Don't waste your unscarred knuckles." My rage bloomed. Why hate myself when I can hate parents, high school, the radio, ...
JAY-Z LYRICS - Meet The Parents
Lyrics to "Meet The Parents" song by JAY-Z: Woo! Uhh, uhh It's "The Gift & the ... Niggas be a father, you're Killing your son. Six shots into his kid, out of the gun
Grand Buffet - Don't Kill Yourself (Thrill Yourself) Lyrics
Don't Kill Yourself (Thrill Yourself) lyrics performed by Grand Buffet: Never did it ... When you returned, the police explained why your parents were nothing but ...
ABK LYRICS - Thoughts Of Suicide
Just don't go all crazy on me, talking about you going to kill yourself again, alright ... Does your parents always say that your friends are the reason that you ruint
Soundtrack Artists - Child Psychology Lyrics
My parents tried every trick in the book. From speech ... Life is unfair, kill yourself or get over it. Life is unfair, kill ... Can you stick out your tongue?" And all of a ...
FORGOTTEN TOMB LYRICS - "Negative Megalomania" (2007) album
Sickness inside of us, another night to dream your killing ... It is just myself to blame ... You buy a thousand albums, since your parents are the ones who pay
Lyrics to "Kill The DJ" song by GREEN DAY: Walking after dark In the New York City park Your thoughts are so unholy In the holiest of holes Onw...
Giving your life is the only way to make them see. And once ... To die for your cause is the most effective way to propagate ... I'd kill myself, but suicide is so cliche
DODGIN' BULLETS LYRICS - "Earn Your Respect" (2002) album
to kill yourself to sut your throat, to bleed yourself dry disguised with the mask that could fool every man woman, child, and yourself, and your parents too your ...
Pavement - Harness Your Hopes Lyrics
A word that rhymes with Pavement And I won't kill your parents. And roast them on a spit. And a-don't you try to etch it. Or permanently sketch it. Or your gonna ...
Or in your day dreams, that's how death seems [Verse 2] ... Parents wanna blame me all because their kid is fucking up. But fuck ... So I can kill these levels of stress, shit. They say ... Ain't kill myself yet, now I already want my life back [Hook]
Necro - Underground Lyrics
Your eyes will burn once the acid hits. You'll be blinded ... Life is shady G in 1976 my parents created me. I've been ... You're unhealthy you're a felon P.O. checks your bladder. You're an ... The cipher flows like rolly polly, kill yourself slowly
JEFF BUCKLEY LYRICS - Malign Fiesta (No Soul)
[inaudible] wish away your parents. You got yourself a girl with the face and the voice of a whore. You don't want a phone. But, you don't know what you kill ...
ICE-T LYRICS - Escape From The Killing Fields
Lyrics to "Escape From The Killing Fields" song by ICE-T: Here we go I'm movin' off death row Ya gotta keep ... Your parents were poor ... Get yourself together
Wasn't around when I couldn't feed myself. Dog, If I ... Dog, If I was you, I'd kill myself. Made a ... What kind of dream we found, see I'm often at your cross way
Dir En Grey - Clever Sleazoid Lyrics
Kill yourself. Think, you moron. Fall out of line ... Iâ??m not even trying to justify myself. Under the name of ... One day I will fuck your parents. This is the last time
SOKO LYRICS - Keaton's Song
Our parents would've never done that. Give me time ... why I hate myself. I'm trying to kill the worst of me ... And bury yourself in your Victorian mind. You said ...
Whitney Avalon feat. Molly C. Quinn - Katniss vs. Hermione ...
Nov 30, 2015 Your story's a bore, why don't you plagiarize more? ... Mr. Snow and his whole freaking reality show Little miss perfect, but what's truly twisted On your parents' happiest day .... Next on your itinerary: Kill yourself, eat the berries.
HEAD LYRICS - "Save Me From Myself" (2008) album
HEAD lyrics - "Save Me From Myself" (2008) album, including "Washed By Blood" , ... Please don't lie, or kill, it's making me ill ... Your parents have failed you,
Casey Bolles - Cowboy Killers lyrics
Oct 19, 2015 You could go to your parents' home and you could move back in, but then the kids from high school win. You could kill yourself But you are ...
We teach our children to kill instead of teaching them wisdom ... The only person that we're losing is yourself to this. I'm trying to be all that ... Open up your eyes
ENNUI BREATHES MALICE LYRICS - "Of Agony & Ecstasy" (2008) EP
... Seventh Day, God Created Myspace", "When Curiosity Kills A Dog", "Salmon Is Not A Colour". ... The Most Embarrassing Part About Hardcore Dancing (Is Telling Your Parents You're Gay) .... Sever yourself from cyber-world and seek reality!
ACID BATH LYRICS - "When The Kite String Pops" (1994) album
I could not kill the dead man screaming. Eat my dead cock ... Kill your idol, come on, jump into the void. Eat my cold shit. Everybody .... I cut my self again and again to remind myself of you. She smiles like a ... Killed our parents. Then we hit the ...
2010 Rap Up Lyrics - Skillz
but I'd hate to see your parents if you came out looking like 50 Tyson and Antoine ... oh, you gon kill yourself? Before your album come out? Lil Wayne came ...
But what love got to do with it when you don't love yourself [Hook] [Verse 2:] ... " Any nigga can kill a man, that don't make you a real nigga". "Realness is ...
'Cause they can't even spin back the curse words 'Cause they're worse when they're reversed, motherfucker (rape your mother, kill your parents) And these kids ...
MINISTRY LYRICS - "In Case You Didn'T Feel Like Showing Up ...
so watch yourself, and watch what you say, they'll all die, so watch yourself he takes a ... Kill for the love of killing. (guilty) Kill for the thrill. The thrill-seeker comes from all walks of life. He comes from the home, a home where the parents are to busy to treat their children ... So what, it's your own problem to learn to live with
ANAL CUNT LYRICS - "40 More Reasons To Hate Us" (1996) album
4. Steroids Guy 5. Everyone In Allston Should Be Killed 6. ... in all your reviews you always talk about yourself .... you live with your parents, and your 31 you pay  ...
Stand in line droid to kill yourself to sut your throat to bleed yourself dry ... and your parents too your brothers ... just to stand in line to meet your miserable faith.
Killing it can only make it worse. It sort of ... So go and dance yourself clean... ooow. Go and ... Put your little feet doooooooooooown and haaaaaaaang out
WAX LYRICS - Continue
That's why ya parents' advice, you ignored it. And did some ... You fuckin cheated on your girlfriend. And you ... You got two choices, one kill yourself. Two, make ...
CHRIS WEBBY LYRICS - Just Can't Kill The Beast
Lyrics to "Just Can't Kill The Beast" song by CHRIS WEBBY: Mirrors on the ceiling (on the ceiling) the pink champagne on ice (champagne on ... Enough with all the tough talk and shit Webby be yourself ... I was stuck living in my parent's house working a 9 to 5 ... So while I got your ear I'd like to introduce you to Christian
You no beat upon your shoulders. Here come ... Killing yourself, what's the sense ? Them young ... In return they kill my brothers and my parents. Repatriation ...

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