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Exploited - Kidology Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kidology' by Exploited. Thousands of people gathered on a beach / Some came to listen while others came to preach / They had to plan this meeting  ...
The Exploited - Kidology Lyrics
Kidology lyrics performed by The Exploited: Thousands of people gathered on a beach Some came to listen while others came to preach They had to plan this ...
The Exploited - Forty Odd Years Ago Lyrics. Mussolini was a fascist pig Hitler was no better Tojo was an imperialistic nip But Stalin managed to go one better 40 ...
The Exploited - No More Idols Lyrics. No more idols no tine gods Defy their corruption and spike their cogs Rid your head of promised dreams Banish all their ...
Pure Garage Platinum · Kidology Lyrics Glamma Kid · Kidology · Street Vibes 4 Lyrics Glamma Kid. Street Vibes 4 · Kiss: Smooth Grooves 2000 Lyrics Glamma ...
Album: Kidology. Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Highlight. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Click to learn more... For the sake of argument. Say Jerry ...
Exploited - Insanity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Insanity' by Exploited. I've been made an orphan / No family life have I / My parents were no soldiers / Yet they were killed before my eyes /
Glamma Kid - Taboo - feat. Shola Ama lyrics
September 30, 2011. Synced byMig Br. January 24, 2016. More lyrics from the album. Kidology Glamma Kid - cover art. Kidology. Jan 1st 2000. 01. Playa Haterz.
Glamma Kid - Why lyrics
Jul 15, 2015 More lyrics from the album. Kidology Glamma Kid - cover art. Kidology. Oct 25th 1999. 01. Playa Haterz · 02. Taboo - feat. Shola Ama · 03 ...
The Exploited Lyrics
Kidology · The Exploited · Law And Order · The Exploited · Law For The Rich · The Exploited · Let's Start A War (Said Maggie One Day) · The Exploited.
Exploited - Psycho Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Psycho' by Exploited. Psycho! / Running through the streets at night, Im looking for a fight / Little do you know, I have a gun and now youre gonna.
Exploited - Wankers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wankers' by Exploited. Bushell said that punk was dead / Wanker / Bushell said that punk was dead / He's two faced he's off his head / Wankers /
Exploited - Another Day To Go Nowhere Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Another Day To Go Nowhere' by Exploited. / Another corpse hangs from a tree / Is suicide left for you and me / Reared up in a work-less zone /
Exploited - False Hopes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'False Hopes' by Exploited. They're out to kill the working class / That means you and me / Maggie knows she can go and stuff / Her non working.
Exploited - Should We, Can't We Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Should We, Can't We' by Exploited. Guns go off around my head / As i fall over the fallen dead / Cordite fumes that sting my eyes / The infantry's.
Exploited - God Saved The Queen Lyrics
Lyrics to 'God Saved the Queen' by Exploited. Panic all hell breaks loose / A battered body screams abuse / A plastic bullet end his youth / A motherless son.
Exploited - Safe Below Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Safe Below' by Exploited. They said they would prevent a war / To stop the sufferings for ever more / No wars to fight no blood to shed / But they.
Exploited - Eyes Of The Vulture Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Eyes Of The Vulture' by Exploited. Death as seen through a vultures eyes / Four hundred feet above a sunlit sky / Doesn't have to kill to stay alive.
The Exploited Let's Start A War Lyrics
... Eyes Of The Vulture lyrics · Should We, Can't We lyrics · Rival Leaders lyrics · God Saved The Queen lyrics · Psycho lyrics · Kidology lyrics · False Hopes lyrics  ...
58, Y.O.P. 59, Power Struggle. 60, Disorder. 61, Psycho. 62, Computers Don't Blunder. 63, False Hopes. 64, Alternative (Remix). 65, Kidology. 66, Rival Leaders.
171, Kidology. 172, Dogs of War. 173, Dogs of War. 174, Eyes of the Vulture. 175, The Massacre. 176, Let's Start a War (Said Maggie One Day). 177, SPG.

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