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Keith Green - Asleep In The Light Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Asleep in The Light' by Keith Green. Do you see? / Do you see? / All the people sinking down? / Don't you care? / Don't you care? / Are you gonna let.
Keith Green - Your Love Broke Through Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Your Love Broke Through' by Keith Green. Like a foolish dreamer, trying to build a highway to the sky / All my hopes would come tumbling down, and I.
Keith Green - There Is A Redeemer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There is a Redeemer' by Keith Green: Is a redeemer, / There is a redeemer, Jesus, God's own Son, Precious Lamb of God, Messiah, Holy One,
Keith Green - Oh Lord, You're Beautiful Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Oh Lord, You're Beautiful' by Keith Green: Oh Lord, You're beautiful Your face is all I seek For when Your eyes are on this child your grace abounds.
Scripture Song Medley Lyrics - Keith Green
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Scripture Song Medley" from "Keith Green": This is the day this is the day that the Lord has made that the Lord has made, We ...
Keith Green - Dust To Dust Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dust to Dust' by Keith Green. Sometimes it's hard to see / Sometimes it's hard to get through to me / But I want to do all that You ask me to / Help.
Keith Green - Rushing Wind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rushing Wind' by Keith Green: Take me where you want to go.
Keith Green - Until That Final Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Until That Final Day' by Keith Green. My flesh is tired of seeking god, / But on my knees I'll stay. / I want to be a pleasing child, / Until that.
Keith Green - Create In Me A Clean Heart lyrics
1 explanation, 8 meanings to Create In Me A Clean Heart lyrics by Keith Green: Create in me a clean heart, oh God / And renew a right.
Keith Green - To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice Lyrics
Lyrics to 'To Obey is Better Than Sacrifice' by Keith Green: To obey is better than sacrifice I want more than Sundays and Wednesday nights 'Cause if you can't.
Keith Green - Lies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lies' by Keith Green. When I was young I used to believe everything that I heard, just what I heard. / But now the only thing that I can believe is.
Keith Green - Song For Josiah Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Song for Josiah' by Keith Green. Oh my son, you were born in a world that hates you / And I swear I will never forsake you / But there was a Father.
Keith Green - My Eyes Are Dry Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Eyes Are Dry' by Keith Green. My eyes are dry / My faith is old / My heart is hard / My prayers are cold / And I know how I ought to be / Alive to.
Keith Green - Draw Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Draw Me' by Keith Green. Draw me, oh, draw me, please draw me, my Jesus. / Into your presence, where I cannot lie. / My soul is so thirsty, I cannot.
Keith Green - Stained Glass Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stained Glass' by Keith Green. We are like windows / Stained with colors of the rainbow / Set in a darkened room / Till the bridegroom comes to.
Keith Green - You! Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You!' by Keith Green. You / Who made the whole world with your hand / Walked along this land / Humbled as a man / You came down / and you ...
Keith Green - Soften Your Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Soften Your Heart' by Keith Green. So many times I've tried to tell you / But I don't think you've been listening / There's nothing I wanna try and.
Keith Green - Go To The Hungry Ones Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Go to The Hungry Ones' by Keith Green. Go to the hungry ones and fill them with his bread, / They'll leave their darkness as you shine the light he.
Keith Green - You Are The One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Are The One' by Keith Green. How I love you, / You are the one, / You are the one. / How I love you, / You are the one for me. / I was so lost, /
Keith Green - No One Believes In Me Anymore Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No One Believes in Me Anymore' by Keith Green. Oh, my job keeps getting easier / As time keeps slipping away / I can imitate your brightest light /
Keith Green Lyrics
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Keith Green - Run To The End Of The Highway Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Run to The End of The Highway' by Keith Green. Well you can run to the end of the highway and not find what youre looking for, / Moving wont make.
Keith Green - I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Can't Wait to Get to Heaven' by Keith Green. You know, I look around at the world and I see all the beauty that God made. I see the forest and the.
Keith Green - Cut The Devil Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cut The Devil Down' by Keith Green. Cut the Devil down, Lord, cut the Devil down / Drive him out of town, Lord, cut the Devil down / The Devil hates.
Keith Green - Lord I'm Gonna Love You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lord I'm Gonna Love You' by Keith Green. Lord, I'm gonna love You / Yes, I'm gonna love You / Oh, I'm gonna love You Lord / With all that's in my.
Keith Green - How Can They Live Without Jesus? Lyrics
How can they live without jesus. How can live without god's love. How can they feel so at home down here. When there's so much more up above. Throwin' ...
Keith Green - Because Of You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Because of You' by Keith Green. People smile at me and ask me what it is / That makes them want to be just like I am / So I just point to you and.
Keith Green - Grace By Which I Stand Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Grace By Which I Stand' by Keith Green. Lord, the feelings are not the same, / I guess I'm older, I guess I've changed. / And how I wish it had been.
Keith Green - Pledge My Head To Heaven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pledge My Head to Heaven' by Keith Green. Well, I pledge my head to heaven for the gospel, / And I ask no man on earth to fill my needs. / Like the.
Keith Green - So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt' by Keith Green. So you wanna go back to Egypt / Where it's warm and secure / Are sorry you bought the one way ...
Keith Green - The Sheep & The Goats Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Sheep & The Goats' by Keith Green. And when the Son of Man comes / And all the Holy Angels with Him / Then shall He sit on His glorious.
Keith Green - When There's Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When There's Love' by Keith Green. Take some time, make a friend of a stranger, / Touch a hand, just reach out, there's no danger. / When there's.
Keith Green - When I First Trusted You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When I First Trusted You' by Keith Green. Well I though I depended upon you. / At least that used to be what was happening with me. / In those times.
Keith Green - Jesus Commands Us To Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jesus Commands Us to Go' by Keith Green. Jesus commands us to go / But we go the other way / So He carries the burden alone / While His children ...
Keith Green - Make My Life A Prayer To You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Make My Life a Prayer to You' by Keith Green: Wanna share the love that set me free.
Keith Green - Trials Turned To Gold Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trials Turned to Gold' by Keith Green. He's brought me here, where things are clear / And trials turn to gold / He shared with me, His victory / He.
Keith Green - When I Hear The Praises Start Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When I Hear The Praises Start' by Keith Green. My son, My son, why are you striving / You can't add one thing to what's been done for you / I did it.
Keith Green - Dear John Letter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dear John Letter' by Keith Green. Oh I used to love you / But now that's hard to do / 'Cause I got some information / 'Bout the evil things at night.
Keith Green - Keep All That Junk To Yourself Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Keep All That Junk to Yourself' by Keith Green. Feeling good 'bout the way I am / How come you just cant let me be / Oh, Ive got no use for your.
Keith Green - Summer Snow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Summer Snow' by Keith Green. Unexpectedly, you came back to see, / If Id was waiting, like I promised long before. / Your shadow filled the room, the.

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