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Jets To Brazil - Chinatown Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chinatown' by Jets to Brazil. candle is blue could see me through but I'm color blind / they tell me it's blue and I'm a believer that's why I'm.
Jets To Brazil - Conrad Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Conrad' by Jets to Brazil. a hound's tooth coat pockets are bulging / with nebutal bought from some doctor / who also was bought to keep those.
Jets To Brazil - Cat Heaven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cat Heaven' by Jets to Brazil. In the dream that awakened me, / you had come and taken me to a sea of stars. / The cat stood in the flowers, two ears.
Jets To Brazil - Crown Of The Valley Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crown Of The Valley' by Jets to Brazil. we are the high street service trays / coming to take you away / pasadena 1968 / with speed on your breakfast.
Jets To Brazil - Morning New Disease Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Morning New Disease' by Jets to Brazil. Morning new disease, charcoal in bed / Bone soaked anemic listen in horror / To the scraping of flatware and.
Jets To Brazil - Starry Configurations Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Starry Configurations' by Jets to Brazil. starry configurations am just a receiver / divine recombinations am just a recordist / receptionist -
Jets To Brazil - Rocket Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rocket Boy' by Jets to Brazil. Headlights and red eyes, a warm beer between your thighs. / Mess of pills, Hollywood hills, the red lights. / Read me.
Jets To Brazil - Lucky Charm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lucky Charm' by Jets to Brazil. How long will you wait for me to come around? / And wouldn't it be great if everything worked out? / I wouldn't come.
Jets To Brazil - Psalm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Psalm' by Jets to Brazil. Oh hair of dread, the time is here. / Thirty-three, the sheep draw near with eyes so keen / they cannot hear all the lies.
Jets To Brazil - Perfecting Loneliness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Perfecting Loneliness' by Jets to Brazil. I'm a long list with no time, sunset panic on the street. / Sugar and light bulbs, / the milk of kindness.
Jets To Brazil - Wish List Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wish List' by Jets to Brazil. Mom and dad can't remember if I told you / how glad I am I finally got to know you. / Years from when we met, after I.
Jets To Brazil - Further North Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Further North' by Jets to Brazil. The road tonight is cold with ice and no cars pass by. / Thank god for no phone call. / Just snow and a fire. /
Jets To Brazil - Air Traffic Control Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Air Traffic Control' by Jets to Brazil. air traffic control it's me / coach-class row thirteen / i've got that sinking feeling / is everything.
Jets To Brazil - Sweet Avenue Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweet Avenue' by Jets to Brazil. tasting you in rain I walk down to the train / try not to look down / this day could some day be an anniversary /
Jets To Brazil - Lemon Yellow Black Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lemon Yellow Black' by Jets to Brazil. do you know what would be good right here? some yellow / a touch of humility, an original sin or two / half.
Jets To Brazil - King Medicine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'King Medicine' by Jets to Brazil. know that you'll soon go crazy just like a whittling stick / hit by the coming daylight cut up in a quick.
Jets To Brazil - Sea Anemone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sea Anemone' by Jets to Brazil. the curtain's a sea anemone / in the way it sways / to the slow breeze / I lie spread out on the floor / looking at.
Jets To Brazil - Little Light Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Little Light' by Jets to Brazil. there's a sign up ahead / says no signs for a while / and a line in my mind / from a song we both like / it sounds.
Jets To Brazil - Resistance Is Futile Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Resistance Is Futile' by Jets to Brazil. there's glass in this rug / tiny splinters pass / all just missiles to bloodstream / the lead in water.
Jets To Brazil - All Things Good And Nice Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All Things Good And Nice' by Jets to Brazil. i love my mother for all the things she's not / but mostly for who she is / i love my father for all the.
Jets To Brazil - Orange Rhyming Dictionary Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Orange Rhyming Dictionary' by Jets to Brazil. words in my head / atom splitting up the twins / rocks inside my head again / keeps me from your bed /
Jets To Brazil - I Typed For Miles Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Typed For Miles' by Jets to Brazil. I live in a hotel / must keep writing / if I'm to be better than everyone else / like figure skating / like.
Jets To Brazil - Your X-Rays Have Just Come Back From The Lab ...
Lyrics to 'Your X-Rays Have Just Come Back From The Lab And We Think We Know What Your Problem Is' by Jets to Brazil. maybe some day we'll meet again  ...
Jets To Brazil - William Tell Override Lyrics
Lyrics to 'William Tell Override' by Jets to Brazil. Caught making conversation to your teeth. / Kite high in Tuesday ether. / Been gone all week. / People live.
Jets To Brazil - Milk And Apples Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Milk And Apples' by Jets to Brazil. now she's milk and she's apples / you' re scotch and segregation / lips like molasses / you're smiling saccharine.
Jets To Brazil - Pale New Dawn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pale New Dawn' by Jets to Brazil. sickly surrender to cola remember machines / shaky somnambulist shiver out all your screams / go to the room with.
Jets To Brazil - In The Summer's When You Really Know Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'In The Summer's When You Really Know' by Jets to Brazil. In the tall grass of a long sun a quiet repast and I'm sweet nothings / Come hell, I'm your.
Jets To Brazil - Disgrace Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Disgrace' by Jets to Brazil. When you drive a nail through all that's good, / the carpenter becomes the wood. / If my concentration sounds like.
Jets To Brazil - You're The One That I Want Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You're the One That I Want' by Jets to Brazil. Blooming black flower wine . / Slashed arms and new cut smiles. / Taller for the falling down. /
Jets To Brazil - You're Having The Time Of My Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You're Having The Time Of My Life' by Jets to Brazil. when you become a stranger again / how closed your eyes will be / narrowing me to three short.
Jets To Brazil - One Summer Last Fall Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Summer Last Fall' by Jets to Brazil. kid i held you with these arms that felt so hard / you kept your chin up and i held my guard / made a prison.
Jets To Brazil - Autumn Walker Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Autumn Walker' by Jets to Brazil. Hello, old friend. It's been a while. How you been? / All things must end, but did you know what that meant? / The.
Jets To Brazil - I've Got All The Words... Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I've Got All The Words...' by Jets to Brazil. Rose, can I come down for a drink? / It's happened again / I've got a story I'm sure will end poorly /
Jets to Brazil - One Summer Last Fall lyrics
Lyrics for One Summer Last Fall by Jets to Brazil. Kid, I held you with arms that felt so hard You kept your chin up, I held my guard Made a prison bed from a life I  ...
Jets To Brazil - Tender Criminal Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tender Criminal' by Jets to Brazil. When the worlds/words???? Harder work???? / All the things we were fighting for just for you ??? / I want to.
Amplifier - Jets to Brazil lyrics
Lyrics for Jets to Brazil by Amplifier. ... Jets to Brazil - Lyrics. Amplifier. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics. Musixmatch ...
Perfecting Loneliness Lyrics - Jets to Brazil
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Perfecting Loneliness" from "Jets to Brazil": there used to be a hundred ways, to put my arms around you, everyone seemed new .
You're Having The Time Of My Life Lyrics - Jets to Brazil
Full and accurate LYRICS for "You're Having The Time Of My Life" from "Jets to Brazil": you're having the time of my life, and I love you much too late, ...
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Jets to Brazil - Psalm Lyrics. JETS TO BRAZIL Miscellaneous Psalm Album: Perfecting Loneliness (2002) Oh hair of dread, the time is here. Thirty-three, the ...

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