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Jesus Jones - ZEROES AND ONES Lyrics
Lyrics to 'ZEROES AND ONES' by Jesus Jones. Across the world the message flies / Information, truth and lies / It`s all yours and it`s all ,mine / You just have.
Jesus Jones - Spiral Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spiral' by Jesus Jones. In my life there's a right time and a right place / There is order / There is method well, you know where / There is routine,
Jesus Jones - Move Mountains Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Move Mountains' by Jesus Jones. Mary hangs from the rear view mirror / On the dash her son's come off worse / We've got a carload of faith here / And.
Jesus Jones - Trust Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trust Me' by Jesus Jones. (trust me... i know what i'm doing!) / from day one i got things wrong / one day i'll get things right (MAYBE) / i never.
Jesus Jones - Your Crusade Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Your Crusade' by Jesus Jones. Include me out / You dig your own grave / You build your own walls / I don't believe enough to believe in you / Oh no,
Jesus Jones - Real, Real, Real Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real, Real, Real' by Jesus Jones. I think I know what you mean and / Although it sounds obscene / I will always do my best to understand / You have.
Lyrics to "Jesus And Jones" song by TRACE ADKINS: I'm the last one standing' every Saturday night All the rights feel long, wrongs feel right But ev...
Jesus Jones - Stripped Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stripped' by Jesus Jones. I can't feel my head, my heart / Everything aches and I can't cure it / Imagine being afraid to think / Sink to the ground,
Jesus Jones - The Devil You Know Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Devil You Know' by Jesus Jones. A life to call our own / That is ours alone / Is as hard as hell to come by these days / Time that I took what's.
Jesus Jones - Two And Two Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Two And Two' by Jesus Jones. Everyone's giving a piece of their mind / The deaf, the dumb, the stupid, the blind / Crushing the words to the people.
Jesus Jones - Motion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Motion' by Jesus Jones. Reason you look for are reasons you find. / For climbing a mountain, for taking a gamble, / To leave it all behind. / Motion.
Jesus Jones - Blissed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blissed' by Jesus Jones. If the sun shines today / I think I'll stay here anyway / And if the world makes demands of me / Then I'll wait and see /
Jesus Jones - Never Enough Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Never Enough' by Jesus Jones. This is the real world made wrong made right / Or maybe just made / You waste my time with explanations / So all the.
Jesus Jones - The Right Decision Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Right Decision' by Jesus Jones. Compromise and confusion tears away... / Well they say ignorance is bliss / Unless something is amiss / How ...
Jesus Jones - The Real World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Real World' by Jesus Jones. I don't mind if I never ever meet you / I love you just the way you seem / And I don't mind all the things they say.
Buddah Allah Jesus Jones lyrics and translation - Jamie Hartman ...
Lyrics and translation for Buddah Allah Jesus Jones by Jamie Hartman. Those broken bones Need a place to heal That bleeding heart Needs to learn how to ...
Jesus Jones - Right Here, Right Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Right Here, Right Now' by Jesus Jones. A woman on the radio talked about revolution / When it's already passed her by / Bob Dylan didn't have this to.
Jesus Jones - Who?where?why? Lyrics
who am i? where am i? why do i feel this way? where am i? why do i feel this way ? have you ever felt that it's someone else living your life? the image of you ...
Jesus Jones - International Bright Young Thing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'International Bright Young Thing' by Jesus Jones. Please introduce yourself / Let's shock the world with what we know / Squeeze the world / 'til it's.
Jesus Jones - Get A Good Thing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get a Good Thing' by Jesus Jones. Oh we had some magic and used it all / There's a tinge of regret but not what you'd call real sorrow / Didn't think.
Jesus Jones - Top Of The World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Top of The World' by Jesus Jones. For the first time in my life / I know how I want to go. / Spin through the warm air, / To a thousand feet below. /
Jesus Jones - Rails Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rails' by Jesus Jones. You live your life like it's on rails. / No choice where you go, you're on rails. / We stumble through / And I think I am.
Jesus Jones - Look Out Tomorrow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Look Out Tomorrow' by Jesus Jones. It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. / Stand back; look out tomorrow, / Here comes a man without sorrow. / I guess.
Jesus Jones - Song 13 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Song 13' by Jesus Jones. Never met you, but how I love you so / Never met you, and yet you take up all my time, you know / So say hello to the whole.
Jesus Jones - I Don't Want That Kind Of Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Don't Want That Kind of Love' by Jesus Jones. I don't want that kind of love / Well, you're not very nice / You make me feel small / I should be.
Jesus Jones - Someone To Blame Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Someone To Blame' by Jesus Jones. Understand that we don't dislike you / Nothing ever goes quite as planned / Well you know that these things ...
Jesus Jones - For A Moment Lyrics
Lyrics to 'For a Moment' by Jesus Jones. Free for a moment, high above. / Just for a moment I am in the arms of love. / If I could be all that I want to be, /
Jamie Hartman - Buddha Allah Jesus Jones Lyrics
Lyrics for Buddha Allah Jesus Jones by Jamie Hartman.
Jesus Jones - Together Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Together' by Jesus Jones. When the sun's this bright / I have to blind myself with the light / I have to get too close / To the things that hurt me.
Jesus Jones - Bring It On Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bring It On Down' by Jesus Jones. You know it hurts so good / Like all the best things always should / And I'm being led astray / I'm saying all the.
Jesus Jones - Message Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Message' by Jesus Jones. This is a message, this is a wake up call / If you've fallen further than you thought you could fall / Go on, get up now,
Jesus Jones - Hello Neon! Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hello Neon!' by Jesus Jones. You can hear the night is calling with its sentences unended / And the promises it seldom ever keeps / I have to hear.
Jesus Jones - Who?where?why? Lyrics. Artist: Jesus Jones. Album: Doubt. Genre: Electronic. Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Highlight. Review: RIFF-it ...
Jesus Jones - Half Up The Hill Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Half up The Hill' by Jesus Jones. Half up the hill, as near to you now as I ever will be / All mixed up, nowhere to go / All these remotes but I'm.
Jesus Jones - Tongue Tied Lyrics. Tongue tied It's killing me I'm trapped in words Held hostage by my friends Tripped up by meaning Taking a road just to get to ...
Jesus Jones - February Lyrics. You're never going to say the things you want to say The things you want to change will usually stay that way The promises you ...
Jesus Jones - The Princess Of My Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Princess of My Heart' by Jesus Jones. The princess of my heart, she is someone I know / She doesn't appear in the headlines wherever I go / The.
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Who am I? Where am I? Why do I feel this way? Where am I? Why do I feel this way? Have you ever felt that it's someone else living your life? The image of you  ...
Jesus Jones - The Right Decision Lyrics. Compromise and confusion steal us away When they say ignorance is bliss It makes it sound too good to miss How ...

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