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Jerry Jeff Walker - Stoney Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stoney' by Jerry Jeff Walker. I first ran into Stoney / It was a bar downtown / Was Richmond, Virginia / We were bumming around / Suitcase to.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Public Domain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Public Domain' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Bob Livingston/Gary P. Nunn / Got my irons in the fire down in Texas / Got a toe hold in Tennessee / Got my foot.
Jerry Jeff Walker - L.A. Freeway Lyrics
Lyrics to 'L.A. Freeway' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Pack up all your dishes / Make note of all good wishes / Say goodbye to the landlord for me / That sum-bitch has.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Mr. Bojangles Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mr. Bojangles' by Jerry Jeff Walker. I knew a man Bojangles and he danced for you / In worn out shoes / Silver hair, a ragged shirt and baggy pants /
Jerry Jeff Walker - Gettin' By Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gettin' By' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Ahh buckaroos, Scamp Walker time again / I'm trying to slide one by you once more / Don't matter how you do it, you.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother' by Jerry Jeff Walker: M is for the mud flaps she gave me for my pickup truck O is for the oil I put on my hair T.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Jaded Lover Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jaded Lover' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Well now it won't be but a week or two / 'Til you'll be out lovin' someone new / Seems like it's happened a.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Trashy Women Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trashy Women' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Well I was raised in a sophisticated kind of style / But my taste in music and women drove my folks half wild /
Jerry Jeff Walker - Charlie Dunn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Charlie Dunn' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Well, if you're ever in Austin, Texas / A little run down on your sole / I'm gonna tell you the name of a man to.
Jerry Jeff Walker - London Homesick Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'London Homesick Blues' by Jerry Jeff Walker: I wanna go home with the armadillo Good country music from Amarillo and Abilene The friendliest ...
Jerry Jeff Walker - About Her Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'About Her Eyes' by Jerry Jeff Walker. About her eyes, now they're misty shinin' / About her hair, it's long and clean / About her face, now it's soft.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Little Bird Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Little Bird' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Little bird come sit upon my window sill / Sat there through the falling rain / I watched that little bird upon my.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Hill Country Rain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hill Country Rain' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Sometimes I just wake up humming / feeling like my world is right / wanna jump right up & walk outside, take.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Railroad Lady Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Railroad Lady' by Jerry Jeff Walker. She's a railroad lady, just a little bit shady, / Spending her days on the train. / She's a semi good-looker,
Jerry Jeff Walker - Pissin' In The Wind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pissin' In The Wind' by Jerry Jeff Walker. / That the answer my friend is just pissin' in the wind / The answer is pissin' in the sink.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Blue Mood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blue Mood' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Jerry Jeff Walker / Well I'd already turned the lights out, almost gone to sleep / When a little voice inside me.
BROOKS & DUNN LYRICS - The Ballad Of Jerry Jeff Walker
Lyrics to "The Ballad Of Jerry Jeff Walker" song by BROOKS & DUNN: Jerry Jeff Walker stumbled up the stairs on his way to the Stage with a Martin guitar and a ...
Jerry Jeff Walker - Get It Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get It Out' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Oh some times, seems I can't find the lines, babe to tell you are mine / But I feel I have to keep trying, all my.
Jerry Jeff Walker - My Old Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Old Man' by Jerry Jeff Walker. My old man had a rounder soul / He'd hear an ol' freight train and he'd have to go / Said he'd been blessed with a.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Desperados Waiting For A Train Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Desperados Waiting For A Train' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Yeah I played the Red River Valley / He'd sit in the kitchen and cry / Run the fingers through.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Night Rider's Lament Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Night Rider's Lament' by Jerry Jeff Walker. One night while I was out a ridin' / The grave yard shift, midnight 'til dawn / The moon was bright as a.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Lovin' Makes Livin' Worthwhile Lyrics
Jerry Jeff Walker. I'm just sitting here counting my money. Wondering why I'm in love with you honey. And why everybody is so high strung these days. Price of ...
Jerry Jeff Walker - Contrary To Ordinary Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Contrary To Ordinary' by Jerry Jeff Walker. I never live my life through other people's eyes / I guess I've always been the one they said was / Too.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Old Five And Dimers Like Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Old Five And Dimers Like Me' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Yea, well I spent a lifetime / Just makin' up my mind to be, / More than the measure of / What I.
Jerry Jeff Walker - I Love You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Love You' by Jerry Jeff Walker. I've been a fool, fool hearted, stumbled once or twice / You came and put me back on my feet / Patchin' together.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Love Changes Everything Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Changes Everything' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Jerry Jeff Walker / Felt like writing a song, one that kind of rolls along / One simple and true, easy.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Sangria Wine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sangria Wine' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Friends come for Saturday night / Man it's nice to make up some sangria wine / It's organic and it comes from the.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Rodeo Cowboy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rodeo Cowboy' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Dave Gilstrap / Yeah, I work all week just to make a draw, / Sometimes I don't ride 'em at all. / But I'm hooked.
Jerry Jeff Walker - What I Like About Texas Lyrics
Jerry Jeff Walker. You ask me what I like about Texas I tell you it's the wide open spaces! It's everything between the Sabine and the Rio Grande. It's the Llano ...
Jerry Jeff Walker - Backsliders Wine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Backsliders Wine' by Jerry Jeff Walker. As the rain ruins my alibi / I'm down to tellin' you my red-eyed mind / It's not the sun bright path / That.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Cowboy Boots And Bathing Suits Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Cowboy Boots and Bathing Suits' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Jerry Jeff Walker / We've been here a week or so, / Now it's finally time to go. / Can't.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Navajo Rug Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Navajo Rug' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Well it's two eggs up on whiskey toast / Home fries on the side, / You wash her down with the roadhouse coffee /
Jerry Jeff Walker - Morning Song To Sally Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Morning Song to Sally' by Jerry Jeff Walker. As the morning light stretched in across my bed / I thought of you, hmmmm. / Remembering your laughing.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Hairy Ass Hillbillies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hairy Ass Hillbillies' by Jerry Jeff Walker. This song it was written down / In a pea green windowless room / Four o'clock and the TV's dead / Wired.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Singin' The Dinosaur Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Singin' the Dinosaur Blues' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Steven Fromholz / Me and my friends are getting long in the tooth / After three or four decades of.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Let 'er Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let 'er Go' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Last night I sat out on the boat dock and smoked a big cigar / Let my mind drift back along the road of life / I've.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Keep Texas Beautiful Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Keep Texas Beautiful' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Jerry Jeff Walker / Texas in October, is about as pretty as it gets / But Texas in the springtime, is.
Jerry Jeff Walker - I'll Be Your San Antone Rose Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'll Be Your San Antone Rose' by Jerry Jeff Walker. If they'll play another love song / And if that Miller High Life sign stays dim / And if you'll.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Quiet Faith Of Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Quiet Faith Of Man' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Bill Staines / A baby child is born along the highway / A tiny little thing upon the land / An okie with.
Jerry Jeff Walker - Life On The Road Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Life On The Road' by Jerry Jeff Walker. Last year we went to London and Paris, Texas / We went on a bus tour, the great Texas honky tonk tour / Here.

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