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JayteKz - Take Your Time Lyrics
Apr 13, 2016 Lyrics for Take Your Time by JayteKz. ohhhh nooo I don't know if I should be here be here ohhhh nooo I don't know if I should be...
Lyrics to "Take Your Time" song by JAYTEKZ: Sitting in my room and I can't figure out where the fuck I'm at One day I'm good and the next everyt...
JayteKz - Consequence Lyrics. Uh! I can't ... Baby I'm talking to you, cause your my child imma make sure we pull it through. And I ain't ... 4, Take Your Time.
JAYTEKZ LYRICS - Soul Searching
Lyrics to "Soul Searching" song by JAYTEKZ: So much weight on my chest, I feel so alone, don't ... "Jay, you gon' be just fine, you just gotta give it time, find your peace of mind. ... Chasing all my dreams, but I don't know where it's gon' take me
JAYTEKZ LYRICS - Love Yourself
Lyrics to "Love Yourself" song by JAYTEKZ: So I heard the other day you finally found someone ... Arguing every second cause your mind still wasn't rational
Lyrics to "Life Is Good" song by JAYTEKZ: Life is good Yeah, life is good Life is good Yeah, life is good Life is good Yeah, ... Never give up when you're stuck through your deepest lows. ... Take it slow but don't ever stop. ... It's time to pack up.
Lyrics to "Ten Toes Down" song by JAYTEKZ: Yeah, take a look into my ... Voices telling me to pick your poison, you either OD or shoot yourself, Just do a coin ...
JayteKz - The Reason lyrics and translation
Jun 1, 2015 Lyrics and translation for The Reason by JayteKz. Yeah I must admit that your pretty close to perfect Everytime I see your smile, I get kind...
Lyrics to "Fall Apart" song by JAYTEKZ: When did we start? I can't remember at ... JAYTEKZ LYRICS. "Fall Apart" ... Taking hella shots with a chick I could dunk... oh . What the ... Aye, but as time goes on. I still miss ... I'mma stay by your side, yo,
JayteKz song lyrics collection. Browse 11 lyrics and 8 JayteKz albums. ... 3, Take Your Time. 4, The Reason. 5, The Vent. 6, Believe. 7, Soul Searching.
Lyrics to "Hourglass" song by JAYTEKZ: I close my eyes and let my mind contemplate Would i be satisfied ... I've been patiently waiting for when my time is right
Lyrics to "The Truth" song by JAYTEKZ: Yo, sometimes I wonder what this life is for. 'Cause I done been through hell ... Don't you dare take that leap when you're pushed upon the cliff. Don't you dare lay on your back when these motherfuckers bring you down. ... So much to learn but this time is running out. Will I succeed up  ...
JAYTEKZ LYRICS - Empty Thoughts
Lyrics to "Empty Thoughts" song by JAYTEKZ: I don't know how to feel about this, man I'm... I just need ... Any day can very much be your last one! I talked to pops just the ... Doing time for some shit he never did. ... So for that I'll take the blame!
JAYTEKZ LYRICS - Thinking About You
See I got a couple questions, If you give me the time of day. I want your love and affection. I can heal all your heartbreaks. If you want we can take it slow, ain't no ...
The Vent lyrics and translation - JayteKz
Sep 27, 2015 Lyrics and translation for The Vent by JayteKz. ... to prove em wrong I knew my time was coming soon, I knew it all along Now I'm taking flights, ...
JayteKz - All of Me Lyrics. yeah, i know we just met, but you're beautiful never seen a smile that was so therapeutical seen ... Artist: JayteKz ... 4, Take Your Time.
JayteKz - Until the Finish Lyrics. uh, i'd take a shot for you and everything we did and everything we ... i can bet what you're giving him comes from your regrets
JayteKz - The Struggle Lyrics
Mar 26, 2015 Lyrics for The Struggle by JayteKz has been translated in 1 languages ... I'm going through Joel changed yo fuck it man I know it's true What you expect man my uncle just killed himself I wish he'd take that will to just rebuild himself If I could I'd turn back the hands of time I'd ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
THE SCRIPT LYRICS - Before The Worst
With your empty heart and mine full of pain. So explain to me, ... Is trying to take it back before it all went wrong ... There was a time, that we'd stay up all night
JayteKz - All of Me Lyrics
Feb 21, 2016 Lyrics for All of Me by JayteKz. yeah, i know we just met, but you're beautiful never seen a smile that was so ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
JayteKz - Can You Tell Me Lyrics
Mar 15, 2017 Lyrics for Can You Tell Me by JayteKz. Yeah, I take a Swing and let my mind drift I sit back and loose my self and ... my mind drift I sit back and loose my self and watch the time shift Cause then ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
Lyrics to "Take My Soul" song by AUTOMATIC LOVELETTER: Take My Soul Break My Heart Get it on Shake me ... Baby have your fight ... Time to be together
PHORA LYRICS - A Letter To Her
By the way, did you speak to your mom? ... Cause In a blink of an eye they can take you out the world ... You just gotta give it some time for your wings to grow
I'mma probably hit your city and rep Vegas all in that bitch. Look, ladies all on ... I spit real shit for the real niggas, truth is they can't take this shit. These niggas try ...
PHORA LYRICS - If I Gave You My Heart
It assures me when I look into your eyes I'm not alone. She's ain't trippin' on no ... Every time I fucked up, you had the love to take me back. Look, I know it's crazy ...
JADAKISS LYRICS - Ooouuu (Remix)
Before you win, you gotta take a loss. They call the ... And when it's time to pop they a no-show. Yea I'm ... If that's your chick, then why she texting me? Why she  ...
Jamie Foxx - Fall For Your Type Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fall For Your Type' by Jamie Foxx: 'Cause man it's been a while, and I swear that this ones different. ... Not supposed to make you different all the time. It's starting to feel ... That's why I'ma take you anywhere you wanna go. Let you ...
OASIS LYRICS - Live Forever
Lyrics to "Live Forever" song by OASIS: Maybe I don't really wanna know How your garden grows 'Cause I just wanna fly Lately ... Now's the time to find out why
Pentatonix - See Through Lyrics
World under my skin / There for you to find / All I've kept within / Lay before your eyes / I can't afford to lose / ... So take a look inside ... For the very first time,
MAC MILLER LYRICS - Watching Movies
Woah, think it's time for a revolution. Me and my ... Been on my grind, taking what's mine. I got my eyes on ... She ain't your girl tonight, nah, that bitch a groupie
KEVIN LYTTLE LYRICS - Never Wanna Make U Cry
never wanna make those tears, come to your eyes [verse 1] ... Cuz i'm gonna take you on a ride. And forget your ... I wanna make you mine, all the time. Thats no ...
PHORA LYRICS - Small Circle
I'll be in your city soon, guess you gotta come and see. And lately I been stressing . ... Believe I keep my circle small. no time for bullshit, man I heard it all [2x] I seen so many friends turn to ... Call me up trynna take it back. And I tell 'em is cool
RAIGN LYRICS - Don't Let Me Go
Let me lay my head down on the shadow by your side. Don't let me go ... So let me freeze time. Before it turns ... Are taking every breath I wish I held. The love in  ...
J-JON LYRICS - Pretty Again
My friends told me I should've left yo ass that first time you cheated, ... I was even there when your family was acting different, and I still got cheated on. I guess I ...
If we all grind, we all shine, fuck a part time. I used to play the block early morning and dark time. Now it's G5 ... it's our time. Just take a look at my life, rapping brought me back to life ... In the hood ain't no loyalty, ain't no world for your daughter
LIFEHOUSE LYRICS - Whatever It Takes
Lyrics to "Whatever It Takes" song by LIFEHOUSE: A strangled smile fell from your face It kills me that I hurt ... But remember the time I told you the way that I felt
See your mama knew I was something else, she knew how I felt ... Second one, I' ll take yours and fill it all up ... And you'd be my wife, make it right this time
Toni Braxton - Hurt You Lyrics
I never meant to break your heart (Your heart baby) God knows I never meant to turn you out, turn you out. Never meant to take it that far, that baby. God knows I ...
Juelz Santana - I Can Feel It In The Air Lyrics
it's like every time the wind blow I get goose bumps i'm the future (I can feel ... they can't take what's un-take-able (I can feel it in the air) I ain't just with you to the  ...
Lil Wayne - If I Die Today Lyrics
You f**k with me wrong, I knock your head off your neck. The flight too long, I got a ... Thought he was bullet proof till he got hit the fifth time. Drop palm olive in ...

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