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Jane Siberry - The Taxi Ride Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Taxi Ride' by Jane Siberry. It's clear to me now / I understand / A jump of cards in / An idle man's hand / Oh, oh, you're sleeping / This is the.
Jane Siberry - One More Colour Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One More Colour' by Jane Siberry. 'Is it lasting?' / And in asking the sphere becomes a line / A dotted line and to follow it / You must make a jump.
Calling All Angels Lyrics - Jane Siberry and K.D. Lang
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Calling All Angels" from "Jane Siberry and K.D. Lang": Calling all angels calling all angels, Walk me through this one, Don't ...
Jane Siberry - The Walking (And Constantly) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Walking (And Constantly)' by Jane Siberry. The walking and constantly / An endless stream of endless dreams / That wheel and roll just past my.
Jane Siberry - At The Beginning Of Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'At The Beginning Of Time' by Jane Siberry. At the beginning of time / Before there were waves / We'd sit in our boats / We'd float there all day /
Jane Siberry - Hockey Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hockey' by Jane Siberry. Winter time and the frozen river / Sunday afternoon / They're playing hockey on the river / Rosy / He'll have that scar on.
Jane Siberry - It Can't Rain All The Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It Can't Rain All The Time' by Jane Siberry: Sometimes you can barely tell the difference Between darkness and light.
Jane Siberry - Goodbye Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Goodbye' by Jane Siberry. Tiny dot, strand of sand / Waves that sigh beneath the hand / I stand the singing seashore / The earth and you are round /
Jane Siberry - Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog' by Jane Siberry. Everything reminds me of my dog / The guy in the store reminds me of my dog / Telephones  ...
Jane Siberry Lyrics
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Jane Siberry - Symmetry (The Way Things Have To Be) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Symmetry (The Way Things Have to Be)' by Jane Siberry. Or say you're in a room / And there's a beautiful fire / And you're looking out the window /
Jane Siberry - Mimi On The Beach Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mimi On The Beach' by Jane Siberry: Well, this is not a locker room And that's a surfboard, not a yacht The arrangement's not quite, quite there.
Jane Siberry - Oh My My Lyrics
Jane Siberry - Bound By The Beauty Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bound By The Beauty' by Jane Siberry. I'm bound by the fire / I'm bound by the beauty / I'm bound by desire / I'm bound by the duty / I'm coming back.
Jane Siberry - Slow Tango Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slow Tango' by Jane Siberry. On the sixth day / When the word came / We began our journey / We would not break the promise / Lonely, hasten to the.
Jane Siberry - Marco Polo Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Marco Polo' by Jane Siberry. How did I ever get into this mess / I fell in the river and I wrecked my dress / I wanted to look good because he's.
Jane Siberry - Goodbye Sweet Pumpkinhead Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Goodbye Sweet Pumpkinhead' by Jane Siberry. would you believe me if I said that you`re the one / that I`ve been waiting for for so long? / and I`ve.
Jane Siberry - The Gospel According To Darkness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Gospel According To Darkness' by Jane Siberry: Darlin' You know when you open up your eyes? (Oh, I'm afraid there won't be anyone) I'm ...
Jane Siberry - Bessie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bessie' by Jane Siberry. I'm going to take a rope / And put it over her shoulders / And head for the river / And practice on boulders / And when.
K. D. Lang - The Valley (Jane Siberry) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Valley (Jane Siberry)' by K. D. Lang. I live in the hills / You live in the valleys / And all that you know / Are these blackbirds / You rise.
Jane Siberry - Shir Amami Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shir Amami' by Jane Siberry. I look into the well / In the light of the morning sun / Perhaps within the jug I draw / I'll find the bliss of.
Jane Siberry - All The Candles In The World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All The Candles In The World' by Jane Siberry. *and how many of us will there be?* / more than we are now. / *and where will we come from?* / the.
Jane Siberry - Maria Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Maria' by Jane Siberry. maria...maria...maria...maria... / maria is on my mind / everything you do, everything you say / everytime you run, everytime.
Jane Siberry - Half Angel Half Eagle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Half Angel Half Eagle' by Jane Siberry. Someone's mother falls to the sidewalk / On the next street someone looks up / In the cathedral a burst of.
Jane Siberry - Burning Ship Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Burning Ship' by Jane Siberry. Sixty thousand sheep on a burning ship sailing across the deep blue sea / And not a soul in sight and the boiler room.
Jane Siberry - You Will Be Born Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Will Be Born' by Jane Siberry. And you will be alone, / and no one will step forward / from the Shadows saying / 'The Journey Forward Includes.
Jane Siberry - All Through The Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All Through The Night' by Jane Siberry. Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee / All through the night / Guardian angels God will send thee / All.
Jane Siberry - O Shenandoah * Sail Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'O Shenandoah * Sail Away' by Jane Siberry. Sail away, sail on out / Cross the wide Missouri / O Shenandoah I long to see you / Far away you rollin'
Jane Siberry - Caravan Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Caravan' by Jane Siberry. O - it was a snowy night / The caravan traveling across the desert land / The stars were hanging heavy in the absence of .
Jane Siberry - The Water Is Wide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Water Is Wide' by Jane Siberry. The water is wide, I can't cross o'er / And neither have I wings to fly / Build me a boat that can carry two /
Jane Siberry - The Waitress Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Waitress' by Jane Siberry. Waitress / Waitress / Waitress / I have to clear your table / So I wipe it, it's right to keep it clean / So I clean,
Jane Siberry - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot' by Jane Siberry. Swing low, sweet chariot / Comin` for to carry me home / Swing low, sweet chariot / Comin` for to carry me.
Jane Siberry - Jacob's Ladder Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jacob's Ladder' by Jane Siberry. We are climbing Jacob's ladder / We are climbing Jacob's ladder / We are climbing Jacob's ladder / Children of the.
K. D. Lang - Love Is Everything (Jane Siberry) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Is Everything (Jane Siberry)' by K. D. Lang. Maybe it was to learn how to love / Maybe it was to learn how to leave / Or maybe it was for the.
Jane Siberry - Miss Punta Blanca Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Miss Punta Blanca' by Jane Siberry. I could've been Miss Punta Blanca / I could've but I didn't want ta / I think I could've been a winner / If I'd.
Jane Siberry - Ol' Man River Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ol' Man River' by Jane Siberry. Here we all work 'long the Mississippi / Here we all work while the white folks play / Pullin' them boats from the.
Jane Siberry - In The Bleak Mid-Winter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Bleak Mid-Winter' by Jane Siberry. In the bleak mid-winter / Frosty wind made moan / Earth stood hard as iron / Water like a stone / Snow had .
Jane Siberry - Barkis Is Willin' Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Barkis Is Willin'' by Jane Siberry. So I'm walking down the road / No one else will take my load, so I will / Everyone is laughing, baby. / And.
Jane Siberry - An Angel Stepped Down (And Slowly Looked Around ...
Lyrics to 'An Angel Stepped Down (And Slowly Looked Around)' by Jane Siberry. *come on baby come on give me* / come give your love to me again / and ...
Jane Siberry - See The Child Lyrics
Lyrics to 'See The Child' by Jane Siberry: A child was lost at sea today Afloat on an ice floe They floated away A white cloud A carpet A white sleigh.

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