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Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Night Nurse' by Gregory Isaacs: Night nurse, night nurse.
Gregory Isaacs - Rumours Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rumours' by Gregory Isaacs: Rumours dem spreadin' Claim that a sensee me plantin' But I man a de Don ina de jugglin' A pure rumours a gwan ...
The Isaacs - Waiting in the Water Lyrics
Lyrics for Waiting in the Water by The Isaacs. A helpless man blind from birth The only one who saw his worth Didn't pass him by, He hear...
Gregory Isaacs - Stranger In Town Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stranger In Town' by Gregory Isaacs: Not be familiar with.
Gregory Isaacs - Cool Down The Pace Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cool Down The Pace' by Gregory Isaacs. Went to a dance last Saturday night / I was feeling tipsy, the mood was right / Sight a little daughter.
Gregory Isaacs - Objection Overruled Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Objection Overruled' by Gregory Isaacs. Please give me a chance / So I can make my confession / Or do I was wrong? / Won't you please overrule ...
Gregory Isaacs - Not The Way Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Not The Way' by Gregory Isaacs. Go and tell her you're sorry / You ain't too big to apologize, no / If you care that much about her / You gotta treat.
Gregory Isaacs - Sad To Know Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sad To Know' by Gregory Isaacs. Oh yeah, / After you made my day / Hurts to know you're going away / Seems like my life begin to ruin / Now that.
Gregory Isaacs - Private Secretary Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Private Secretary' by Gregory Isaacs. Ah ha, ah ha, ah ha / She was seeking for some vacancy / Said she wanna be my secretary / She never pass her.
Gregory Isaacs - Love Is Overdue Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Is Overdue' by Gregory Isaacs: Who's gonna tell me lies and let me think the truth.
Gregory Isaacs - Philistines Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Philistines' by Gregory Isaacs. What a lala............ / Verse 1: / According to the fills / The Philistines surround my hills / Got to make a run /
Gregory Isaacs - Red Rose For Gregory Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Red Rose For Gregory' by Gregory Isaacs. Red rose for Gregory / A special delivery with question signs / From whom I don't know / Red roses for me,  ...
Gregory Isaacs - Private Beach Party Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Private Beach Party' by Gregory Isaacs. You and me love gonna get it together / Gonna do what we want after eleven / You miss me and tease me ...
The Isaacs - The Three Bells Lyrics
Lyrics for The Three Bells by The Isaacs. There's a village hidden deep in the valley Among the pine trees half forlorn And there on...
Gregory Isaacs - Sunshine for Me Lyrics
Lyrics for Sunshine for Me by Gregory Isaacs. Oh yeah Do do do do, I'm not rich but the sun shines on me And I never cry 'cause I know t...
The Isaacs - Is Not This the Land of Beulah lyrics and translation ...
Mar 19, 2013 Lyrics and translation for Is Not This the Land of Beulah by The Isaacs. I am dwelling on the mountain, Where the golden sunlight gleams O'er a ...
The Isaacs - Labor of Love lyrics
Lyrics for Labor of Love by The Isaacs. It was not a silent night there was blood on the ground you could hear a woman cry in the alleway that night on the stre...
The Isaacs - The Living Years Lyrics
Lyrics for The Living Years by The Isaacs. every generation blames the one before and all of their frustrations come beating on your ...
Gregory Isaacs - Bang Belly Lyrics
Aug 28, 2016 Lyrics for Bang Belly by Gregory Isaacs. bang bang bang bang belly said the woman with the big belly bang belly said the woman with...
Gregory Isaacs - Number One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Number One' by Gregory Isaacs. I heard you say to me you want to be my no. 1 / So let's talk about it, sister, now the game has just begun / So if.
Gregory Isaacs - The Border Lyrics
Lyrics for The Border by Gregory Isaacs. If I could reach the border then I will step across, So please take me to the border. No m...
Isaacs - There Through It All Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There Through It All' by Isaacs. Jesus is there through it all / When you' re tired of crying, tired of trying / Feeling Empty and tempted to fall /
The Isaacs - If That Isn't Love Lyrics
Jun 18, 2015 Lyrics for If That Isn't Love by The Isaacs. He left the splendor of heaven Knowing His destiny Was the lonely hill of Golgotha There t...
Gregory Isaacs - Substitute Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Substitute' by Gregory Isaacs. Suzan told me to leave / saying she's a woman who's cute / All of a sudden she said she found a substitute / But I'm.
Gregory Isaacs - Mr Cop Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mr Cop' by Gregory Isaacs. Please Mr. Cop....Cool down now / Please Mr. Cop ....Down to the ground / Cool down your temper...Mr. Cop / Cool down /
The Isaacs - I'm Gonna Love You Through It Lyrics
Nov 20, 2015 Lyrics for I'm Gonna Love You Through It by The Isaacs. She dropped the phone and burst into tears The doctor just confirmed her fears Her ...
Gregory Isaacs - A Promise (Is A Comfort To A Fool) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'A Promise (Is A Comfort To A Fool)' by Gregory Isaacs. She dobbie, dobbie, dobbie, do, yeah / Don't break your promise, no, girl / That you once made.
Gregory Isaacs - Soon Forward Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Soon Forward' by Gregory Isaacs. Soon forward, come turn me on / You told me that you soon forward, come turn me on, now / Turn your lamps down ...
Poor And Clean Lyrics - Gregory Isaacs
Gregory Isaacs ( from about 1979?) called POOR AND CLEAN a rich mans heaven is a poor mans hell so many years I've been slaving in your factory
Gregory Isaacs - Thief A Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thief A Man' by Gregory Isaacs. Don't keep it up, don't keep it up / Thief a man, you're just a part of Babylon's plan / Thief a man, you even steal.
The Isaacs - Paul's Ministry Lyrics
Mar 22, 2016 Lyrics for Paul's Ministry by The Isaacs. The Lord said Stand up Paul and dry up your tears You must Preach the Gospel for many long...
Isaacs Lyrics
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Gregory Isaacs - Slave Master Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slave Master' by Gregory Isaacs. No competition, I make you my decision, yeah / Every time I hear the music and I make a dip, a dip / Slave master .
The Isaacs - I Will Praise Him Lyrics
Mar 12, 2015 Lyrics for I Will Praise Him by The Isaacs. I saw the cleansing fountain Open wide for all my sin I obeyed the spirits wooing When he ...
Isaacs - Heroes Lyrics
Momma combs his hair and daddy helps him brush his teeth. Day after day for thirty years the same routine. The special needs he lives with makes life seem so  ...
Gregory Isaacs Lyrics
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Gregory Isaacs - Front Door Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Front Door' by Gregory Isaacs. I gave her back the key to her front door / 'cause it seems she didn't care about me anymore / I gave her all the love.
Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse lyrics
Lyrics for Night Nurse by Gregory Isaacs. Tell her try your best just to make it quick Woman tend to the sick 'Cause there must be something she can do This ...
The Isaacs - Heroes lyrics
1 explanation to Heroes lyrics by The Isaacs: Momma combs his hair / And daddy helps him brush his teeth / Day after day for thirty years.
Isaacs - Peace Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Peace' by Isaacs. I heard about these kids walkin' on a train track / Forty tons of steel bearin' down on them / And they just turned their backs /

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