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Iris Dement - Let The Mystery Be Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let the Mystery Be' by Iris Dement: Everybody's worryin' 'bout where they're gonna go When the whole thing's done But no one knows for certain and.
Iris Dement - He Reached Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'He Reached Down' by Iris Dement. (Verse 1) / A certain man one day did go down to Jericho / Fallin among thieves along the way / Well they stripped.
Iris Dement - No Time To Cry Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Time To Cry' by Iris Dement: There's a half a dozen tragedies from which to pick and choose. The baby that was missing was found in a ditch.
Iris Dement - Our Town Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Our Town' by Iris Dement. And you know the sun's settin' fast / And just like they say nothing good ever lasts / Well, go on now and kiss it goodbye.
Iris Dement - You've Done Nothing Wrong Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You've Done Nothing Wrong' by Iris Dement. Well, you told me that you wished that things had not, / Turned out this way. / You never thought there'd.
Iris Dement - Quality Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Quality Time' by Iris Dement. She's got a phone in one hand, a hairbrush in the other / and she says, "Life's too short to stay home and be a.
Iris Dement - Wasteland Of The Free Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wasteland of the Free' by Iris Dement. Living in the wasteland of the free ... / We got preachers dealing in politics and diamond mines / and their.
Iris Dement - My Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Life' by Iris Dement. My life, it don't count for nothing / When I look at this world I feel so small / My life, it's only a season / A passing.
Iris Dement - Calling For You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Calling For You' by Iris Dement. I woke up this morning without you / Don't ask me how but I got through / The floor of this room I've been pacing /
Iris Dement - Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day' by Iris Dement. Standing barefoot on a cold wood floor, / Looking out the window of my back door. / If it keeps on.
Iris Dement - Hotter Than Mojave In My Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hotter Than Mojave in My Heart' by Iris Dement. Well, I've heard them say there's one for everybody / And I just knew somehow that you'd be the one.
Iris Dement - Listening To Singing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Listening To Singing' by Iris Dement. A woman's voice, like the wind, it rushes / Nocturnal, moist and black / And as it flies, whatever it brushes /
Iris Dement - Leaning On The Everlasting Arms Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Leaning on the Everlasting Arms' by Iris Dement. What a fellowship, what a joy divine, / Leaning on the everlasting arms; / What a blessedness, what.
Iris Dement - There's A Whole Lotta Heaven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There's a Whole Lotta Heaven' by Iris Dement. Theres a Whole Lotta Heaven / Theres a whole lot of people talkin bout getting in the gloryland way /
Iris Dement - Sweet Is The Melody Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweet Is The Melody' by Iris Dement. Sweet is the melody, so hard to come by / It's so hard to make every note bend just right / You lay down the.
Iris Dement - God Walks The Dark Hills Lyrics
Lyrics to 'God Walks the Dark Hills' by Iris Dement. God walks the dark hills / The ways, the by ways / He walks through the billows / Of life's troubled sea /
Iris Dement - Mama's Opry Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mama's Opry' by Iris Dement. She grew up plain and simple in a farming town / Her daddy played the fiddle and use to do the calling / When they had.
Iris Dement - Out Of The Fire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Out Of the Fire' by Iris Dement. On a gravel back-road, down deep in the Fall / So long ago, yet how well I recall / My Grandfather's green truck.
Iris Dement - These Hills Lyrics
Lyrics to 'These Hills' by Iris Dement. Far away I've traveled / To stand once more alone / And hear my memories echo / Through these hills that I call home /
Iris Dement - The Kingdom Has Already Come Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Kingdom Has Already Come' by Iris Dement. I stopped in the church to pray, It was the middle of the day / And I dont even know if I believe in.
Iris Dement - Sweet Forgiveness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweet Forgiveness' by Iris Dement. Sweet forgiveness, that's what you give to me / When you hold me close and you say 'That's all over' / You don't.
Iris Dement - When MY Mornin' Comes Around Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When MY Mornin' Comes Around' by Iris Dement: Wake up and find that my faults have been forgiven and that's when I'll start living When my mornin'
Iris Dement - Infamous Angel Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Infamous Angel' by Iris Dement. Last night before I went to sleep my knees dropped to the floor / I turned me eyes up to the sky and I prayed 'Please.
Iris Dement - Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fifty Miles of Elbow Room' by Iris Dement. Twelve-hundred miles, it's length and breadth / That four-square city stands / It's gem-set walls of.
Iris Dement - If That Ain't Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If That Ain't Love' by Iris Dement. #6 If That Aint Love / My dad worked at the Movieland Wax Museum / He was the guy who kept the cobwebs off.
Iris Dement - Letter To Mom Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Letter to Mom' by Iris Dement. I wrote my mother yesterday 'cause I had some things that I had to say / and I know that when she reads them she's.
Iris Dement - Sing The Delta Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sing the Delta' by Iris Dement. So you're headed down a Southern way, / passing thru the Delta some time today? / In my mind, pictures line the walls.
Iris Dement - There's A Wall In Washington Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There's a Wall in Washington' by Iris Dement. There's a wall in Washington / and it's made of cold black granite / They say 60000 names are etched.
Iris Dement - The Shores Of Jordan Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Shores Of Jordan' by Iris Dement. Well, I looked up into heaven, I thought I'd solve life's mysteries. / I observed the constellations for a clue.
Iris Dement - The Old Gospel Ship Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Old Gospel Ship' by Iris Dement. I have good news to bring / And that is why I sing, / All my joys with you I will share. / Well I'm gonna take a.
Iris Dement - Lot's Wife Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lot's Wife' by Iris Dement. And he who was righteous / loomed radiant, striding / Behind the Lord's messenger up the black hill / But she walked.
Iris Dement - After You're Gone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'After You're Gone' by Iris Dement. / There will be laughter even after you 're gone / I'll find reason and I'll face that empty dawn / 'Cause I've.
Iris Dement - When Love Was Young Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When Love Was Young' by Iris Dement. Look at you, look at me / My heart breaks as I read our sad story / Never thought that I'd be / Here with you.
Iris Dement - The Way I Should Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Way I Should' by Iris Dement. A cold wind against my shoulder woke me up in the middle of the night / An Autumn leaf was scraping against my.
Iris Dement - Reject The Burden Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reject The Burden' by Iris Dement. Reject the burden of all earthly solace / Put from your heart the claims of home and wife / Does your child.
Iris Dement - I've Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'I've Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart' by Iris Dement. I'm glad Jesus came, glory to His name. oh what a Friend is He / He so freely gave, His.
Iris Dement - Childhood Memories Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Childhood Memories' by Iris Dement: When I was just a kid you taught my prayers to me. Then you.
Iris Dement - Higher Ground Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Higher Ground' by Iris Dement. No voice has inspired me more than my mother's. / She showed me that music is a pathway to higher ground / I'm.
Iris Dement - Before The Colors Fade Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Before the Colors Fade' by Iris Dement. Before the colors fade from view / I sit alone remembering you / And all those things you'd say and do / And.
Iris Dement - The Night I Learned How Not To Pray Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Night I Learned How Not To Pray' by Iris Dement. I was laying on my belly on the middle of the living room floor / I was watching Howdy Doody so.

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