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Kinks - The Village Green Preservation Society Lyrics
We are the Village Green Preservation Society. God save Donald Duck, vaudeville and variety. We are the Desperate Dan Appreciation Society. God save ...
Kinks - Beautiful Delilah Lyrics
98 People Take Pictures Of Each Other [European Stereo Mix] · 99 Interview re Village Green Preservation Society · 100 The Village Green Preservation Society.
Kinks - Village Green Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Village Green' by Kinks. Out in the country, / Far from all the soot and noise of the city, / There's a village green. / It's been a long time /
Kinks - Big Sky Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Big Sky' by Kinks. Big Sky looked down on all the people looking up at the big sky, / Everybody's pushing one another around. / Big Sky feels sad.
They say that you're a fanatic with a mission. We all go ... And reporters came around and asked for interviews ... 15, The Village Green Preservation Society.
A Well Respected Man Lyrics
... in the Sand · Interview: Ray Davies Talks About Village Green Preservation Society · Village Green Preservation Society [Live at the Playhouse Theatre, 1968 ...
Kinks - I Go To Sleep Lyrics
I go to sleep, sleep, and imagine that you're there with me. I go to sleep, sleep, and imagine that you're there with me. I look around me and feel you are ever so  ...
Kinks - Johnny Thunder Lyrics
Johnny Thunder lives on water, feeds on lightning. Johnny Thunder don't need no one, don't want money. And all the people of the town,. They can't get through  ...
Kinks - This Strange Effect Lyrics
Lyrics to 'This Strange Effect' by Kinks. You've got this strange effect on me, / And I like it. / You've got this strange effect on me, / And I like it. / You.
Kinks - Creeping Jean Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Creeping Jean' by Kinks. You're not leaving so discreet, / Just creeping out on me. / Your dizzy head, and smoky eyes, / You'll find some other's bed.
Kinks - A Well Respected Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Well Respected Man' by Kinks. 'Cause he gets up in the morning, / And he goes to work at nine, / And he comes back home at five-thirty, / Gets the.
Kinks - She's Got Everything Lyrics
I've got a girl who's oh, so good, She's got everything. I've got a girl and she is mine, She's got everything. Pretty ringlets in her hair, Pretty clothes that she can ...
Kinks - Strangers Lyrics
'cause soon I feel you're gonna carry us away. In a promised lie you made us believe. For many men there is so much grief. And my mind is proud but it aches  ...
Kinks - Do You Remember Walter? Lyrics
Walter, if you saw me now, you wouldn't even know my name. I bet you're fat and married, And you're always home in bed by half past eight. And if I talked about ...
Kinks - I'm On An Island Lyrics
I'm on an island and I've got nowhere to swim. Oh, what a mood I am in, I'm on an island. I'm on an island since my girl left me behind. She said that I'm not her ...
Kinks - Mindless Child Of Motherhood Lyrics
I feel for you, though we're far apart. I see your face, Lost without trace, I see your mind, just an empty space. Mindless child of motherhood, You have lost the ...
Kinks - Mr. Reporter Lyrics
Hey, Mr. Reporter, How 'bout talking about yourself? Do you like what you're doing, Or is it that you can do nothing else? Hey, Mr. Reporter, I'll believe all that  ...
Kinks - Rosemary Rose Lyrics
Rosemary rose, Nature sure gave you such a beautiful nose. 'though you're not beautiful as someone would know, That rosemary rose,. Has eyes of blue,
Kinks - A Long Way From Home Lyrics
Now you think you're wiser because you're older and you think. That money buys everything. And you think you need no one to guide you. But you're still a long ...
Kinks - Drivin' Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Drivin'' by Kinks. It seems like all the world is fighting / They're even talking of a war / Let all the Russians and the Chinese / And the Spanish.
Kinks - Reprise U.S. Tour Spot Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reprise U.S. Tour Spot' by Kinks.
Kinks - Good Luck Charm Lyrics
Various Artists I GOT GREEN, BEANS, POTATOES TOMATOES lyrics I GOT GREEN, BEANS, POTATOES TOMATOES Lyrics Various Artists. All Artists ...
Kinks - Hide And Seek Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hide And Seek' by Kinks. Come on, little baby, now hide 'n' go seek with me / Come on, little baby, play hide 'n' go seek with me / We're gonna play.
Kinks - Animal Farm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Animal Farm' by Kinks. This world is big and wild and half insane. / Take me where real animals are playing. / Just a dirty old shack, / Where the.
Kinks - Dandy Lyrics
Dandy, Dandy Where you gonna go now? Who you gonna run to? All you life. You're chasing all the girls, They can't resist your smile. Oh, they long for Dandy,  ...
Kinks - When I See That Girl Of Mine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When I See That Girl of Mine' by Kinks. When I see that girl of mine / Makes me want to sigh / When I see that girl of mine / Makes me want to sigh /
Kinks - When I Turn Off The Living Room Light Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When I Turn Off The Living Room Light' by Kinks. Who cares if you're Jewish and your breath smells of garlic / And your nose is a shiny red light /
Kinks - Shangri - La Lyrics
You're in your place and you know where you are. In your Shangri-la. Sit back in your old rocking chair. You need not worry, you need not care. You can't go ...
Kinks - Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy' by Kinks. And I know, and I know / And I know that ev'rybody / And I know that ev'rybody be happy / As happy as you ...
Kinks - Big Black Smoke Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Big Black Smoke' by Kinks. She was sick and tired of country life. / A little country home, / A little country folk, / Made her blood run cold. / Now.
Kinks - Time Will Tell Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Time Will Tell' by Kinks. Time will tell if I will live eternally, / Through life instead of being someone. / All of my life, you are the one, you're.
Kinks - Berkeley Mews Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Berkeley Mews' by Kinks. The leaves of brown came falling through the view, / In Berkeley Mews I first met you, / I staggered through your chilly.
Kinks - Session Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Session Man' by Kinks. He never will forget at all / The day he played at the Albert Hall. / A million sessions ago it seems. / He is a session man,
Kinks - The World Keeps Going Round Lyrics
The world keeps going round. You just can't stop it. The world keeps going round. You worry 'bout yourself. What's the use of worrying now you're almost grown
Kinks - Mr Pleasant Lyrics
Oh Mr Pleasant, how is Mrs Pleasant? I hope the world is treating you right, And your head's in the air, And you're feeling so proud, 'Cause you're such a ...
Kinks - Look For Me Baby Lyrics
You're going to look for someone else. Well now, search the mountains. Search the sea. Look around the world. But you won't find me (Look for me baby)
Kinks - Don't Ever Change Lyrics
Don't ever change. What can you prove if you're changing your ways to me? Please don't ever change. Please don't be blind 'cause I need you can't you see?
Kinks - Pictures In The Sand Lyrics
And I'm gonna spend my time, Drawing pictures in the sand for you. And I'm gonna ride the tide[? ], And I'm gonna make a rendezvous. Sitting by the sea,
Kinks - You Shouldn't Be Sad Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Shouldn't Be Sad' by Kinks. Can't you see / (Can't you see) / Can't you see by the look in my eyes / Can't you see / (Can't you see) / Can't you.
Kinks - Lavender Hill Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lavender Hill' by Kinks. I want to walk eternity, / In through the land of make believe. / And watch the clouds roll over me, / And let the sun shine.

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