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INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "One For Sorrow" (2011) album
INSOMNIUM lyrics - "One For Sorrow" (2011) album, including "Weather The Storm", "One For Sorrow", "Regain The Fire"...
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "Since The Day It All Came Down" (2004 ...
Nocturne. 2. The Day It All Came Down. From now on there's an absence of smile . Foul voices welcome me to loneliness. Graceful tunes on her lips have now ...
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "Across The Dark" (2009) album
INSOMNIUM lyrics - "Across The Dark" (2009) album, including "Into The Evernight", "The New Beginning", "Weighed Down With Sorrow"...
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "In The Halls Of Awaiting" (2002) album
The Ill-Starred Son. Her dirge still echoes in these woods. Mourning lingers in the vales. As the wind cries on the shore. Her wailing can be heard. Mirthless is ...
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "Shadows Of The Dying Sun" (2014) album
INSOMNIUM lyrics - "Shadows Of The Dying Sun" (2014) album, including "Out To The Sea", "Shadows Of The Dying Sun", "The Promethean Song"...
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "Above The Weeping World" (2006) album
INSOMNIUM lyrics - "Above The Weeping World" (2006) album, including "In The Groves Of Death", "Devoid Of Caring", "Last Statement"...
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "Winter's Gate" (2016) album
Winter's Gate. [Slaughter Moon] The hoar sea enfolds us. The scent of coming winter. Hear the howl of the wind. A song from the ocean's womb. Far away ...
Insomnium - Weather The Storm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Weather The Storm' by Insomnium: How bleak or how hopeless No matter how hard or how far.
Insomnium - Down With The Sun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Down with the Sun' by Insomnium. O darkness, if in thy arms I could rest / For a while and with these earthly eyes / See thy dim smile / Maid of.
Insomnium - One For Sorrow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One For Sorrow' by Insomnium: It was always one for sorrow Never one for love.
Insomnium - Where The Last Wave Broke Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Where the Last Wave Broke' by Insomnium. How does it feel? / To welcome the new day / Not worth saving / To fall down on own imprudent acts / The.
Insomnium - Through The Shadows Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Through The Shadows' by Insomnium: Walk away from the world Give in all you got Do not bother to try Fight till the last drop.
Insomnium - Weighed Down With Sorrow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Weighed Down with Sorrow' by Insomnium: While your world is worth of trying My world is mere cold No chance in disillusion Only the end of the road.
Insomnium - Lay Of The Autumn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lay of the Autumn' by Insomnium. (I...) I sing with a shattered voice / (I...) I sing with a heavy heart / There in the deepest well of dreams /
Insomnium - The Harrowing Years Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Harrowing Years' by Insomnium. This I have learnt: / World forces all of us down / the fleeing years bend our backs / love but smears our hearts.
Insomnium - Only One Who Waits Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Only One Who Waits' by Insomnium. Son of man / You're on your own / The coming winter / You'll face alone / The heart that you cherished so / The.
Insomnium - Ephemeral Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ephemeral' by Insomnium: Darkness is ignorance Knowledge is light Fight only with yourself Or the shadows of the night.
Insomnium - Equivalence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Equivalence' by Insomnium. Feed off the melancholy / Get drunk from despair / Rejoice in the name of failure / Deliverance found in pain / Live,
Insomnium - Resonance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Resonance' by Insomnium. Instrumental. ... Listen to Insomnium songs, ad-free. Try Prime Music for free Listen to Insomnium Radio on
Insomnium - Song Of The Blackest Bird Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Song Of The Blackest Bird' by Insomnium. Far above the darkling world / Soars the blackest bird / Far above the darkling world / It sings the saddest.
Insomnium - Every Hour Wounds Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Every Hour Wounds' by Insomnium. Walking on the gallows ground, rope tightly around the neck / Raven-bird on each shoulder waiting for the pick /
Insomnium - Into The Woods Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Into the Woods' by Insomnium. Now close your eyes / And open your weary heart / Let me soothe away the woes / Of fiendish world / As will the sun.
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Insomnium - Nocturne Lyrics
Insomnium - Insomnium - Daughter of the Moon w lyrics Lyric Video. Insomnium - Daughter of the Moon w lyrics · Insomnium - Insomnium - Change of Heart HQ ...
Insomnium - Winter's Gate, Pt. 3 Lyrics
Sep 26, 2016 Lyrics for Winter's Gate, Pt. 3 by Insomnium. And yet it wrings me Like a strange cold hand And yet it burns me Like a viper's tongue B...
Insomnium - Dying Chant Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dying Chant' by Insomnium. As I lay dying at the eve of my days / There is a void inside me, hollowed by the years / Time has made these scars,
Insomnium - Song Of The Forlorn Son Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Song Of The Forlorn Son' by Insomnium. Wretched is my lot here, mirthless is my fate / Alone to face the cruel winters, endure the dreary cold / What.
Insomnium - Against The Stream Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Against the Stream' by Insomnium. And down we go again... / Into the ocean of sorrow / Towards to sea of despair / In the deep groves of the earth /
Insomnium - Lay The Ghost To Rest Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lay The Ghost To Rest' by Insomnium. Frequented by displeasing memories / Haunted by the creatures born of night / Sunk deep in the dejection and.
Insomnium - Revelation Lyrics. I have drunk the yearning Swallowed the flame in full And now I will bend the skies to my will Two eternities can never be so far ...
Insomnium - Down With The Sun Lyrics. O darkness, if in thy arms I could rest For a while and with these earthly eyes See thy dim smile Maid of twilight, lass of ...
Insomnium - Through the Shadows Lyrics. Walk away from the world Give in all you got Do not bother to try Fight till the last drop Walk among the shadows ...
Insomnium - Unsung Lyrics. Beneath a silent stone In cold caress of the earth Where timeless sleep reigns Where world is but a distant toll No stars shine, ...
Insomnium - Out to the Sea Lyrics. Never thought that love and sadness Could ever walk hand in hand Never thought that laughter and sorrow Could live within  ...
Insomnium - While We Sleep Lyrics. When your heart gives out and your love collapses When the hand that never lets go is there no more When you reap and  ...
Insomnium - The New Beginning Lyrics. [**Bonus Track] Another break of dawn Forces the shadows recede Breaks the barrier of clouds Blaze a trail for the light  ...
Insomnium - Regain The Fire Lyrics. Since the very beginning Surrounded by silence Brooded in solitude Grown in the darkling shades Destined to find my own ...
Insomnium - While We Sleep Lyrics
May 31, 2014 Lyrics for While We Sleep by Insomnium. When your heart gives out and your love collapses When the hand that never lets go is ther...
Insomnium - Lose to Night Lyrics. And all the time we've struggled for Without a reason or way out All the grounds we've based our fight on No one remembers ...
"Nothing can offer content. Nothing can ease the pain. Nothing can wear off the sorrow. One is born to bear within. While your world is worth of trying. My world is  ...

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