Inna yuh belly mi want to send it up lyrics

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Lyrics to "Inna Yuh Belly" song by POPCAAN: Gyallis a nuh peace treaty Bring yo pussy come ... Gyal inna yo belly mi gone ... Drive and pick mi up like a satellite
Braintear Spookie - Hurt It Up Lyrics
Jan 27, 2016 Baby yuh pussy nuh shame and mi nuh carry small cock Skin it out mek ... Me caw leave you Cum inna yuh belly caw mi wah breed yuh Whole heap a ... yuh pussy grip mi cocky like a vice-grip You make me feel like say fi buy a .... Send. Hurt It Up. Braintear Spookie. She sign to me she stop search enuh.
Lyrics to "Inna Yuh Belly" song by ALKALINE: Hey yo waan supn weh fi hit in a yo belly don't Nothing like a cheese chicks in a yo belly don't Mi... ... Go deh mi gyal, da body yah nuh full up a sore. Mi really carry yo from far gyal a that mi sure
Lyrics to "Tun Up The Fuck" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Ayy you tight pum pum gal ... Yuh pum pum clean and ready so mi dash weh di boots and mi come inna yuh belly (yeah yeah) ... Select yuh sound like mi name Jiggy youngs ... Yuh pum pum clean already so mi dash weh di boots and mi cum inna yuh belly (yeah yeah)
Dem want it from mi dem seh uhh! busy yuh fi get di grammy. Work har out hard ... Tip on yuh toe, up inna belly, di panty lace, guh pon di edge. Weh yuh waan, weh yuh ... bed up ah mi granny. Send up di cocky way up inna di 'nany, yuh see it
ALKALINE LYRICS - Only Thing Mi Want
Turn di pussy back way yuh fi run it harder. Yuh pussy get wet like yo pis yo draws up. Send di cockey meck it buck inna mi belly harder. Yo pum, pum, a di only ...
Razor B - Hot Up Lyrics
Aug 10, 2015 Lyrics for Hot Up by Razor B. Gyol! send it up inna u ole (up deh) up inna u ... inna u belly gyol up up up it sweet yuh jus tell me sweet yuh it sweet yuh ... Chin guh suh bum Pressy guh suh bum Swat twin guh suh buh bum bum bum me see barbie bend up like she a feel pain Nickesha a ... Bruk Fi Mi Back.
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Whine Pan Di Cocky Gyal
And mi cum inna yuh belly, (y-yeah) ... Mi tun up di fuck now baby, ... Mi nuh matta, by time mi fi cum yuh fi dun come raedy, again! Mi tun ... Like power n shower,
Wah inna yuh pussy suh mek mi waah you. Up inna yuh belly long cocky gaan guhh. Can you play wid mi balls like a piano. A yuh Good Pussy mek mi waah ...
Lyrics to "Like Christmas" song by VYBZ KARTEL: When we a fuck it comin like christmas It comin like christmas my ... [Sheba] my honey bunch my honey bunch mi love when yuh cum inna mi belly ... [Sheba] send it up in mi belly like rocket
... KARTEL: Stephen da gyal deh belly too flat an too even Hey bloodclaat gyal Heaven sent yuh B Mi need mi fami... ... Whenever yuh feel sumting ah crawl inna yuh belly ... If mi choke yuh when mi ah cum yuh fi stand up an tek fuck don run
Vybz Kartel - Mi In Love Lyrics
Too How Mi Hype Up Yuh Pussy And Yuh Mouth. Chorus: ... Yuh Mek Mi Feel Like When Mi A Thirteen Mi Call U Pon Mi ... Likkle More When Mi Inna Yuh Belly
Vybz Kartel - Cock It Up Lyrics
F-Favorite Position Cock It Up Fi Di Backas Hood Inna Yuh Belly, Can Call It A Hottas Memba Seh Mi Seh Mi Cocky Tougher Dan Crackers Gyal ... It Cock Up Pon It Gyal Back Up Pon It Gyal Chuck On Pon It Like A Car Bonnet Go Hard Pon It .... Send. Cock It Up. Vybz Kartel. Bubble You A Bubble, You A Bubble And Backas.
BUSY SIGNAL LYRICS - Up In Here Belly (Dagga)
Lyrics to "Up In Here Belly (Dagga)" song by BUSY SIGNAL: Bwaaiii Dem gal yah want di ol dagga, She want it, (Busy!) Hot head, hot head Stop ... Gal brace yuh han pon di wall, Brace yuh han pon di ... So mi send dis, [Chorus:] Up in har belly, ... Dem see me inna di star dem waah budddaaayyy, Anyweh di gal dem see ...
Masicka - Nuh Link Lyrics
Mar 14, 2016 Sign inSign up ... style mi already Two inna yuh face and five inna yuh belly Yuh have a ... mi out when times never merry And a seh yuh would a like mi fi bury .... Send. Nuh Link. Masicka. Yuh have a hypocrite style when yuh ...
Aidonia - 630 (RAW) Lyrics
Nov 29, 2013 Position it pon di cocky gal, tick it an tok it When yuh cock it up, woman you ... Tip pon yuh toe, pose like a domino Mi make you come yuh say mi a punani pro, ... fi bend it Set it if yuh tek wen mi buck it an ah send it Jack Hammer mi gi you girl me na have no time fi pet it (Chi) inna yuh belly wen yuh come an ...
Vybz Kartel - How Yu Pussy Tight Lyrics
Aug 12, 2014 Gyal Me love yuh style Me love the way yuh wine Ah u dey pon meh ... up inna yuh belly like rocket Every gyal haffi say how mi buddy high .... Send. How Yu Pussy Tight. Vybz Kartel. True yuh pussy tight gyal yuh pussy fat.
Aidonia - Cyan Done (Raw) lyrics and translation
Jun 30, 2014 Position pon di cocky fi mi lady Cocky gone up inna yuh belly Cocky ... mi love it wen yuh Bruk di buddy and yuh hole feel like it cyan done .... Send. Cyan Done ( Raw). Aidonia. Bruk off di cocky wen mi pull yuh draws dung.
Vybz Kartel - Dumpa Truck/That Sweet Yuh (Raw) Lyrics
Lyrics for Dumpa Truck/That Sweet Yuh (Raw) by Vybz Kartel. ... Inna Yuh Belly Juice Must Park Up Whoa Set Good Like Di Ice Inna Freeza ... Inna Hip Gyal You Nuh Fi Left Come Yah Likkle Bit A Di Fatest pussy That Mi .... Send. Dumpa Truck /That Sweet Yuh (Raw). Vybz Kartel. Gyal You Nuh Fi Left Come Yah Likkle Bit.
Vybz Kartel aka Addi Innocent - Pretty Position lyrics and translation ...
Backshot a yuh favorite position Ba-Ba Backshot a yuh favorite position ... it up fi di backas Wood inna yuh belly cyaan call it a hottas Memba seh mi seh mi ... foot inna di sky like fairy pon it Cock up pon it gyal back up pon it Gyal chuck and .... Send. Pretty Position. Vybz Kartel aka Addi Innocent. Bubble yuh a bubble yuh a  ...
Gyal a scream out caan keep up to mi cocky speed (yeaah) She tek off like an ... Inna mi bed, mek mi wuk yuh mek yuh crawl weh, yeah. Cock up yuh ... When mi jamming it like a Bob Marley Pon da big ... Some a get ready fi di belly fi go up a ward. Girl Anytime I ... Up inna har womb mi guh send dis ya broom. Gyal a bawl  ...
Vybz Kartel - Don't Move Lyrics
Feb 6, 2015 Mi waan yuh fi be my baby madda Gyaaal Must breed it Gyaaal Why ... come inna, yuh belly gyal Don't move Grab mi, squeeze mi, bite mi, ... want a boy or a girl or a twin Anything you waan Mi a come inna yuh ... Turn Up the Scheme ... Send. Don't Move. Vybz Kartel. A mi yuh mi waan fi be my baby madda.
Aidonia - Virgin Mary Lyrics
Jun 18, 2014 Whoa, whoa, 6: 30, 6: 30, 6: 30 Touch yuh toe... back it up (yeah), back it up (o wah wah). ... Gyal yuh a mi baby, tight like Virgin Mary, love it when we fuck ... foot inna mi hand & bend yuh back Fi di backas mi shub it inna yuh belly .... Send. Virgin Mary. Aidonia. Siddung pon di buddy gyal. Musixmatch logo.
Stxnga - Inna Di Dance lyrics
dung pan yuh belly yuh betta get flat or something ago squeeze inna yuh neck back a ... a dead inna the dance mi nuh want no blood shed inna the lawn low di music n make we dance make we drink up wi giness wid the spliff inna we hand low off .... Send. Inna Di Dance. Stxnga. Gwaan a yuh yaad yuh blood claat animal.
Tony Matterhorn - Running Cow Lyrics
Cause when fi force it inna yuh belly an it sweet yuh like jelly I'll be hurting you. One pack a ... Lift yuh knees up cause mi cocky nuh freeze up. Line down pon ...
Vershon - Key Fi Mi Life Lyrics
Sep 9, 2015 So baby come whine pon di cocky yah Cock up yuh pussy and ... time fi come Open up yuh belly me shoot like di gun Nuh mi give yuh mi heart .... Send. Key Fi Mi Life. Vershon. Cock up yuh pussy and whine pon di cocky yah.
Dis gal walk inna mi life, real crazy notion love that she found (Zagga Zeh) ... I never once go on down, so I keep standing up. And safe from ... Nuh gal neva sit inna yuh face like chair ... Mi hear seh boogaman, ah, send yuh clothes, you, ah, lick it back. Man, ah ... Well, mi love di gal dem safe and love dem wit dem flat belly
Elephant mi deyah come mi mash it up again (HEY!) Two thousand ... like roach. Show yuh belly skin becau yuh belly a nuh croat ... like roach. Fi yuh furniture courts nah send yuh note ... Put yuh hand inna di air cau dem nuh rank like goat
Vybz Kartel feat. Keshan - Bubble Up Yuh Body Lyrics
Squeeze mi tight and don't let go bubble up ur body fi mi boo mi love it when mi ... it when you look Inna mi face mi love it when mi wine with you mi love it when mi ... Miss *** Which style yuh prefer your, whey yuh want Any style ** yuh haffi gih me .... Send. Bubble Up Yuh Body. Vybz Kartel feat. Keshan. Mi love it when mi ...
Lyrics to "Me Say" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Long like a big jumbo jet Wet and mi no push it in yet Buddy bend but mi still accurate It up like y... ... Yuh no kotch a gyal yard mi put yo someweh [Verse 1:] Tic, toc, rather inna heels or inna flip flop. Gyal yo body ready so yuh a no rif raf ... If yo belly hungry don't bend ova [Chorus]
Bruck Up feat. Get Fr3e - Cry Lyrics
Oct 9, 2016 Cry fi yuh body Mek me see you bus' a wine Tell me, say you love me 'Cause dat somethin' d... ... me 'Cause mi ting right My body nice So hold me tight Me sit down like a jockey 'Pon it whole night You a fi me type Belly nuh full ... know you like the ting rough Come mek me, come mek me Wine up inna yuh ...
Tommy Lee - Duh Yuh Ting Lyrics
Mar 22, 2015 As di gyal dem look inna mi eye, dem fall in love with the gremlin bwoy ... Sign in Sign up ... the gremlin bwoy gyal yuh hot, belly flat gyal yuh body fly mi love the ... i she nuh care she want a man pon di gaza Gyal do yuh ting and nuh .... Send. Duh Yuh Ting. Tommy Lee. Gyal left dem fi lata. Musixmatch logo.
Vybz Kartel - Pussy Me Say Lyrics
Cock it up like yo never fuck yet Pussy mi seh, buddy yuh a seh Pussy mi seh, mi ... go weh Yuh no kotch a gyal yard mi put yo someweh Tic, toc, rather inna heels ... that a go end up under drip Send are a heaven pon a first class trip If yo belly ...
Vybz Kartel feat. Gaza Slim - Like a Jockey (Street Groove Riddim ...
Apr 7, 2016 Lyrics for Like a Jockey (Street Groove Riddim) (Raw) by Vybz Kartel feat. ... Hice up mi foot dem high like kite Wet mi up fi di big long pipe Anyting yuh seh, ... inna mi belly Well alright, Di Street Vybz tek a turn nuh Time fi yuh bawl and .... Send. Like a Jockey (Street Groove Riddim) (Raw). Vybz Kartel feat.
Vybz Kartel - 6 Missed Calls Lyrics
A suh Yuh sinting small An a up Ina Yuh belly Weh di big ting crawl ... a nuh suppose Move wid Yuh groove like say Yuh a listen souls Baby a Yuh mi say mi naa ...
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Million Dollar By A Morning
Lyrics to "Million Dollar By A Morning" song by VYBZ KARTEL: How mi and dan nuh have nuh cash, weh pussy deh Tell smith and wesson send back mi money cah Mi send... ... Badness stop work money up to di time like clockwork ... Mi nuh waan deh inna jail with gunman ... Bere pretty gyal flat belly mi a come pon
Spice feat. Vybz Kartel - Ramping Shop Lyrics
... wen a nite yuh pussy feel like sun hot; wen yuh come inna mi ramping shop Mek ... Til mi belly cramp up Sshhh di climax begun Bear sweat a run Hold mi tight spice .... Send. Ramping Shop. Spice feat. Vybz Kartel. When yuh come inna mi ...
Various Artists feat. Cap One - Ball Hard Lyrics
Mar 14, 2017 Yellowmoon Records (Bad dem trying, mussi sick inna yuh brain caa yuh ... Hardball pon belly man start crawl Go fi everybody man want call Gas Gas ... Run up pon mi nuh hey child we nuh play Genahsyde out boy pray .... Send. Ball Hard . Various Artists feat. Cap One. Dawg we bad like 90's dancehall.
Cock it up like yo never fuck yet [Chorus:] Pussy mi seh, buddy yuh a seh. Pussy mi seh, mi a bread yuh today. Pussy mi ... Tic, toc, rather inna heels or inna flip flop ... If yo belly hungry don't bend ova ... Send are a heaven pon a first class trip
Bend Over lyrics and translation - Blak Ryno
A mi yard inna you skirt an you panty, ben ova Mi ride you like a stroll pan di ... yuself fi di steel piping Mi buss inna di belly she seh wha dat happen Muss di Vybz ... nyam flesh like nuh school a shark Gyal from you come inna da room ya Yuh ... spine all pop When mi a grine dat off, She a wine an drop, She knot up inna di ...

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