Im gonna make her swallow all my babys lyrics

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Cause the shit so strong got me feeling like I'm dying. The shit so raw ... My jaw so tired, I go all night in my city to the fall. Then it's time ... Baby girl, you know I like, baby, you know just what I like. Baby ... She make her own luck, she don't give a fuck. She tryna ... All my hoes are trained I make all of them swallow. All of them ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Forbidden Fruit
Lyrics to "Forbidden Fruit" song by J. COLE: Me and my bitch, took a little trip Down ... Apple juice falling from her lips, took a little sip (boom) ... What you eat don't make me shit and who you fuck don't make me come ... Take a seat baby girl you've been all in my mind ... So she raised that nigga kids but she swallowing mine
Rich Homie Quan feat. Young Thug - Tell Em Lyrics
keep her on my side like a fuckin' hip she gone make sure i survive, she gone do ... under that belt she just want me to keep them lies all to myself one, she gone ... the chamber like whip baby girl swallow, she spoilder than milk keep her by my ...
THE WEEKND LYRICS - King Of The Fall (Remix)
She want to introduce her parents to a nigga, shit. I just came from Milan, ... All my niggas on that dick, we sold ourselves to the devil. Local niggas say ... Baby girl, you know what I like. Baby, you know ... I make all of them swallow. All of them ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Fuckin' Problem
Lyrics to "Fuckin' Problem" song by LIL' WAYNE: I love all my bitches That's my fuckin' ... Told a bitch, too much selfish gonna lead to self destruction ... I tell a baby, "Tell ya man kick rocks with no shoes" And I murder that pussy, and I ain't leave a clue. Cause I put her on her knees and made her swallow all the proof
Smell my baby's pussy. What the fuck?! ... I make her water 'cause I'm a scholar I father her twat and bother her I got her. She'll eat anything I want her to eat, she'll swallow anything I want her to swaller she'll go ... Cuz Im the best at it, your lady's sex addict - all in the spot when ur not, getting my head patted. But Ima ...
Lyrics to "Swallow Me Down" song by CHRIS BROWN: Swallow me down, you gotta swallow me down, drink, drink Swallow me down, you ... I like your face, girl I might give you my babies ... I tell her she gon' be my bottom bitch, flying problem , fuck a condom ... All these women I done made, tired of making bitches famous
RIHANNA LYRICS - Only Girl (In The World)
I wanna make you beg for it, then I'm a make you swallow your pride. Ooh [ Chorus:] ... Baby I'll tell you all my secrets that I'm keepin', you can come inside
N.W.A. LYRICS - She Swallowed It
Lyrics to "She Swallowed It" song by N.W.A.: Lesson 2: Gently place the balls into the mouth and .. HAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.. get it all baby .....
Chasing something, feeling dumb 'cause you all I need. Hope you wait until I'm done ... And that's the hardest pill to swallow, baby. And that's you. And that's ... Who's gonna let me know to hit my mother on her birthday? Who's gonna let me ...
And all night hoe I get the beat from ... What I don't give a motherfuck get you baby kidnapped ... Bitch swallow my words taste my thoughts ... I got her out the hood and put her in the hills ... Cause if another girl could she gonna fuck me good
THE-DREAM LYRICS - Rockin' That Shit (Remix)
But I told her that her body looks better with mine [x2] [Fabolous] I like the ... I swear you gon' make a nigga fall in love. She rockin' that shit ... She revvin' me up , I got my hand all on my throttle. I wanna get on ... And if it taste how it look I'ma try to swallow her. Call me Mr. ... Plus I'm that nigga, baby I could make you popular
They crawl in like a cockroach leaving babies in my bed. Dropping ... Playing movies in my head that make a porno feel like home ... Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you. Hate me in ways. Yeah, ways hard to swallow ... Thanks to Charlotte, TJ, Darrian, Brad Hendrickson, im-in-over-my-head for correcting these lyrics.
MAC MILLER LYRICS - Perfect Circle / God Speed
All that horse shit, you should have left it at the barn. Keep a stallion, tell her gallop to the store and get cigars, yeah. Too many whips ... I swallow my pride and I'm higher than what's making me mad ... So tell my baby I love her. And if she give ...
CupcakKe - Deepthroat Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Deepthroat' by CupcakKe: Hump me, fuck me Daddy better make me ... See all. All I need is my body. My pussy pink just like salami. Don't need no ... Keep it smelling like baby wipes ... I ain't swallow one kid, I think I swallowed twins.
We do what we wanna Rich Homie Tell 'em Got my groove back lik... ... After they told that lil bitch to swallow my vanilla. Got my groove back like I'm ... Fuck is you niggas gon' tell her? Niggas all talk, acapella. That ain't your ... My baby momma name is [?] She swallow ... Never gonna stop, gotta get my guap. Won't let no ...
But globally they feel us cause we restoring the feeling. This guru spit voodoo yes . I am that mass appealing, I'm feeling up on her breasts. She swallowing all my children (Ha!) Rack in my ... Corny baby mama knocking at my front do' She just ...
Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
Lyrics to "Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)" song by ARETHA FRANKLIN: Though you don't call anymore I sit and ... I'm gonna swallow my pride (my pride) ... All for you baby ... I've got to make you see (make you see)
Find out that bitch stealing, tie her up then put her out. Find out she ... I told that bitch, "Swallow these babies and don't fucking spit 'em out" (Why? Why? Why?) ... Shout out the 6, 'cause that's my zone, shout out to PDE [Hook:] Hey, hey, hey ... Because all day, all day, I've been running through this money. These bitches be  ...
I kinda feel like it don't make, like it don't make Feel like it don... ... like it don't make sense. I'm thinking baby you and I are undeniable ... But I think you're a pretty sweet pill that I'm swallowing down ... Can I keep up with her pace? Kickin' into gear when I see that face. You can take up all my time 'cause you're the only one
2 Chainz - Bands A Make Her Dance (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bands A Make Her Dance (Remix)' by 2 Chainz: If yo girl dont swallow kids, man dat hoe basic. Got two ... make her dance. All these chicks popping pussies, im just popping bands ... She put that ass up in my hands, I remote control it
And all she seems to hear from me lately is alibis. But she's so ... I would apologize but my prides too oversized for me to swallow it. Gotta check ... And her callin' like where you been. And me replyin' grinding bae sorry I ain't make no time today. But look I'm ... to my future. Wifey no baby mama throwin' rice no benny hunnas
HOPSIN LYRICS - Baby's Daddy
Lyrics to "Baby's Daddy" song by HOPSIN: Hey Marcus... Uh, what's ... Will you be my baby daddy. And be the one to always make me happy? ... All because you were sluttish ... Hoping we gonna spark it off like some lighter fluid ... But you can still give me some head and maybe swallow some cum ... Kicked her to the curb
TINK LYRICS - Bonnie And Clyde
I Can Tell That He's Been Through It All That's Why I Don't Mind Swallowing My Pride Cause I Want Him To Know ... Cause I'm Gonna Be Your Wife Nigga (Wife Nigga) And Were Gonna Have Some Pretty Pretty Babies I'm a Ride For You, You ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Dick Pleaser
How she dont suck dick but expect for me to eat her.? That hoe crazy man and you dont wanna meet her. But her home girl nita swallow cum by the liter. She look ... Now get low and touch ya toes for my people. An if you aint ... Everyday christmas cause im smokin that reefa. ... Cause all you really need is weezy f. baby.
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
Held him like a newborn baby and made him feel. Like everything was ... And I love you cause you love my brother like you did ... Fuck, suck and swallow in the parking lot ... You need her to learn something, then you probably need to beat her .... My best days, I stress days (Lord forgive me for all my sins for I not know...)
Lyrics to "Deuces" song by CHRIS BROWN: All that bullshit's for the birds You ain 't nothin but a vulture ... I'm chuckin my deuces up to her ... No more tryin to make it work ... But baby I think it's better if I let you know ... I'm a dick, so it shouldn't be that hard to swallow ... But all dat shit i do for her you gonna hear about it
She Go Down On A Nigga And She A Swallow It All Me And Her Done It ... She Put Her Life On The Line 'Cause She A Ride With This Sack Wen I Went Bakk To ... Best To Protect Her Wen You Fukk With A Gangsta Baby You Bet I'm a Bless Ya ... She Be Callin My Phone Like Don't Be Fuckin Them Hoes She At Home With ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - We Be Steady Mobbin'
Hey, you cannot reach me on my samsung, I'm busy fucking the World and giving ... to 36 nicka! big house, long hallways, got 10 bathrooms I can shit all day nigga ... I bring her to my bedroom to pop dat pussy, uh huh and we be steady mobbin, ... but I can fuck your girl and make her nutt for me then slut for me then kill for ...
Lyrics to "Lose My Mind" song by YOUNG JEEZY: Why y'all trippin, I'm just fine Twelve forty five, 'bout ... Why I ain't fuck her at the house, 'cause the bitch holla
Toby Keith - Go With Her Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Go With Her' by Toby Keith. Yeah daddy ... Cause I promise you you're gonna miss her, And I know what I'd do if my baby left me, Id pack up my ... Yeah prides a tough pill to swallow, It'll leave you ... I said all I'm gonna say. And if you ...
Hol up, hol up, hol up, if you suck and swallow (if you suck it) Smell that marijuana ... Say she never smoked I turned her to a stoner (smoking now) ... Oh My Gosh, that was amazing! [Verse 2:] ... You got a ass so fat let's make a baby ( And another one) Damn, I'm ... I'm takin them shots all my niggas stay loaded up. Man on ...
B-baby we should have left our love in the gutter where we found it (Gutter where we found ... And swallow, swallow the key [Big Sean] Yeah. ... Make me wanna give you every dollar out my B of A Like, I let her climb on top. I'm either fuckin' or  ...
TRINIDAD JAMES LYRICS - Just A Lil Thick (She Juicy)
Lyrics to "Just A Lil Thick (She Juicy)" song by TRINIDAD JAMES: For all my gorgeous, healthy, sisters all around the world I'm talking the 175 and up ... I'm talking cook, clean, kids, man and swallow a dick ... My baby say she need something on her palate ... I'm gonna need Ike Newton, Karma Sutra, Martin Luther King Jr
MAC LETHAL LYRICS - Wooooo!!!!!!!
A little too much from all the coffee I've been drinking. But really I've been ... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna spend half my life sleeping, forever. People only discuss ... together, my god. I could swallow a rubix cube and shit it out solved ... Get a date for tonight, and if she's good shit make her your wife. It's Uncle Mac baby! [HOOK] .
These bitches. And I put Young Mula baby way above these bitches ... Hope I don't look weak 'cause when a wolf cry wolf. You still ... Big house, long hallways, got ten bathrooms, I can shit all day, nigga. And we ... Now pop that pussy I bring her to my bedroom ... Uh, man, suck my clip, swallow my bullets, and don't you spit
I wanna fuck you with one of my niggas If afterwards I promise that I wouldn't loo... ... Make her eat my dick in front of her friend before I leave. Bae you got these ...
... You" song by DR. DRE: Hi baby I know your under a lot of pressure at your work and all And I do understand You have no... ... "She Swallowed It!" Yeah the bitch took the whole eight and ran with it, ... Don't worry bout me handcuffin gul cause I just wanna fuck witchu ... I fucked her on the flo', so I wouldn't mess up my bed
Take this dick and swallow bay moscato got her freaky. Hey you got me in ... And that DC shit I rap all day, and my eyes red cause of all that haze. Don't blow my ...
Lyrics to "Hey Ma" song by CAM'RON: Hey ma, what's up, lets slide, all right, all right And we gonna get it on tonight You smoke, I sm... ... Cause we gonna take a ride tonight. So ma, what's ... She looked at me and said use a baby right. I told her, I'm 18 and live a crazy life. Plus I'll ... You a cutie still, and this my down girl too

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