If we all stand together we can rise up with the sun lyrics

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Lyrics to "Rise Up" song by MAVADO: HUH! ... We 'gon stand our ground! We rise up! We ... Oh but only if we rise up and fight together we could never stop! If we ...
Boyzone - 'Til The Sun Goes Down Lyrics
Lyrics to ''Til The Sun Goes Down' by Boyzone. Some days it hits ... The never ending washing up won't wait. Why do we cry ... So we all rise till we all stand together each and every one ... If for a moment we could taste the glory. And forget ...
Lyrics to "We Will Fall Together" song by STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO: I once knew a guy, obsessed with the afterlife Oh what a terrible ... And up will rise the meek ... Oh what a glorious day we'll have rising up and claiming all our dues. The day will come as sure as the ever-setting sun ... You need to tell us where to stand
Lyrics to "New Morning Sun" song by BLUE RODEO: Maybe now we could be lovers We'll share all the darkness in our souls Don't you tell ... Rise up and take the sky like a new morning sun. If we walk away ... Stand around to see what's fine
If your heart feels overwhelmed. Just know you're never by yourself. Put your hand in mine, hold your head up high. And together we'll rise [All:] Together we can ...
ACCEPT LYRICS - "Blind Rage" (2014) album
Bulldozer chew you up, the bucket will spit you out ... Screaming with a vengeance that we will forever hear. They're the pride .... If we all stand together... We're ...
We were both 18 and it felt so right. Sleeping all day, staying up all night. Staying up all night. If I could find you now things would get better. We could leave this ...
Lyrics to "Zero Visibility" song by RISE AGAINST: Settling in here for the long haul Can't ... Can't hide forever is what they say ... Time, whether wasted ... But we stand here all together ... But black as a day without sun ... Woke up in your arms
TIMEFLIES LYRICS - Until The Sunrise
'Cause we could have it all, till nothing is left to give. Like this is our last ... So we should live tonight and dance until we see the sun [Bridge] This night is perfect, we'll do it again, if you feel it stand up, you could put your hands up. This night is  ...
RISE AGAINST LYRICS - Whereabouts Unknown
Lyrics to "Whereabouts Unknown" song by RISE AGAINST: To the ends of this lost world You have marched ... The midnight sun ... Please know you can come home ... Even together, we stand apart ... Cuz all is forgiven. If you could just listen
Oya rise up and stand up for Africa, ... We are one Africa naa naa, (Together, lifting Africa, rise up!) ... And in the sun or the rain or the sweet or the pain, we still dey here together, because (Let ... Oh Barack Obama, Kwame Nkrumah, all my freedom fighters, (Let Africans be great!) ... If we come closer, nothing will defeat us
GAIA EPICUS LYRICS - "Symphony Of Glory" (2005) album
If we could start again would you help us my friend. Or would ... In the dark you will rise up to light the fire again. In the quest for ... If we all stand together. If we all ...
Chasing the rising sun. We gotta pack ... And if we all arrive there so safely, Baby you can ... They'd rather die together. Than be stuck up in a cell. They drank up all the whiskey and They partied every night ... I said I think that we can stay here, ... "Any Port In A Storm" (2008). Neighborhood · Stand Tall · Shine · Driftin' · Taint
DIONYSUS LYRICS - "Anima Mundi" (2004) album
A malefactor, promissing to take down the sun. It seems ... If we don't realize that soon will everything be too late. What are we ... Rise up people, gather all, together we are strong! We?re not .... We will stand together 'til the end of time. Beware ...
WINTERSTORM LYRICS - "Kings Will Fall" (2012) album
We will never forget all the pleasure we had ... Far over earthly power we will rise. We will ... Look up to the sky ... We stand tall together we can end his lies ... The sun is fading as we're longing for this night ... Still don't know if the end is near
THE STARTING LINE LYRICS - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
Baby we can make it if we're heart to heart. And we can build this thing together, standing strong forever, nothing's gonna stop us ... Oh, all that I need is you.
ARKAEA LYRICS - "Years In The Darkness" (2009) album
12. Rise Today 13. Away From The Sun ... If the answer is so clear then why are we so blind? Escape from ... wake up nation, see the reason, why we've become, hates own victim. If the .... sometimes we can be lured into a choice that we will all regret. .... If we stand alone, ... man must become one together we will not fail. If ...
Lyrics to "Rise Up" song by ANDRA DAY: You're broken down and tired Of living life on a merry-go-round And you can't find the fighter But I... ... I'll rise up. And I'll do it a thousand times again. For you [4x] All we need, all we need is hope
ADEPT LYRICS - "Sleepless" (2016) album
I have seen the rise of a thousand suns in front of me ... How we could write our headlines and make the world spin just for us? ... But if you follow the sound of absolution you'll find your feet on a solid ground. I will ... Will we stand together? ... I reminisce all the nights growing up that I spent all alone except the presence of a ...
DREAM ON, DREAMER LYRICS - "Songs Of Soulitude" (2015) album
7. Delirium 8. Open Sun 9. Pariah 10. Violent Pictures 11. Don't Lose Your Heart 12. ... We'll rise again. And if we fall we will rise again. I think I'm ... Now I stand looking up again. After years ... Together we can change tomorrow. We are .... listen up. We speak of heaven and hell as if it's something that we've all been through
Mavado feat. Akon & Rick Ross - Rise Up lyrics and translation ...
Mar 25, 2015 In the streets they riot, they riot But we won't stand down - we rise up, we ... day will come Oh so many people dying in the rising of the sun Oh, and ... life is all we 've got Oh, but only if we rise up, and fight together, we could ...
TECH N9NE LYRICS - My Haiku-Burn The World
But if we shine em' all, together we can run them off. Gonna hardslide on ... If you got em' then light them up ... If them was my youngins I'd try to bring the sun in closer to them. Turn it up a ... People stand together, make the place safer. No time ...
MARILYN MANSON LYRICS - Running To The Edge Of The World
To turn this all to ashes. Together as one. Against all others ... I don't know if the world will end today. I had no choice, I erased ... world will end today. See a new beginning rise behind the sun. We can't never catch up to them as fast as we run
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Inhuman Rampage" (2006) album
In flames of death's eternal reign we ride towards the fight. When the darkness has fallen down, and the times are tough all right. The sound ... I'll break the seal of this curse if I possibly can. For freedom ... Standing together forever onwards flames burning strong. Hot wind ... Rise through the pain like the sun will rise again
ROYAL JESTER LYRICS - "Night Is Young" (2010) album
If You Were Mine 10. Age Of ... When there's no way to stand the. Vengeance ... it will we be. Born again will sun rise tomorrow ... There comes a day when we all come together. And all of ... Embrace me and shelter me up in the night. Until the  ...
INSANIA LYRICS - "Sunrise In Riverland" (2001) album
We live with pleasure, the fear is gone, In the land of the wintersun. [Solo: H. .... Sometimes I wonder if I'll end up in heaven or hell. ... I will reach up to the stars, i will rise with the sun. We'll unite our souls and together, we will stand all for one.
Lyrics to "Born To Run" song by BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: In the day we sweat it out on the ... In the day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream ... Babe I want to know if love is real ... Together Wendy we can live with the sadness. I'll love you with all the madness in my soul ... and we'll walk in the sun
GUN BARREL LYRICS - "Power-Dive" (2001) album
... Will Carry On 8. Shut Up Or Lose Me ... That's where we win and where we lose you can't deny the truth. Take this ... Your rising sun will fall ... If you think you 've got the courage just call my name [Chorus:] ... Yes we all stand together as firm as a rock. No time ... It's a rise it's a fall but everybody stand proud and tall. All time ...
DREAM THEATER LYRICS - "The Astonishing" (2016) album
My brother Gabriel is all the hope we need. Shining like a .... No, I won't put up with that. Hide and ... If we stand together. We will ... Tomorrow a new sun will rise
Lyrics to "Rise" song by DAVID GUETTA: You can take a swing at my ego, you can ... Even if your stand makes me nervous, ... we will rise up from the ashes.
Dragonland - The Returning lyrics
Forever we go into the glorious light. And there is no turning back for us, forever more. Together we rise, we will become strong again. And we'll be forever true ...
Lyrics to "Afire Love" song by ED SHEERAN: Things were all good yesterday And then the devil took your memory And if you fell to your death tod... ... I could look into your eyes. Until the sun comes up. And we're wrapped in light and life and love. Put your open lips on mine ... Rise from their seats to sing hallelujah. And my ...
HAMMERFALL LYRICS - "Legacy Of Kings" (1998) album
the hammer will slowly arise. Heeding The Call ... united, together we stand. The call of the ... we circle around them. The honor compels us to fight all for one. All hewed with steel in the toil of ... it's time to stand up and rise with the sun. You entered ... Let me know if you wanna go, there's a place for you and me. Let me take ...
SCAR THE SURFACE LYRICS - "Take Your Fight To The Sun ...
And not give everything up for greed. Coming together ... Make your own choice you can hate if you want ... We'll come together as one against what you want ... Read between the lines of all the stories we are told as children: ... Or stand and shed a tear for those that have been shot down ... Now it's time for all of us to RISE
DEVIN TOWNSEND LYRICS - "Z²" (2014) album
And we will settle the day when the son will obey and the gods of it all will implode ... If you could say anything you wanted...what would you say? ... I know, cause we're together now ... Can't stand the shame! ... The sun will rise again! .... Up to this point, Ziltoid has had his back turned to the Poozer... but he makes a break ...
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Valley Of The Damned" (2003) album
On the black wind forever we ride on together ... And the sun becomes dark in the sky ... Will rise up over the slain ... When the flame has died forever we stand one and all ... Seven kings will ride on the wind up towards the mountains high
HEART IN HAND LYRICS - "Only Memories" (2011) album
Rise Above 14. World Turned Black 15. ... This is all we have, This is all I have, ... As the sun comes up, you go down, And it must have ... But if we could, we would change the past, Not act on ... Battered and broken, we stand together, Earning ...
Kool Moe Dee - Rise 'n' Shine Lyrics
Make no mistake, we don't shake or stutter / So heed the word of the brothers / Who makes a boy ... Get up [ VERSE 2: cool Moe Dee ] I rise and shine like the sun on the one. We dance together, we overcome. A wake-up call to wake up all. Stand up tall, get up and get up, why'all ... Each one teach one, if you can't find one
TRIVIUM LYRICS - "Silence In The Snow" (2015) album
Rise Above The Tides 9. ... Beneath The Sun 11. ... Here we all stand on this canvas of white ... Will you keep fighting, when I am dead and gone ... It's reaching up to pull me in ... The waves will pull you under if you don't fight ... Lost together
ROLAND GRAPOW LYRICS - "Kaleidoscope" (1999) album
If not you must walk on fire. Please don't ... Yes, we're all living together under the same sun. When a child ... Raise your head, don't give up, you'll find the way

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